1. Midoriko

    Ooooo, well this is a surprise! *bounces happily* Misty’s gone solid! But I want to know what was unsettling the unsettlers! (hahaha, get it, get it? yeah you get it.)

    She’s gonna have to learn to stay away from sudden runways and falling knives and stuff now… but no more marshmallow arms, at least.

  2. Midoriko

    Oh, and Lemmo and Aric’s matching expressions? Priceless.

  3. Aric

    apparently my friend says aric reminds him of me cause i’m constantly yelling at people then calming down aand regretting it, any comments?

  4. Jackson

    Well, that answers a lot of questions. By which I mean the questions regarding what Misty’s colors are. Ooooo pretty, indeed.

    Also, a new epiphany: you can go solid without having a name. Just stand out!

  5. McFlury

    We already knew you could get solid without getting a name first… after all Aric and Lemmo were solid before they had a name, and also the unsettlers said that whoever gets attention (or needs it or whatever it was) becomes more solid… so someone who gets a lot of atention (or needs a lot of attention, whichever of the two it was) will become very solid.

    Also note that Misty (who is sparkly by the way, very nice :) I like sparkly girls… though you don’t have that many irl :( ) is only partially solid, so it could just be a responce to her anger and she might become misty again when she’s cooled down. So she still probably needs a name.

  6. Steerpike

    If Samuel Beckett were alive today and doing a webcomic, I wonder if it would be similar to BlankIt.

  7. Megan

    oh yay! That’s exactly how I pictured her!! I’m so excited :) (plus, I laughed my butt off when I first read the comic.. I noticed the sparkles and the color and I was like “ooooh–Hey! They stole my line!” haha)

  8. HappyHead

    First: Yay! Misty in color! And pretty much in the color scheme I had pictured too. (Well, it was either that, or greens, but that looks better.) The sparkles are nice, as long as she doesn’t claim to be a vampire.

    Second: Speculation on the reason for the other unsettlers presence – perhaps her being so strongly focused for such an extended period (while trying to get Lemmo to name her) has attracted their attention the same way Lemmo and Aric attracted their attention, and they’re solid because they want to find out what the emergency is.

    Of course, now the emergency is that Misty’s very angry, very solid, and very prone to life-threatening (for solid people) incidents.

  9. vengerofthelight

    Expression of rage not withstanding, Misty is quite pretty. Excellent inking, gentlement.

    DISCLAIMER: I don’t care that it’s digital art and that no ink was involved. I still call it inking.[/old]

  10. lemmo

    I use real ink. I pen this with Micron 01’s and 03’s on scratch paper.

    In fact, I’m thinking of selling some of the original comic panels off sometime. Maybe at conventions or setting up a Paypal shop.

  11. macksting

    This pleases me.
    Could these be unnamed refugees from a naming war?

  12. macksting

    On another note, I don’t think the Unsettler from the episode Outlook Hazy is visibly a member of this delegation or band of refugees in the latest comic.

  13. Renee

    I kinda pictured her in that color dress from the beginning. ^_^

  14. Midoriko

    Renee: Me too! Purple is her color :)

    Also, I really hope she’s sparkly all the time, not just when she’s becoming solid.

  15. boring7

    I wonder what horror has bevisited the meek villagers.

  16. Delc17

    And here I thought misty would be a redhead. Purple is DEFINITELY her color.

  17. Crimmy

    So, anger triggers solidness.
    Or at least, that’s what seems to be the case.

  18. Ziggy Stardust

    Little thorns on speech bubbles equals INTENSITY OF SPEECH. INFLECTION. RAGE.

  19. camerbob

    Sooooooo, what if Mayor Von Mudgett made HIMSELF solid? I’m going with what Crimmy says.

    Thanks, Crimmy!

  20. Miesa

    oooooo pretty. what made her solid?!

  21. Fedorov92

    Hmmm for some reason I thought Misty was a ginger… oh well.. wonder what happened to Chip? Probably still moping somewhere :D

    You know I think this might have something to do with the penguins and their supposed war with the bugs… hmmm.

    I also think that my original guess that Misty was perhaps from the Victorian ages or thereabout was indeed accurate; it’s great that she says, “Stay” instead of stfu or something- very dignified.

  22. Ray

    Hmm… It seems Misty has become partially solid as a result of her drawing so much attention to herself. And she is quite pretty… And sparkly. I can see why Aric and Lemmo are so distracted by her. Anyway, it seems the Unsettlers are pretty Neutral, if not just meek.

  23. Davian Wolfe

    holy crap misty’s now solid…and very pretty…REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE hmmm that would get annoying after a while for lemmo and aric wouldn’t it

  24. Wolfox

    “ooooooo! pretty!” indeed!
    well, if she wanted a way to stand out, she’s sure figured it out! but then again, she’d have to be upset all the time, and that couldn’t be a good thing!

  25. Sampson

    It would be interesting to see a webcomic by samuel beckett, I think it would be much darker though.

    Anyways, ooooo pretty.

  26. LarryK32

    I think Lemmo gave her a name behind her back. I think thats why she is solid.

  27. taowhitney

    wooo~ good job :D

  28. MeVicky

    So, what’s her name??? what is it?! IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!

  29. macksting

    MeVicky, LarryK:
    See also, “Will you please blur yourselves? It is like you are yelling!”
    “We’re made of solids.”
    “That’s gross.”
    Seriously, I would be very surprised if she has a name at this time.

  30. Im Bob. Hi.

    It would be nice if she fell in love with one of them or they fought over her or something like that lol!

  31. Im Bob. Hi.

    ooooooo pretty is right lol!

  32. Im Bob. Hi.

    * stares * lol just kidding! (-;

  33. Flo

    *gasp* she looks like megura! ya know, from hercules. but more… sparklely.

    which is EPIC.

  34. Evan

    I think the reason she’s now solid is because she was rapidly becoming a center of attention, thus the need for existence.

  35. switch

    Only one word (and all associated synonyms) properly matches with this strip: Amazing!

  36. Noam

    “You are pretty when you are mad” haha :)

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