Molte Mani


  1. Cancer

    lets get you som help? from who? socks? that sure would have made an intresting trip to the doctor. Dr. socks no less.

    or maybe, since things that are needed just pops up in that world a doctor will show him self. ergo does this mean they will created annother human? and if so… whos mom and whos dad?

    btw, you say you want 2000 unique readers. is there a counter somewere that says how many you got?

  2. .

    no doctor, obviously a medicine dispensing machine =DD
    sometimes ( a lot of times ) i dont get the title of the comics. hm.

  3. lemmo

    It’s Italian for “many hands”. That one’s a freebie. I’m not always going to explain the titles. If you’re curious, use the Google.

  4. Kristina

    Dude. I can’t read this comic in class! I’d laugh out loud and give myself away! xD I’m loving it so far.

    I am curious to see how they get rid of the extra extremity.

  5. noisyparker

    ooo… maybe we get to see the other buttons on the vending machine now…

  6. Cancer

    your right, maybe we do. but for what condition tho. the ekstra hand? or his “supposed” exstrem urge to do what ever his companion is doing? would be intresting to see how a soda could fix a psychological problem.

    just realized, does this mean that socks got a name before the main characters? if so, thats awsome.

  7. Cancer

    he did. ergo, awsome.

  8. the vanishing hitchhiker

    Why look, it’s a new unique reader. Hi, new unique reader. What’s that, new unique reader? You say you inadvertently said “I am going to spare you, but only so you can be killed by a dragon in space”(or however that quote went) to your husband last night, suddenly decided to recommend an old webcomic to him (which he rather enjoyed), and found thereupon the website of nostalgia a link to this shiny shiny new one (which seems, after the requisite webcomic archive binge, prooty good)? Why, that’s utterly fascinating.

    No, actually, no it isn’t at all.

  9. lemmo

    Which old webcomic, mine or Aric’s? I must know!

  10. McFlury

    The second button looks like an ear to me.

  11. DragoNero


    Maybe an inktank comic as there is still a link to blankit from there

  12. whoho

    Haha, I came here because of Machall having a guestcomic by or whatever the address was, apparently, it redirected here. Looks awesome so far :-)

  13. the vanishing hitchhiker


    Aric’s. Never heard of you, looooooooser. ;D

  14. Arantor

    @the vanishing hitchhiker
    Seconded; I found my way here via Ashfield. But definitely worth it.

  15. lemmo

    You know, I think an Aric vs. Lemmo camp would be a fun forum thread. Fight!

  16. xajek


  17. Megan

    “Yep-fishbones in your cortex..”

    XD I lol’d.

  18. Me

    hey cancer go get a life and change ur name not very considerate of peeps who have cancer/people in their family have cancer

  19. Lemmo

    I thought of it in the zodiac sense. He’s not hurting nobody.

  20. BlueSox

    I miss hear things too

  21. switch

    I thought about the cancer thing too, but decided it’s a matter of perspective. He/she probably means it in the astrological sense, and even if he/she doesn’t, it would be wrong for people to change what they do every time someone gets upset. Every time you make a decision, someone will be offended. You can’t please everyone. Also, I love how Aric’s head hand keeps pointing and acts like a real hand. Creepy, but hilarious!

  22. NoriMori

    Um, I just realized that in the second panel when Aric is pointing at the drink, the head-hand is also pointing at his drink. Anyone else notice that?

  23. Kid of Death

    @NoriMori: I didn’t notice that before. Good observation.

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