My Turn to Write

Lem informed me that it was my turn to blog. He used “blog” as a verb, so let’s start with that. “Write” is a perfectly fine verb, and we should continue using it. If I was about to write on a piece of paper, I would not say that I am going to “paper.” So, I am going to “write” on the blog. Sure, it takes a couple more words. But this way, someone won’t make the mistake of considering me hip and trendy. So that’s a bonus.

In other news, I am entirely successful in not entirely killing my desk plant. Half of it has given up the ghost, but the rest is spreading healthfully towards the humming tubes of light in the ceiling. It is a horrible sort of life, but it could be worse. It could be self aware. But let us not get in to consciousness. At least, that’s what the chemicals in my brain are telling me not to get in to.

There you go, internet! I have written on a blog!

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  1. RoboSheep

    On the flip-side, pen is also a verb and were you to write on paper you might say that you were going to pen a letter/novel/essay.

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