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They’re here! For young, old, and middle alike! That’s right. We’re talking Blank It t-shirts and koozies! Now you can support the comic you love and show off your obscure webcomic knowledge without saying a word! Because, really, talking seems a little desperate sometimes, doesn’t it? Really, it does. So hush up already and buy some stuff!

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Blank It: Volume 1

The first two years of strips are finally here, in book form! The thing that was once bits and bytes in your brain is now colored inks on fibers in your brain! Enjoy the first complete storyline, consisting of 204 strips, on a park bench or in a pool hall.

What’s that? You want more examples of places you can read a book? How about a hostel? A secret room beneath a basement? A pirate’s dreams? Atop a stallion, whose muscles shimmer beneath your tight grip? In a congressional hearing? Or even in a treehouse in another treehouse?

I’m probably leaving someplace out.


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Greetings from…WHEREVER

A postcard from the edge of nowhere, the Greetings from… WHEREVER t-shirt provides that “wish you were here” look you want in a t-shirt. The shirt features Aric and Lemmo having a “grand time”, wherever they might happen to be. Actually, they look a little confused. But their warm greeting should put your mind at ease.

(order 2 or more shirts, of any style, and get a Hand Juice Koozie free!)

Self-Dancing Machine-o-Man

“Finally,” you’re saying to yourself, “there is a t-shirt with a robot on it that I can purchase!” Put together in the classic style of a 1950s magazine ad, the Self-Dancing Machine-o-Man will surely be a delight to all who view it. Featuring “man-like metal-parts” and six programmable dances, this t-shirt of an order form for a robot lets you imagine what it would be like to actually, but not really, order a robot through the postal service.

(order 2 or more shirts, of any style, and get a Hand Juice Koozie free!)

Hand Juice Koozie

This is not a t-shirt! This is a Hand Juice koozie! Now you can pretend to be drinking this restorative hand soda whenever you’re drinking a different kind of soda (or adult beverage)! And while this koozie will not help you to grow additional hands, it will keep the hands you do have warm and condensation free! – $3.00

Free koozie added to all orders of two or more shirts. Free koozies will not appear in the shopping cart, and will be added to the orders when shipping. Do not add a separate koozie to your free order unless you want additional koozies.

T-shirts are printed on Hanes Adult Short-Sleeve Beefy-Ts. Please view sizing chart before ordering to assure correct fit.

Items are shipped to USA addresses using USPS with delivery confirmation tracking. Items destined for Canada and Mexico are shipped using Air Mail.