1. RydeDawg

    Boy howdy looks like I get the first chance to slap down a post! That Lemmo always kidding around and Aric putting up with it. That’s a great straight man! Like bud abbot but without the drinking problems lol.

  2. Socks

    I think he just gets carried away, sometimes. In the moment, you know?

  3. Kid of Death

    Lol, Aric looks like he wants to hurt someone in the last panel. I’m guessing that someone is Lemmo. I wonder when Marina’s going to notice his missing arm. Or when she’s going to point it out, since she’s probably already noticed.

  4. Chaos Theory

    My theory, which this strip may discredit, is that Lemmo and Aric contribute equally to what goes on in the Blank It universe, but in different ways. Lemmo is its knowledge base, hence his naming things into existence and the fact that his asking “what is time?” possibly is why Marina doesn’t know what time is. Aric seems to define the world’s general personality, since both are rather cynical, but this is the part that is flawed by now, since Lemmo is still just as random as the world itself and it still seems to hate Aric.

  5. Ryan

    It wasn’t Lemmo who asked “What is time?”, it was Marina.

  6. Nexall

    Wait… do they even know where the shovel beam is anymore? If they do it might be the return of hand juice.
    Also hey they’re talking about robots anyone think a surge of them is going to some above ground from the city down there that everyone seems to be ignoring right now for some reason.
    Other also i just realized something funny about my avatar. I really like this picture i had to take a screen shot just to get it but I hate fishing… well whatever it’s funny to me.

  7. macksting



    Essentially, there was a two-sided robot battle that they took part in, before things went all weird.


  9. Music-chan

    YOu know, now that they bring it up, I don’t actually remember what happened either….

  10. cheetaboy7

    Im still wondering why they haven’t mentioned how Mist I meen Marina is solid now. I know they talked about her name but the village doesnt care their leader is solid?

  11. Jety Lefr

    I love this guy. Pure genius.

  12. djeims


  13. Alexthander

    Let’s not forget Robots.

  14. Piemaster

    Remember when the shovel beam was first made? Well, the shovel beam went through the floor and then came back from the ceiling. The big hasn’t done this yet? Has the universe there in changed!?

  15. NoriMori

    That’s funny, I don’t remember them ever putting the shovel beam back… O.o?

    Lol, “membur?”

  16. Mell

    @NoriMori – it was after they escaped from
    Pericles, they shovel beamed a hole in the wall before the cookie kingdom blew up and then fell thru the floor again and ran into another huge “bug in bug” then they realized they hadn’t slept and fell asleep…whew summarizing this is a bit of an effort lol

  17. Nexall

    also @piemaster the bug never fell through the piece of mountain stuck to it’s… mandible maybe… held it up.

  18. Raiten

    Heh, another strip that reminds me almost of Farside. Thanks for this guys, always good to get more laughs.

  19. switchblademx

    @ XSoldier: Things pretty much went weird from the word Go.

  20. Arwael

    “A Government of the Robots, by the Robots for the Robots! This is my vision! Wait?! Who are those two things?” -Robot General just before the first Robo-Wars. :p

    Okay. I couldn’t resist random silliness. After all, what better way to make a good first impression?

  21. theBean

    is that going to be a new shirt? hehe

  22. lankhmar

    I kinda miss the days when less text was needed to make room for more awesome. Oh well.

  23. altoid55

    i think they need new clothes

  24. dyl_do

    We, the android’s republic of Robotica, not affilated with the island of erotica, salute this comic, and give it full support of the most that our anamatronic hearts that we show to children every other week’s Tuesday to give them a half-baked understanding of how their internal organs are arranged so they can become psychopathic murderers without our expensive-to-charge mind rays doing it instantly!
    Wait. We may have said too much there.

  25. seananners

    well…thats one way to put it.

  26. dagonboy6666

    When is are the robots going to attack them for breaking a hole in they’re ground/ ceiling?

  27. dagonboy6666

    WAIT! the robot hair as been leading him here all along. IT’S A TRAP!

  28. dagonboy6666


  29. @%!#$@#$%^3

    wear a hooded top

    As a Jedi it is possible to wear a hooded top without intimidating the general populace and more specifically the elderly, (quite possibly by simply remembering to pull it down whilst indoors)

    The Force

    Do you believe all life is connected by energy we can’t see?

    Great Escape

    If you can dangle with only one hand while summoning a getaway spacecraft using just your mind, maybe you are a powerful asset to the Rebel Alliance.

    The Force

    Can you conceal the droids the government is looking for?


    If you can fight another person armed with a glowing beam of plasma, blindfolded, without cutting your arm off, you might be a Jedi

    Jedi Mind Trick

    Mind control almost anybody (save Toydarians) to do what they want just by waving their hands.

    Sense Impending Peril

    Do you have a bad feeling about this?


    If you can predict how another person will react then the Force must be flowing through you.

    The Force

    If you can persuade someone to give you all of their deathsticks with a wave and a glance, you might actually be a Jedi.


    If you can stay in your comfy sofa and summon your remote with your mind, the Force is strong with you.

  30. dagonboy6666

    I have’t comment for what 2 strips

  31. seananners


  32. Jorden

    So, I just read this comic strip through from start to finish in 2 days. I’m sad because now updates wil be slow, but glad I found it. Gonna bookmark it :).

  33. Ray

    Nothing like fighting robots fighting robots.

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