Move Meta-North


  1. Skr33

    Reading the parasox’ dialogue in my current state of mind hurts. I’m going to have to reread this tomorrow.

  2. Parrot

    Who do they have to meet? O.O
    The suspense is killing me.

  3. PolleN112

    Umm. Where they go?

  4. cheetaboy7

    I hope they’re off to see Misty!

  5. cyber95

    My travel agent won’t help me find a good fourth dimensional flight.

  6. GodOfAwesome

    Sometimes it’s not only the comics that make me ‘lol’. But the comments. :)

  7. RGSwan

    Weeeee’re off to meet the wizard….


    I wonder if you HAVE to jump to get through the invisible door….

  9. Ray

    Well this is interesting. Better go there!

  10. Glo

    What’s the worst that could happen? :D MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  11. Thebrum

    I wonder if the parasox forgot that Aric and Lemmo are too big to fit through fox sized holes in timespace.

  12. Defier of Physics

    It sounds kind of like Lemmo and Aric are going to meet their other selves. At the end of Chapter 1 they fell asleep on a bug. They later woke up somewhere else with different clothes. I wonder what happened to the bug and the original clothes and all that. (For instance, from the bug’s perspective, did Aric and Lemmo vanish?)

    Also something to consider: are they still goo?

  13. cheetaboy7

    Lets Do The Time Warp Again!

  14. Minando

    Foxes gone invisible: 2
    Clueless heroes: 2
    Bored trolls: 1
    DonĀ“t ask.

  15. Music-chan

    Man, this comic is way more surreal when you’re tired. I never realized this before.

  16. Alwas

    yes!!! Finally caught up on the comic and I’m enjoying it can’t wait for the next strip to come out :)

  17. Raiten

    This is one of the more bizzare comics I’ve read lately… time to favorite it.

  18. Raiten

    Except, suddenly and for unknown reasons, my Favorites option will not work.

  19. Biligum

    Seriously, this comic kinda scares me. It takes everything I know about plot, humor, setting, logic, and anything at it all, turns that on its head, puts it in a full nelson and gives it a wet willy while screaming “neener neener neener” at approximately five thousand decibels.


  20. MultiversalInk

    “Which way is that?”
    “Luckily, I always carry a compass.”
    “No, that would be stupid. Except for now, when it wouldn’t be.”

    The title here reminded me of that dialogue.

  21. Jethro Rayne

    Would like to see Misty re-enter the comic, maybe give Lemmo a ringing slap, and figure out what she’s ‘really’ named. :)

  22. cheetaboy7

    If she isnt named Misty then there will be fan outrage!

    Of couse she wasnt there when she was named so they may re-name her to something she wants. Also she’s solid now, so even though Misty should be her name, and its an awesome one, its not as apropriate anymore.

  23. Physicsman

    @Biligum: That’s why this comic is so Awesome!!!!!

    No,no Awesome is not a strong enough word.

    This comic is…



    “nothing could possibly go wrong!” springs to mind.

  25. Mell

    Follow those soxes’s!! :)

  26. Sgt Lewis

    Should you find yourself in this crazy mixed up world, you might as well have fun with it. Though I wouldn’t want to be those guys when she finaly catches up with them.

  27. Val Kilmer Batman

    I read this comic straight through from the beginning and it is now my favorite comic and I have cried from the awesome.

  28. MultiversalInk

    @Physicsman: Awesomegamesh?

  29. Zanoushe

    My brain hurts from the over three years of pure awesome I just read through.

  30. AlexThander


  31. nicktheslayer

    Guys, no, youre words suck!


    as in FANTastically ABSOlutely deLICIOUS

    its pronounced FAN-TAS-ABB-SO-LISH-US

  32. cheetaboy7

    It’s ok.


  33. Defier of Physics

    @nicktheslayer: I find fantabsolicious (fan-tab-so-li-cious) to be much easier to pronounce, although it is not nearly as awesome as your word.

    Now I’m hungry. Thanks for that.

  34. Handgunman

    I think they stopped being goo when they left the box

  35. Dasaki

    So uhm… I just read this all in like 2 days, and I have to say… this is one insane setting for 2 basically normal guys… ok one normal guy and one cheesehead. Great furkin job dude.

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