Martin Baker Tie Club


  1. Axel

    No! Don’t let the shovel fall from great height, that’s what got this whole mess started in the first place!

  2. Math_Mage

    Lemmo + shovel = Qui-Gonn?

    I’m just sayin’. :P

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    Definitely not what I had played out in my mind; however, I’m sure this is much more fitting, and will lead to a better and more plausible (haha) story.

  4. Flakes

    Take my shovel if you want to live!

  5. Renee

    Well, this is an interesting turn of events.

  6. noisyparker

    Pericles is a nub… sure, he monologued, but no countdown on his self-destruct?

    Nice method of egress by the boys.

  7. Andi

    It looks like they’re in for a rough landing.

  8. vengerofthelight

    Panel 3 = Epic and Win

  9. Eric

    For those who don’t understand today’s title:
    It would have been better if they grabbed the throne and sat on it before the explosion. I can’t imagine Lemmo or Aric actually wearing the ties, though.

  10. Evan

    Ahhhhh, but I liked Pericles’ ending….

    …just kidding! But still, I hope they live. And poor Pericles, doomed to a life of significance!!!

  11. Defier of Physics

    I don’t think the shovel qualifies as a Martin-Baker ejection seat… I like Pericles’ pose, though. He clearly is maniacally laughing his lungs out.

    @Math_Mage: Yes! Yes. Yes!

  12. Ninja

    What are the odds Pericles survived that?

  13. Da Mighty Camel

    Evil laugh sure is evil. Love his “mad with power”-pose.

  14. Jonathon David

    Pericles isnt going to be vulnerable so long as his arch rivals remain at large.

    The longer Aric and Lemmo survive, teh more solid Pericles will become.

    Lemmo, you dolt! You shoulda named him something simpler, like Frank!

  15. Bluesox

    ROFL!!!! Jeez that guy has problems!

  16. Music-chan

    I remember someone in the comments calling something like this. They run out just as the place explodes.

  17. socksbot

    @Axel lol and Pericles is gonna be ticked if he has to steal it all over again

  18. Gimp-the-swimmer

    Haha, I KNEW they would epically fly outta the building just as it explodes! And Lemnos face makes it even better. :3

  19. Daniel


  20. Ray

    Hooray, an explosion, likely to be followed by another explosion, if I’m correct!! :D

  21. Pseudo

    Explosions! Nice! ….Don’t know why I was expecting a cookie kingdom to merely crumble.

  22. Jonathon David

    Y’know, i cant help but think how AWESOME Blank-It would be as a Mod for Toribash!! XD

    Shovelbeam.tbm hur hur hur

  23. drosh

    Just discovered your comic today.

    A truly delightful archive crawl. So awesome! I’ll be back, lots!

  24. Hackey

    Is he gonna wield that thing? EPIC!

  25. maglorius

    Oh Pseudo.
    After I read “Don’t know why I was expecting a cookie kingdom to merely crumble.”
    I had a moment of “hey that’s funny” then I got it and cracked up.

  26. Defier_of_Physics

    Oh, wow, I’m slow. I didn’t realize that until reading your comment, maglorius. Kudos to you, Pseudo, for making such a clever joke!

  27. Al Capone

    This comic is so f***ing awesome!!!!!!!!!’

  28. Defier_of_Physics

    So awesome, we should write about it on the forum!

  29. BigBadRichard

    Darn you van mudgett darn you to…is there a hell there or about to realize that you cant die here.

  30. Dana

    First time commenting! ^__^ LOVE Blank It, and I LOVE panel 3. but…does anyone else notice that it looks like Aric’s sideburns aren’t attached?

  31. I_Love_Lemmo

    Lemmo is so epic in the third panel! I love when he gets these little moments of awesomeness because he’s usually so chill.

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