1. Chlimaxe

    My god i must wait longer for new Aric???!?!?!?? NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!

  2. them1me1you

    love the new art style

  3. Tomixcomics

    I bet they’re trapped in pocket universes or something :D

  4. Ray

    Well, this is wierd. Where is his friend? Over here, or over there? Hmmm….

  5. macksting

    It’s pretty misty where they are.
    But just entertaining the concept… what if they’re on another blank canvas entirely now?

  6. Jacob

    If he’s in Aric’s eyeball, I called it.

  7. Forest Troll

    I just read the entire archive this cery night via your app. This is up there amongst the ranks of my favorite comics, solid performances for the most part, but more shovel beam might have been nice.

    Anywho, new Lemo looks cool, wonder what will come to be in this new land? I will read with baited breath.

  8. Da Mighty Camel

    Just me who thinks that Aric’s speech bubbles seem to come FROM the frames? Not from outside of what we or Lemmo see, but FROM the frame?

  9. Jaz

    It IS lemmo and Aric!! Yessss!! What happned to lemnos yellow shirt though? Did they get robbed of thier giant floating bug and overshirts?

  10. HappyHead

    Lemmo seems to be slightly disturbed by the direction(s) Aric’s voice is coming from too – first it was coming from the panel on one side (last week) so he headed towards it – then it was coming from the other side, so he gives a surprised look in that direction (panel 2), and heads towards them – then the voice is from behind him _again_ – his look in that last panel seems genuinely concerned – I don’t think he can see Aric anywhere, and I suspect Jacob may be right – Lemmo is either inside of Aric’s eye, or Aric has somehow merged with the canvas.

    Though the “in his eye” would explain the vein-y jagged lines in the background, they almost look like a retina or the lines in a bloodshot eye (if they were grey instead of red).

  11. Lipkin

    The last voice heard clearly comes from a bug. Whether it is Fergus, or another bug will be seen. Or maybe not.

  12. aric

    It make me laugh when you guys say “clearly.”

  13. cheetaboy7

    I guessed wrong, it is Lemmo and Aric. Oh well.

  14. Defier of Physics

    Clearly the jagged lines indicate that they are in a torn dimension, and Aric keeps wormholing all over the place. Clearly. There is no other explanation. Like the new canvas being filled with a dense mist and both people are moving toward where they think the other person is, thus creating disorientation. That is clearly impossible given that it makes too much sense. Clearly.

  15. Mr.Bigglesworth

    Maybe arics clothes might have darker shades of his clothes

  16. socksbot


  17. TheBean

    clearly Lem doesn’t like drawing Aric anymore, pretty soon he’ll have parasox kill aric off panel and it’ll only be Lemmo…clearly
    so…did Staremaster kill Walter or what?

  18. Music-chan

    Clearly we don’t say clearly enough. :D

  19. E_is_for_Eric


  20. Lemmo

    Stop making Aric laugh! He can’t breathe, guys.

  21. Thanatos

    I believe Aric does keep popping up behind Lemmo. And I don’t think it is the driver of the bug talking, I believe it is Aric saying that he is fine with there not being a crash site nor a rude bug yelling at them. And of course, for the sake of continuity: clearly.

  22. Thanatos

    Oh no…. we are killing Aric! People! Quit being funny this instant! From now on, only Aric and Lemmo are allowed to be amusing!

  23. socksbot

    I believe they are both still dreaming which is why arics voice is omnicient and this would also explain the different drawing style

  24. socksbot

    Don’t mean to break the rules but I meant omnipresent

  25. Flo

    I think the last panel is from the bug, except maybe it’s changed. It IS still blank-it after all.

    and clearly, I was wrong for the last comic. Clearly.

  26. Yogurt?

    I´d just like to point out that the jagged gray lines were present in the comic before intermission. (So Lemmo´s clearly not in anybodys eye.)

  27. MarshmallowRadiation

    Okay, since when can Aric teleport?

    Or are they in a universe which repeats every ten feet? That would actually make sense.

  28. EP

    “I’m fine there not being either of those things.” Is that a typo?

  29. RGSwan

    Maybe the canvas has folded itself around Lemmo, forming quite the literal “pocket” universe. Imagine an upside down omega, with Lemmo inside of it. Then, as Aric walks around on what he believes is still the surface of the canvas, the direction of his voice switches back and forth from Lemmo’s perspective.


  30. RGSwan

    Oh, sorry about the double post, but that would also explain them jaggedy lines.


    I agree with EP. (Which also reminds me that the navigation’s still borked on Lethal Doses)

    Shouldn’t it be “I’m fine WITH there not being either of those things.”

    Now to the REAL question:

    But is Aric invisible, a box, or just colored “clearly”?

  32. piemaster85

    has eric split in half causing a clone of himself?
    Maybe he found a Hand Soda machine and when he drank it it made another of him!

  33. piemaster85


  34. Xajek

    Aric is a tentacle monster.

  35. Xajek

    Lemmo is an eyeball monster.

  36. Renee

    Since nobody else has said it: POLO!!

  37. Yogurt?

    Renee, thats probably the title of the next comic.

  38. Lemmo

    My wife asked about the words in the last panel also. It’s a colloquialism to omit the ‘with’ when talking sometimes. Kids, definitely do not learn how to talk from Blank It. You get weird phrases like “That were laziness!”

  39. Music-chan

    I suppose this is better than the less popular game of Marco Polio

  40. OrangesAreAwesome

    to MarshmellowRadiation- if it did repeet itself every 10 ft, wouldn’t they be able to see themselves over and over again?

  41. OrangesAreAwesome

    I think maybe
    they could be on different planes(geometry) and they can hear each other or their in parellel universe. Clearly. ;)

  42. OrangesAreAwesome

    I just looked back and Lemmo can’t be in Aric at all. Go back one strip and Lemmo say ‘Are you in the buck?’ and looks to our right. So Lemmo isn’t in Aric. Clearly.

  43. OrangesAreAwesome

    *Lemmo says

  44. Defier of Physics

    Oh! Oh! This universe actually revolves around Aric. Thus, as Lemmo tries to approach Aric, he is revolving around and thus ends up in a less-expected position!

  45. OrangesAreAwesome

    it could be that they’re inside a database or something, but this is Blank It and with that anything is possible from here. It could be something so obvious that we would never guess or something so hidden that we would never guess what it is/was/will be. I have ideas above but i’m not that sure. I LOVE BLANK IT!!!!!!

  46. Feldowinn

    Alright listen. I think I’ve figured it out. Aric is a robot! No seriously, remember when Aric was stuck on that island in the middle of the purple ocean thing? Lemmo came looking for him, and found a robot disguised as Aric. This robot said almost the exact same thing as “Aric” did just now! Clearly this is the solution. As to where they are… It is quite unclear.

  47. dan

    i think feldowinn is right aric does seem very robot-like

  48. Mr.Bigglesworth

    God Dammit I want Aric and I want him NOW

  49. Lipkin

    Clearly, either the voice in the last panel is a bug, or the word “with” is missing from the sentence, tricking me into thinking it was said with an accent.

  50. NoriMori

    Uh…I’m just re-reading this part of the comic, and for some reason I completely do not remember this strip. O.o

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