My Little Helper

The comic will be a day late, but at least I got a parenting story out of it.

Last night while I was busy doing non-comic things, and my digital tablet and photoshop sat unused, my 3-year-old daughter decided to snuggle in, put the tablet on her lap, and proceed to color all of Blank It purple. It would have been adorable (well, it was), except I have a shortcut key on my tablet for ‘Save’. So she undid an hour or so of work with her little project.

I didn’t get mad at her, I praised her for artwork, but I didn’t have enough time to set things right, because my little one has to be to the doctor this morning, and I wasn’t going to do another 4-hour-sleep night like last week.

Maybe this sounds like an excuse, but I’m actually just proud that my kid figured out the tablet on her own. There’s a chance yet that she’ll follow in her dad’s digitally artistic footsteps.


  1. JethroRayne

    You’ve got a star from me, making sure the kid gets some praise for being artistic is much more awesome than getting ticked off because of a comic deadline. ;) We can wait a day!

  2. MarshmallowRadiation

    D’aww… Do you still have the purple scribbled image so we can see it?

    And don’t worry about being one day late. This fanbase is the one that managed to stick it out for over four months of no news, remember. Just one day won’t kill us.

  3. lemmo

    Totally. I went through a few phases of “Well, it was my fault I left my tablet out” to “There’s nothing she can do I can’t undo, my comic process is so redundant” to “Even if I fix this, I won’t get any sleep tonight, so no sense getting bent out of shape” in the span of the 10 seconds it took me to say “Oh, that looks nice, honey!”

  4. lemmo

    I didn’t keep her scribble, but I can guarantee a fair chunk of the purple in the squidyblobs is actually retained from her. So in short, my daughter helped color this comic.

  5. NoriMori

    I second Jethro’s comment. And that’s cool that you retained the purple for the squidyblobs (which is an awesome name by the way). Now when she’s older you can show her this comic and say, “You helped colour this, remember?” XD

  6. Ebs

    That is WONDERFUL, we have a 3yr old son. Dad is a martial arts instructor and our son will fight with dad and start doing moves he’s seen my husband do just out of no where! God made children to rock! I’m glad you got to have that time with your daughter. SWEET.

  7. ZappyCat

    Hey, you should let her do a guest comic if you’re ever too swamped to make one.

  8. Niyera

    Oh jeez, that’s adorable. Mark of good parenting, right there, I say.

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