Mission Failure


  1. MBizzle

    Oh, my goodness. The little dung creature is now my favorite character. How cute!

  2. Teru

    I think that’s a cookie.

    Is it me, or did Aric’s hair suddenly growing very long?

  3. Ray

    Yeah, it seems to have grown very long in the past few strips. I also wonder what the significance of the cookie is, if any. And for that matter, what kind it is. I hope it’s not raisin bran, I’m not too fond of those kinds of cookies. But yeah, so far, very minimal dialogue.

  4. MCFlury

    Obviously, if it’s a cookie, it’s a chocolate chip cookie.
    It’s a cute cookie though. I wish I had living cookies to chear me up whenever I’m sad. Of course, I have the unliving kind of cookies, which also do a great job cheering me up whenever I’m sad.

    That aside, I think I just stumbled upon the significance of the cookie: to chear up whoever is said. Since cookies tend to do that (much like icecream, but icecream would probably melt that relatively close to the shovel beam)

  5. Arantor

    Well, Aric’s hair is robot hair, so having a mind of its own is possible; we’ve heard the speculation that it’s driven by mood (and scarily, Aric is getting hair towards the length of mine!)

    But cookies make everything better. :)

  6. Foxmouse

    Some say “Cookie,” I say “Biscuit.” Either way, when it’s big enough to pat you on the shoulder it may be time to reconsider your eating habits and admit you have a self control problem.

  7. macksting

    I could get behind the description of “biscuit man.”

  8. maglorius

    I love the comics where you can tell just what’s going on without dialog. The one where Lemmo wants to touch the shovel beam and Aric stops him is genius.

  9. I Forgot Meh Name

    i hope the cookie’s name is chip. i would give you 4 and a half internets if you do.

  10. Renee87

    Biscuit Man works for me, too. ^_^

    I just had biscuits for breakfast this morning, but they weren’t the dessert type. What do you call a biscuit if that’s the term you use to describe a cookie?

    Um…Chip the Biscuit Man?

  11. Gram

    One man’s crap is another man’s cookie.

    I was thinking, “rock.” Identifying the creature isn’t as important as identifying its intent.

    There, there, Aric. You aren’t alone in the universe.

  12. Foxmouse

    @Renee87 – The good folks across the Atlantic call them Scones. C:

  13. Arantor

    @Foxmouse – I’m across the Atlantic and I called it a cookie.

  14. them1me1you

    well I’m drowning in the Atlantic. I’m using my telekinetic powers to communicate for help. HELP!

  15. Parrot

    I hate that cookie, actually. It’s frightening me.

    And I like Aric’s hair long.

  16. Ziggy Stardust

    Sometimes you just need a pat on the knee from a giant mutant cookie.

  17. macksting

    Them1: I suggesting using telepathy instead, though your TK typing is spectacularly good.

    Frankly, I’m pretty sure Chip the Biscuit D00d is intended to be scary.

  18. Shinlink

    I think everyone is waiting to see what chip the cookie says. I don’t know why, but I imagine him having a deep voice.

  19. McFlury

    Why would Chip the Biscuit D00d (as macksting so poetically put it) have to say anything? He’s there to comfort… Usually, all you need to comfort is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.
    Of course, Chip doesn’t seem to have any of that on first sight, so he has the next best thing: Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

  20. Leo the leon

    Wow, just discovered this comic and am so impressed by its originality. Lemmo and Aric, FTW! How often does this comic get updated?

  21. aric

    We currently update every Monday and Thursday. As soon as we get a regular 2k unique visitors to the site every update, we’ll bump the updates to three days a week. Also, welcome!

  22. macksting

    Oui, bonan matenon, Leo deLeon.
    I’ve decided I think that Chip the Biscuitd00d is, yes indeed, comfort food.

  23. maglorius

    oh my… do you think the biscuitd00d will get ate? oh no run cookie run!

  24. macksting

    Hard to say if that would qualify as a problem in Chip the Biscuitd00d’s opinion. It has certainly presented itself as a device of comfort; perhaps it would consider its destruction something of an honor.
    I suppose its existence is no more anomalous than the existence of a Hand Juice dispenser, which seemed to exist only to interact with the two main characters. A walking, living biscuit which tries to comfort one of them seems pretty much on par, even if it does fall right into the uncanny valley.
    Interesting… Whatever the cans for the hand juice are made of, they don’t sprout hands the way the juice does. Unless a can of hand juice expires by filling up with hands.

  25. Zodl

    Perhaps Chip is a member of a race of Biscuitd00ds, but as he is horribly misshapen he is cast out. Maybe he see’s Aric and assumes a sense of comradery, since Aric is also alone.

    In any event, we won’t know the guy’s name until he runs into Lemmo anyway.

  26. Niemi

    Aric is just so sad, he tried his hardest to stop interacting with the world but the world just interacted right back by making the funniest little creature it could.

  27. macksting

    Yeah, this world seems to aggressively pursue interaction.
    If Chip the Biscuitd00d is a particularly misshapen biscuitd00d, perhaps he seeks camaraderie with Aric because Aric is a *really* misshapen biscuitd00d. Doesn’t even look like a damn biscuit.

  28. camerbob

    Cookie man! Thats awesome in it’s randomness.

  29. Renee

    Foxmouse, Arantor, them1me1you: Thanks for the info, and I hope someone has come with a lifeboat.

  30. elzabelle

    I want one. =D

  31. McFlury

    Renee, it’d be a whole lot easier if you also gave along your coordinates. The Atlantic is quite a big ocean…

  32. Rando

    Isn’t it obvious?
    Time evolves around them much more rapidly then what they experience.

  33. Riuk88

    any one else notice that the wig grew in length?

  34. Blankitharter


  35. TechUnadept

    It’s a walnut person with nickels for eyes.

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