Makvs or Mqavs?


  1. macksting

    I wonder if that statement, that Lemmo will have nothing to do with the kin of any geographical location which won’t stay put for him, will come up meaningful later.

  2. WeeGoblin

    Lemmo is my philosopher.

  3. Jloopy

    As if any geographical location would dare not wait for him!

  4. Ray

    Well, I’m eager to see the town. I guess that was what that fog I saw was.

  5. Jackson

    Huh! A town surrounding the Shovel Beam now. In terms of its methods of development, the Blank-It world is increasingly reminding me of Legend of Mana

  6. Goriath

    Will the inhabitants of this town be of the Bug variety? Will socks have started a town? Will these new creatures worship the creators of the great shovel beam? I MUST KNOW!

  7. nuclearwhale

    The people in that town must have been pretty mean to make Socks leave.

  8. nuclearwhale

    I bet they will be bugs, after all they are the only people in thier universe who ever built anything.Then agian I can not see A town of those bugs surviving for more than 5 seconds without a massocour occouring.

  9. them1me1you

    massacre. . .

  10. jeims

    So, err, Makvs or Mqavs?

  11. boring7

    My assumption would be either a model-sized city devoid of inhabitants, or a full-sized township full of sentient furniture.

    Also, I find Lemmo’s philosophy bigoted but understandable.

  12. Jloopy

    “Makvs or Mqavs” is like the difference between inanimate and animate. Lemmo was speaking about an inanimate object (the town) like it was animate. Which leads to the question “Is it animate or inanimate?” or “Makvs or Mqavs?”

  13. Renee87

    “a full-sized township full of sentient furniture.”

    Kinda like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

  14. Lipkin

    The town will be full of hands.

  15. Bubble

    I’m agreeing with Lipkin. Or at least something to do with hands.

    That way, if its just plain simple humans, I’ll still be right XD

  16. Zapheres

    Moving along with the flow of the comic, it’ll probably be completely random. = /

  17. xajek

    If I had to guess, I’d say the inhabitants came from hand juice. But I don’t so I won’t.

  18. macksting

    It would allow them to build stuff, and that is where he burned off a hat-holding head hand. I think the hand juice dispenser was further on, same as the dropped can.
    Still, no reason they couldn’t migrate.

  19. macksting

    I am now wondering if the town was created by the confetti.

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