May I Present…


  1. tez711

    oh, i love misty’s face in the 3rd panel! “oh gurl, no you didn’t!”

  2. TeeJey

    Oh, man! Lemmo’s evil! Sadist! …’n I like it!

  3. Midoriko

    Bahaha, the third panel! Fantastic :)

    I love that the cookie hasn’t changed since the last comic…

  4. Rob

    does that count as naming her?

    so her names now “Someone whos trying to trick me into naming her, but it’s not gonna work”?

  5. D D

    I love the third panel – and “Misty”‘s foiled / pissed look… wonder how long Lemmo will string her along…

  6. Lipkin

    Is it just me, or does Aric seem pleased that Lemmo isn’t naming her? Like, “Hey, he learned his lesson!”

  7. MeVicky

    So…where’s Chip going?

  8. Jamuraa

    Man, everyone’s clothes are really dirty. They need a laundromat. This never would have happened in the pantsless society.

  9. Megan

    haha! I actually laughed out loud on that one…

    I like roffles……blueberry is my favorite flavor ;)

  10. Cliff

    Considering how filthy they are now, the hygienic state of the Pantless Society has far worst implications to me. :)

  11. Katlyn

    Ya know, I don’t know if the Aric looks pleased or not. His glasses made me think he was blindfolded there for a minute.
    Funky glasses.
    Pannel two is sweet too, in that Misty has that satisfied look, and she’s being all courtious and civil… But three is good too.

  12. macksting

    It is a rather adorable curtsy.

  13. Fedorovistanigrad

    Hmmm something about Misty’s actions remind me of a faintly Victorian-esque personality, whilst her clothes seem to be of an older Greco-Romano style.. hmm. 3rd panel totally looks like Meg from Hercules lol! Forgot who caught that originally.

    I think cookie is like, communicating with his king? Maybe summoning a cookie army? Hahaha Lemmo and Aric’s hair is getting SO long.. they may have to use the shovel beam again ;)

  14. Crimmy

    Well, that was a shocker…
    Not really.

  15. JamesLite

    I like how pissed off the cookie looks in panel one.

  16. Ziggy Stardust

    Man, I want Misty’s dress but I don’t have the figure for it! @Federovistanigrad: ‘Twas I.

  17. A dude

    Aric is going to have a hell of a time removing those chocolate stains. At least he has a giant-house-fly-but-not-quite-and-instead-a-flying-machine sword as a consolation.

  18. Chados

    Maybe Chip is summoning the Cookie King… Uh-oh.

  19. vengerofthelight

    Excellent strip thus far. My only dissapointment is that I was able to go from start to today in one sitting!
    Also, bonus points for making Misty beautiful without looking too much like a skank or a princess.

  20. Midoriko

    …can she name herself, I wonder?

  21. Ray

    Hopefully, Chip isn’t summoning the Cookie King. I’m not sure I want to see Aric brought to whatever kind of “justice” Cookies have and implore…

    On a more cheerful note, Misty looks SO graceful in panel 2. :) I never knew I could be so dazzled by a transparent, all-gray, mostly nameless being…

  22. Bryan

    Really, I still hold by my first assumption that it would be dangerous to name Misty.
    She’s a little accident prone and she might have been dead by now had Lemmo named her.

  23. macksting

    And yet she’s so darn determined.

  24. Sqverl

    Naming Misty now would be a big mistake. If the cookie does call for an army, and Lemmo and Aric get arested, then a transperent person would be just what they need to flee from the jail.

  25. murdur

    What happened to the strap over Misty’s shoulder?

  26. lemmo

    I forgot to draw it. Just like I sometimes forget to draw Lemmo’s goatee. I’m terrible, I know.

  27. switch

    I think she looks great without it. She looks downright majestic in that third panel. And without that shoulder strap, the dress is perfectly victorian middle-class. Lemmo gives the characters great range of motion without distorting them. HOW do you DO that?!?

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