Meager Influence


  1. macksting

    Will this tactic work? As a single unit they seemed uncoordinated, but then again so were their nominal commanders.

  2. penis

    well why don’t we just wait and see precious

  3. Renee

    Meh, close enough. At least they’re all working together.

  4. Physicsmaster

    @macksting: the reason they were so uncoordinated was because they were reviving orders from both Aroc and Lemmo at once. If there separate than Aric’s robot can take orders from Aric and Lemmo’s robot can take orders from Lemmo. Plus there’s power on numbers.

  5. Skeezy Skeeze

    Hmmm… I’m guessing they’re taking the boys captive after this battle…

  6. Midoriko

    They were sick of your vagueness, you guys

  7. camerbob

    coalesce? Out cometh the dictionary.

  8. Clockwork

    To grow together; fuse. 2. To come together so as to form one whole; unite: The rebel units coalesced
    I get it now.

  9. DefierOfPhysics

    Now I need to find a way to use “coalesce” in everyday speech. This is going to be even more difficult than “haberdasher.”

    I really like the dramatic rushing-red-light background in panels 2 and 3. I also am very fond of, well, everything else. Oh, how I love this comic.

  10. me.vicky

    How awesome that they both shouted the same command at the same time. Great minds DO think alike!

  11. Clockwork

    @me.vicky: Great minds I guess are ignored in this comic :3

  12. bluesox

    I hate it when ppl do this but…
    to grow together or into one body: The two lakes coalesced into one.
    to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.: The various groups coalesced into a crowd.
    to blend or come together: Their ideas coalesced into one theory.

  13. bluesox

    Aaaaaand…. Stay down!! Now their size won’t be so much as a problem! Does Aric have his pants? I don’t think so…..

  14. Andi

    Aww, their illusion of being in control was just shattered wasn’t it.

  15. boring7

    After a crunch like that it is entirely possible that any brittle cookies, such as biscotti, are so much dust in the wind.

  16. Brolong

    Does it look to anyone else like the two are gonna arm wrestle for the dead cookie-kingdom-robot body?
    I can just see lemmo and aric shouting commands…. (PUSH)… (HARDER)… (SLAM HIM)…

  17. Cedarfern

    Maybe the Robots actually have Free Will after all?

    But then, why are they helping A and L?

  18. Cedarfern


    Because no individual person (A) has any authority over any other individual person (B) without creating a victim, unless said Person (B) Willingly grants person (A) said authority, as no being below god has authority over god’s gift of free will.

    But what i dont get is why do the robots have free will???

  19. DefierOfPhysics

    because life is more interesting that way

  20. camerbob

    @Clockwork: Thankee, Thankee

  21. ThePuck1

    Boston Crab! BOSTON CRAB!

  22. cedarfern

    oh i bet i know, they dont have free will, they’re just super advanced and can read Aric and Lemmo’s brain waves and EMULATE free will. Their will is/are still bound to Lemmo and Aric’s i bet! :D but they probably cant intentionally ontrol the robots (yet, maybe).

  23. Corncob

    When are Lemmo and Aric going to kiss?

  24. Wolfox

    …as long as it isn’t Aric controlling Lemmo’s robots and Lemmo controlling Aric’s (although that would be interesting…!)

  25. Clockwork

    I just noticed something, they must be yelling loud to be communicating at that distance.

  26. boring7

    Well, clearly with the utter lack of other sounds or anything in the canvas besides them the sound is….

    Yeah, I can’t actually finish that sentence.

  27. Clockwork

    Lol good almost finished point.

  28. socksbot

    lol the wave turned into to robots looks like evryting that gets split just becomes two smaller lifeforms if you can call robots lifeforms

  29. Clockwork

    Good observation.

  30. DefierOfPhysics

    @socksbot: Interesting point, but I’m not sure you can relate the way Socks became Parasox to the way that E.F.R.A.L. became A.E.R.O. and L.A.G. (Aric’s Enormous Robotic Ogre and Lemmo’s Amalgamative Giant, respectively). I like your avatar, by the way.

    @Clockwork: There is a split-screen. If anime has taught me anything, it is that split-screens allow people to speak at conversational tones to each other as if close together despite how far apart they actually are in reality.

    On a side-note, I have a feeling the robots actually have free will but have been observing Lemmo and Aric because the robots find them interesting/amusing/humorous/important/more fun than infinite nothingness.

  31. Physicsmaster

    @DefierOfPhysics: A.E.R.O and L.A.G huh?

    I LIKE IT!!!

  32. socksbot

    Lol thnx and i think you have a point there is a difference in the way They split but it wasn’t much of a difference I think like how the two parasoxes became dumber the robots won’t be as strong

  33. Lilsteveybuns

    I think that the robots will just beat the palace and then the robots will run away and then Lemmo and Aric will be alone again, until they find sometin else that is

  34. Ray

    It seems Aric & Lemmo are gonna have to learn some team work, so their robots can work together. When you’re in a situation like this with a co-leader, team work is essential.

  35. Marduk


    Haha. Man this comic

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