Mister Know-It-All


  1. Asok

    Holy cow that’s scary looking.

  2. Rain

    Is that a cookie?

  3. joebobs0n

    i always had my suspicions about that “thing”

  4. Ziggy Stardust

    I love Aric’s expression in the second panel! That is totally the face you make when you are suddenly attacked by a misshapen cookie bigger than your head with arms and legs.
    I also like the continuation of the expression Lemmo’s had since Aric expressed his wish to be left. He is just ticked off and hurt and confused and now Aric is friggen yelling. I feel for him.

  5. nuclearwhale

    I KNEW that cookie was evil!

  6. maglorius

    Is that cookie spitting chocolate at him?

  7. Ray

    It’s official. If it’s an ugly confectionery, it’s evil.

  8. Jill

    Lemmo! Look behind you!!

  9. macksting

    Rain: Yes. It’s… comfort food.
    We’ve come to call him Chip the Biscuitd00d.

  10. joebobs0n

    hmm, i’m sure that Chip the Biscuitd00d just needs a friend. he’s just speaking the way he always does, thus teh reason he has no friends :(

  11. McFlury

    Wait, wait, why does everyone suddenly think Chip the Biscuitd00d is evil? Perhaps he just wants to open his mouth as close as possible to Aric’s face so Aric can smell the yummy chocolaty goodness inside Chip… Or perhaps a fountain of smaller and edible chocolate chip cookies will now emerge from Chip’s mouth…

    Or perhaps Chip considers being eaten the greatest honour ever, and thus now wants to eat Aric because Chip thinks Aric is worth such honour.
    I wish Lemmo was there, at least Lemmo would’ve understood the situation to its fullest extent and would’ve explained it all to good old conservative Aric.

  12. Foxmouse

    I’m sure that’s just his way of trying to right the wrong that is Aric and Lemmo splitting up. I can hear it now:

    “*Raaaraa ahhhraarrhhh roarrag blargggah!”

    *Clearly this is all a misunderstanding and can be resolved in a diplomatic fashion.

  13. Shinlink

    Aric should pick up his bug leg and use it as a sword against Chip, unless Chip isn’t being hostile…which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  14. speearr

    Whatever it is, it’s not getting a name anytime soon….

  15. Ryan

    Reminds me of those old commercials with the raisons singing Marvin Gaye songs. haha

  16. Megan

    that’s pretty creepy…

  17. Hades

    Aric’s expression is one of “OH SH-“

  18. them1me1you

    GUYS GUYS! don’t you see? Aric is beginning to doubt if splitting with Lemmo is the right choice! and with this strange advance from the cookie thing maybe their adventures will continue as they had been.

  19. Hades

    He may have a point there.
    *takes on old announcer voice* Only time will tell….

  20. S.J. Hartsfield

    Turnabout is fair play… seems poetical justice that a cookie might eat a person for once!

  21. Renee

    *hee* Saw that one coming. ^_^

  22. dreamstohack

    Hostile?! Are you guys crazy? Because offering a huge pile of beautiful melted chocolate right in front of your mouth is suddenly a declaration of war?? Chip the Biscuitd00d is just showing how truly delicious he is

  23. macksting

    Dreamstohack has a point. This one time (at band camp… no, not really) when I was, what, 16, it came up in conversation among attractive strangers that it had been three years since my last kiss.* A young woman of drinking age looked shocked and dismayed and saw to it that this pattern would be broken.
    She’d been drinking creme de cacao or somesuch. My first Hershey’s Kiss, you might say. I would not call this hostile. :)

    * That’s a whole other story.

  24. them1me1you

    wow, exiting!

  25. Gram

    What a betrayal.

  26. CyberSkull

    You gotta eat them cookies before they eat you, I always say (probably why I need to loose weight).

  27. Evan

    I imagine it’s saying something like, “ARAGHLABARGLE!”

  28. switch

    To me, any strange cookie that suddenly appears beside me, pats my leg, stares at me for several minutes, then leaps screaming at me, or uses more than two commas per sentence, deserves to be cut into 8 sections with a bug sword and eaten. But that’s me, and it’s been said that I’m harsh.

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