Möebius Be Damned


  1. Socksbot

    This to me looks like a win for the canvas theory but I can still believe in my epic dream theory

  2. Ryan

    It’s unfurling!

  3. Socksbot

    @Ryan more like refurling if you look at the sequence

  4. HappyHead

    Interestingly, Aric and Lemmo’s role reversal from the end of the previous story arc seems to be keeping up – originally Lemmo was the one who just went with the flow and was right about things – he’d try something just because, it would work, and then Aric would try it and fail. (Ie: walking on water – perhaps he failed because he questioned it too much?) Now Lemmo’s started questioning things, Aric’s decided to just go with it, and as a result, Aric is doing things that Lemmo is unable to duplicate.

    Also, neat representation of 4D space – the people inside of the 3D subset think they’re looking in a straight line from inside, but from the outside you can see it curving around. Maybe this is also the reason for all of the cracks?

  5. cheetaboy7

    This reminds me of when I was in elementery school and the universe was explained. Though there should be an end at some point we cant help also thinking, “Well what comes after that?”. It looks here like they created a wrinkle in time (or the universe).

    Also kudos for not having bad language.

  6. cheetaboy7

    Wait, he said “Dosh Garn”…

  7. aric


  8. Renee

    Hey, Ringworld! Sorta. :)

    If you’re gonna spell Moebius with an ö, you don’t need the ‘e’. the ‘oe’ combination denotes the ‘ö’ sound, though English speakers like to pretend it makes the ‘ay’ sound, for some reason.

    There’s everyone’s German lesson for the day.

  9. Physicsmaster

    It’s weird because just before I read this strip I was actually thinking about how time and space loop around eachother on our own universe.

  10. Renee

    Also, not typo: spoonerism! ^_^

    “I broke the CRYSTAL on my WATCH” yields “I broke the WHISTLE on my CROTCH”. (That one was actually in one of my linguistic books)

    Spoonerisms are fun.

  11. Jonathon David

    I think we’re seeing their dreams.

    First we watched Aric’s sequence, revealing his inner interpretation of his relationship with Lemmo, how lemmo made aric feel.

    Now we are seeing how aric makes lemmo feel.

    They’re going to be SO surly with each other when they wake up.

  12. NoriMori


    Except “Crystal” wouldn’t yield “Whistle”, it would yield “Whisttle” (with the T pronounced), which as far as I know isn’t a word. Still funny as hell though. XD

    And I didn’t look at the title until you pointed it out…yeah the “öe” is funny-lookin’… But the only reason I know that “ö” and “oe” are interchangeable is because of the name “Amon Göth” (from “Schindler’s List”). In the movie it’s spelled “Goeth”.

    Anywho: Is it just me, or is their universe getting smaller? Maybe that’s the reason for the wrinkles? Are they stretch-marks from the super-fast shrinking?

  13. cheetaboy7

    Why are you people obsessing over spelling? I mean who cares if “the ‘öe’ is funny looking”?

    I know, I’m a hypocrite but still.

  14. Ray

    To speak like a stoner: Woah, that’s kinda trippy, dude.

  15. vengerofthelight

    Heh. Spoonerisms made me think of someone I’m very fond of that I miss terribly.

    And she’ll probably never read this.


  16. OrangesAreAwesome


    sorry about that :,(
    doesn’t sound too enjoyable to me.

    Well I’m going to Europe! I’m at a hotel with free wifi for my touch so I can write(type) this. I’m leaving tomorrow! (hopefully) I just love the app soooooo much!!! thanks for the awesome pasttime! man, I wonder how much comics I’ll have to catch up on after I get back… probally a lot! ^.^ have fun and can you guys make one comic with a European hint or whatever for me please? again, love the comics! keep up the totally awesomely awesome work!! ^_^ Later!

  17. OrangesAreAwesome

    and anyone know what möebius means?

  18. Mr.Biggles

    Sadness? THIS IS BLANK IT
    And it looks like our protagonists have been in some cyndrical rock unfurling and twisting in a black void of darkness?
    and there should be more events happening in these panels than walking and outdated figurative language

    Also all you guys are great story analyzers espcially Renee, Socksbot, and CheetahBoy7 !!!

  19. cheetaboy7

    Thanks for the compliment.

  20. Mr.Biggles

    You’re welcome

  21. Flo

    “Whoops. I was wrong. That feels more normal.”

    is Aric just being mean and enjoying Lemmo being in pain, or has he gained new powers (if the theory that Lemmo and Aric are the Gods of the universe is correct).

  22. Socksbot

    @orangesareawesome http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Möbius_strip?wasRedirected=true


    This strip has me all sorts of excited. Fantastically pulled off!

  24. CasualOtaku

    Darn, there goes my theory of them being stuck in the tiny bit of space between dimensions where quantum theory is no longer a theory.

  25. OrangesAreAwesome


  26. OrangesAreAwesome

    hope I get on a plane today…

  27. Socksbot

    @orangesareawesome that’s the wiki link for möbius it’s about how the comic strip is moving

  28. Socksbot

    Oh no will our young adventurers ever go back to their whimsical cookie battles and mist people with explosive penguins and enourmous flying bugs with golden shovels and people who regret being named and cute little foxes with juice machines that regenerate body parts and wierd but helpful robots that like to coalesce

  29. ash3ton

    their in a new universe and its expending just like our own oh and cudose on the seconed chapter guy plz help me understand this penguin ordeal

  30. OrangesAreAwesome

    thanks! ^_______^

    apparently we are giving up on Europe, at least for now. :(
    we were trying to get on a military plane because my dads in the military and it’s free. tickets to Europe for 2 adults and 2 kids is tooooo expensive. o well. bye!

  31. Socksbot

    @ash3ton when the penguins plane exploded and I think it’s kudos

  32. dan

    aric and lemmo are stoneheads and we’re watching their hallucinations

  33. Shirasong

    And here I am, silly me, trying to figure out who Walter is in this story. I feel like he is somehow going to have something to do with Lemmo and Aric. Anyone have any ideas?

  34. Shirasong

    Oh, and by the way, I’m pretty sure Aric is saying “that feels more normal” because being wrong feels normal to him, not that seeing Lemmo get hurt felt normal. Because that would be just sad. (if true)

  35. Shirasong

    Or that the universe not looping feels normal. Which also makes sense.

  36. Gimptheswimmer

    So there’s an end to the universe now? Cool. Now what?

  37. Arcasius

    what happens if they don’t walk left or right, what about forward or back, or up it would appear in this strip that they have been moved to a 2d world yet Lemmo was walking forward somewhat in the beginning of this, and I’m going to assume that due to all the stretch marks that the universe is going to be expanding again, but since it seems to be at it’s peak of stretching that it may rip, but in this strip, it’s moderately thick and unfolding which could suggest that both of their minds effect the universe rapidly. Now as for what happened to the other characters and what events are yet to unfold is a mystery

  38. matt b

    crap i just posted it looped but it doesn’t

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