Makeshift Makiwara


  1. GodOfAwesome

    Full of win.

  2. General K. Oss

    Release the RAGE!!!!

  3. Giftedangel6

    Most realistic thing to happen so far! It looks like fun.

  4. Ryan


  5. Lipkin

    They seem to have solidified quite a bit.

  6. Musicluvr

    Epic. Sign. Pwnage.

  7. Xajek

    If only these signs were around earlier in the comic…

  8. Hackey

    Crowning Moment of Awesome? I think so.

  9. MultiversalInk

    @Ryan: I second that.

  10. RGSwan

    I feel bad for the sign wielded by Aric. He has to watch helplessly while his own head is used to smash up his fellow signs. They just wanted to offer wise warnings! (and maybe eat the occasional human)

    Although, I am slightly curious as to what those broken signs were saying.

  11. TheWolfMI

    NO! Don’t you get it?! If you take every third letter on every 2nd sign you get… Umm… Ah… A jumble of letters! And a message! I think… Um… Oh just bust the bloody things to splinters…

  12. NoriMori

    OMG, Lemmo’s face and pose in the last panel is epic!

  13. Music-chan


  14. Rentok

    Now, don’t you dare play Zelda’s Lullaby.

  15. Fire arms

    It seems like Aric likes to hit stuff with other stuff (remember the bug sword) where as lemmo takes a more hands on approach

  16. boring7


  17. Piemaster

    epicness! I love how Aric is using a sign to hit the other signs!

  18. magic-esi

    Such an obvious solution. Only Lemmo would think of it.

  19. Math_Mage

    Those are some really flimsy wooden signs.

  20. Raron

    Clearly Aric is a skilled hitter with things… despite his failure against percible with the golden shovel. Things he has hit with things. Lemmo with normal shovel, bug with bug sword, cookie palace with bug sword ala partnership fatality, percy with shovel, and signs with sign. He is a bad bad man.

  21. Greyryder

    Extra points for using living sign as a weapon against the other living signs.

  22. ThisIsNotDan

    I kind of feel bad for all of those signs. Aside from the sharp teeth, they really don’t look that menacing. And the “Bite Bite Bite”-ing easily could have been an attempt at communication that was mistaken for trying to bite.

    Also, Rentok wins for Zelda’s Lullaby reference.

  23. GodOfAwesome

    Am I the only one who noticed Lemmo’s GREEN shoes?

  24. Defier of Physics

    Lemmo’s shoes match his hat! (Up to this point, his pants had been covering them. Darn you baggy pants for concealing awesome green shoes! *shakes fist angrily*)

    Also, in the last panel, Lemmo is karate-chopping through two signs mouth-side-up, causing splinters of teeth to go flying off! Clearly, these signs were never threatening to begin with, else Lemmo’s hand would be scratched or cut.

    Now I want to see a sign bite-bite-bite-ing at Arics arm to no avail while Aric gives Lemmo a disinterested look.

    In other news, those signs seem to be extremely fragile. So either Aric and Lemmo have become much more solid than they were in the box or these signs are made from much weaker wood that said box.

  25. Wonderboy

    now all we need is a live action movie to capture this awesomeness….NOT

  26. Socksbot

    Ooh good idea for the next one they wave a white flag that then comes alive and tries to eat them entitled “surrender under false pretenses”

  27. Lemmo

    Aric’s shoes match his glasses! Eerie canvas conspiracy, or lazy artist with a limited color palette? YOU DECIDE

  28. Monkeypants

    This comic is sexy-awesome! Putting it at the top of my bookmarks list.

  29. MarshmallowRadiation

    Ever wonder what the voice was in the wooden box? I do.

  30. Jaz

    add 3 cups of this comic, 2 cups of chuck norris, a tablespoon of awesome smiley, and a sprinkle of raywilliamjohnson, stir thoroughly, bake until ten to nomnomnom, and you’ve got yourself a delicious cake of EPIC WIN!! -jaz out

  31. Spartan_029

    Caving read all of this comic, and loving every page, this is the first one that I have felt compelled to proclaim that I would pay good money to own as a print!

  32. Rentok

    You should see if someone will make this into a series of animated shorts. It would make a lovely insertion into the middle of commercial breaks, and would make TV fun again.

  33. Timeline

    Bad. Ass.

  34. AllCaps

    hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ray

    Well that seems to be the end of the signs with odd warnings. :(

  36. Coffee


  37. Couldahadav8


    I agree with that. This would be a pretty awesome animated short–like a 15 minute series on Adult Swim even. Coool.

  38. BlueSox


  39. mattb

    I would love to see them in a zombie cataclysm situation.

  40. Yossarian

    Wood is made for breaking.

  41. Kid of Death

    @Lemmo: Your shoes match the hat too. I think it’s a nice touch.

  42. RandomFox01

    he should’ve used the in yo face sign as a weapon. woulda been funnier

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