Nemesis Revealed


  1. Music-chan

    It’s hard to be dramatic when your name is “Van Mudgett”

    …and talking to a guy without pants.

  2. Zapheres

    TOTALLY (semi) FREAKIN CALLED IT! And at 6:15 yesterday. :D

    But anyhow first actual “bad guy” on The Canvas I think. Coo.

  3. Renee

    “Can we go back and try that again?”

    “For dramatic appeal?”



  4. Ninja

    So we meet again, Pericles Van Mudgett… *snickers* (How can anyone say his name with a straight face?)

  5. Renee

    Now that I’m near the top of the comments list, where people can see me before growing tired of all the comments and quickly scrolling down to the bottom of the page to post their own comment, might I point out that the FORUM is a rather desolate place right now?

  6. Eric

    So, who’s in Aric’s shoes? He hasn’t worn them in a while.

  7. Shadows

    Why is the shovel golden? Has it become unending power source that everyone is after? Maybe the Penguins and Bugs will get involved soon.

  8. Lemmo

    @Shadows, See, you plant the shovel, wait three days, and a shovel tree grows. Then you can pluck the Golden Shovel. Of course, you’ll need another shovel to dig the hole in the first place.

  9. BigBadRichard

    (shrieks like a little girl) I mean ahem (manly voice) he will pay for what he’s done. sptt what has he done again i forgot.

  10. Midoriko

    Don’t forget to throw in an evil “mwa-ha-ha,”Pericles!

  11. Defier of Physics

    Ooooh! The shovel is *shiney*…
    and apparenly Pericles has learned how to travel in mist form, at least partially.

    I wonder what van Mudgett’s master plan could entail. To the FORUMS!

  12. Evan

    Oh noes! Pericles Van Mudgett is back for REVENGE!!!!!

  13. RGSwan

    Quick! Ignore him so he becomes unimportant and turns into mist again!

  14. Andi

    Unname him so he can’t do anything!

  15. Spencey

    Excellent… comic. Sorry – just trying it out myself!

  16. Thanatos

    I don’t think he was traveling by mist, I think he just came up from a trap door in the floor. That’s where the shaaaa comes in.

  17. Jacob

    Is it just me or does he look… older?

  18. Jonathon David

    Go Lemmo! :D That was great :D and pantsless Aric has to show his potential now! :D This is fun…

  19. marca311

    @Lemmo: Was that an animal crossing reference?
    Gotta love dramatic timing.
    Too bad it doesn’t work out too well on comics.
    Good try though!

    Yoshi out!

  20. Physicsmaster

    @Lemmo: I love that game!!

  21. socksbot

    Those with wierd names will kill us all

  22. Anony

    EPICS! Pericles Van Mudgett returns awesomely! and refrences to being in your shoes, even though Aric doesnt have any… so i guess hes only referring to Lemmo

  23. Anony

    and, ahem… um… whats with the fog cloud? is he unsettling? does he have unsettler super powers? is he unsettling? idk…

  24. Anony

    i said unsettling twice… dangit

  25. OJ

    jw- do you think they ever have to go to the restroom, eat, stay hydrated, and other basic needs or are they too defying the basic logical whatchamacallit (O_O that was on auto word thing!?!?? ps- I have the app)

  26. OJ

    and I never would have guessed… .. …… …………….. ………………… .

  27. Ray

    Huh. So I guess Pericles is gonna be a/the villain of this comic, then?

  28. Anony

    no way, Pericles is only an underling brought to power by the cookies and fueled by revenge.
    Pericles is a rival of sorts, but hes only 1 piece in this chess game.

  29. Chlimaxe

    $10 says he was hired by the cookies to overthrow king ginger

  30. Qqtt991

    Been reading this from the app. Just decided to comment.

    You really defined the characters well. I can imagine nearly all the character’s voices perfectly except Aric. I’m still working on his.

    This is my favourite frequently updated webcomic next to Cuanta Vida.

  31. Anony

    you havent gotten aric yet? he was the only one of the first comic, how could you not?

  32. MarshmallowRadiation

    Well, I think it is safe to say that this was the least surprising twist in the entire comic…

  33. Colonel Luxray


    Well honestly, most of the twists in this comic were completely unpredictable anyway, this has been the only predictable twist and even then it’s a good one.

  34. Physicsmaster

    @OJ: while I don’t think they have ever slept, aye, or went to the bathroom since they got there they DID drink the Handjuice, I think that counts as staying hydrated.

  35. noisyparker

    omg it’s a nemesis plot! ;_;

  36. Sillytwist

    Yay Pericles Van Mudgett is back, Let the epicness Continue. Wonder what ties Pericles has to the cookies?

  37. boring7


    Pericles has betrayed his homeland, destroyed the homes of his people, stolen the shovel of power and given it to the villainous King Ginger in order to exact revenge upon Lemmo for naming him and thus making him solid.

    He even had the proper villian etiquette to rise up from below a trap door, wreathed in a sinister fog.

    Since things are gearing up for an epic final battle of epicness, I anticipate an anticlimax or scene change in short order.

  38. orangejuiceman

    Im going to guess what happens next- either a duel or the palace is going to colapse first

  39. Anony

    Anybody else asking where King Ginger is in this whole mess? that was his throne right there, he shouldve been leading the attack at least, i wonder where he is.

  40. Anony

    OOH! i looked through the comics, and found that tragedy befell hamlet before Pericles was introduced to the cookies. and that King Ginger said he needed the important component AFTER the unsettlers declared the tragedy.
    in order: tragedy-need component-Pericles
    so that stomps a couple of theories…

  41. DrFruball

    So glad that the giant robot battle part is over. I mean, I love this comic, but that just dragged on.

    Now I’m looking forward to seeing where this twist goes.

  42. Sillytwist


    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  43. Defier of Physics

    @Anony: Technically, Pericles could have been helping the cookies sooner. The cookie could be consoling him when Pericles is having second thoughts about what he had done.

    It is also possible that van Mudgett was helping the cookies when the tragedy first befell the hamlet if King Ginger either was not informed yet or wanted a backup plan in case Pericles proved unsuccessful or untrustworthy.

    In other news, I want a golden-shovel tree now. All who oppose me will be whacked over the head with my gilt entrenching tool of goldenness. MmwAhahahahahaHAaaaa!

  44. Jonathon David

    I shall oppose you!! I will plant hose-herbs and ax-shrubs to combat your shovel trees! and if i must, saw-bushes!

  45. Jonathon David

    we might need to look into fertilizer-flowers…

  46. Anony

    i really want to dress up as Pericles Van Mudgett for haloween…

  47. NoriMori

    @Jonathon David

    “I shall oppose you!! I will plant hose-herbs and ax-shrubs to combat your shovel trees! and if i must, saw-bushes!


    we might need to look into fertilizer-flowers…”

    I love you. You’re awesome. XD

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