Lux Operon


  1. macksting

    The leg blushes!
    Not a very good simile on my part.

    Aric and Lemmo have light
    From masochistic bug legs.
    They seek a way free.
    Subterranean adventures!
    They won’t get eaten by grue.
    Insults heat the

  2. Bubble

    Lemmo is very mature in his immaturity, if you know what I mean.

  3. Blunger1

    Conveniently Placed Bug Leg Machete…? This comic gets better every update!

  4. Sei

    @Blunger1: He got the bug machete off the dead flying bug after building the raft. I got a little confused about this too, but if you go back you will see he has had it since then. Ha – the bug leg machete with built in light powered by the latest insult technology.

  5. WeeGoblin

    Essentially the bug-machete just became a light-saber.

  6. the_blue_jester

    But a light saber of epic uber coolness. I spit on your light saber.

  7. boring7

    I dub thee Sting, and begin panicking unnecessarily about imaginary orcs. Perhaps even Orks.

  8. them1me1you

    orcs shmorks, it glows and cuts stuff. what more could you want?

  9. SLApING BAnaaNAs

    kick ass comic. keepin it craczy with just enough sanity. work that line and roll wit it

  10. MBizzle

    AWESOME! Love it.

  11. Aaanx

    Fantastic – keep them coming, questioning existentialism and a cracking good yarn!

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