Marat’s bathing


  1. LynxAenslade

    can’t wait to know where they’ll end :3

  2. Rozax

    Makes me think of Battlestar Galactica. They’re looking for Earth, and they HAVE to find Earth, but what if they decide to go right instead of left, seeing as there isn’t much of a north or south in the dead of outer space. That’s one coin toss between salvation and ruin.

    When you don’t have a compass, carry a coin.

  3. queso


  4. Barrington

    It’s amazing how little things seem like they’re stupid, until you absolutely need it, then you feel stupid for not having it – like a pocketknife when you’re in the city, then get dropped in the woods.

  5. Katlyn

    That’s why I carry my boxcutter always… What? I’m a stocker!

  6. macksting

    See, now I’m imagining you swashbuckling with terrorists on an airplane.
    “But I know something you do not. I am not left-handed.”

  7. Me

    See thats why i have an ipod…..i gots a compass on it!!!!

  8. AllCaps

    Hahahahaha:) it would be stupid. except for now. LOL

  9. Switch

    Pocket knife WITH a compass. And a spork. Yeah, laugh now until Monday when your at the office luncheon and they ran out of spoons and forks.

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