New Ways to Travel


  1. Parrot

    That was an impressive jump.

  2. Someone


  3. macksting

    I wonder how long he can do that.

  4. heng

    ooookay… back to square one?

    i still can’t figure out where you guys are going with this, but i am kinda committed to this ride…

  5. Lipkin

    Cute. Heng still thinks this is going some where.

  6. Jacob

    That is indeed one Hell of a jump.

  7. cheetaboy7

    When did Lemmo lose his sleeve?

  8. magic-esi

    @cheetaboy7- When his arm turned into wood. See… a few comics ago.

  9. MarshmallowRadiation

    That’s it, I just know it. Aric and Lemmo are dreaming, and in reality they’re still on the back of the matryoshka bug.

  10. Bluphoenix9

    Anyone else notice there is a sun in the second panel? Didn’t think there was one in this world….


    This is totally fantastic.
    The ParaFoxes jumped and Lemmo followed, and nothing happened, so they’re alone again.

    It’s come full circle, and I’m not even sure what that means anymore. :D


  12. Skr33

    @Bluephoenix9 – I don’t think it’s actually a sun, I think it’s just that the universe they’re in knows when to create dramatic lens flare for maxiumum badassery.

  13. Renee

    Traveling that way could take while. I’ll stick with bicycle for short distances and car for long distances.

  14. Dasaki

    Aric’s hair hasn’t like… messed with us in a while. To top that off, I’m waiting for what might happen with Lemmo’s arm. Lemmo knew he had something, it jut didn’t work, he didn’t want to admit that it didn’t. lol

  15. MultiversalInk

    “Walk where?”
    “Uhnnuh… North?”

    That strip again… I’ve been rereading the early parts of BlankIt ^^

    And is that the light source in the second panel?

  16. Musicluvr

    Lemmo used super jump!

    It wasn’t very effective…

  17. jaz

    panel 2 = epic. thats all that there needs to be said.

  18. Ray

    Yes, Lemmo. You are somewhere else.

  19. Hackey

    Second panel: iPod Touch lockscreen.

  20. Minando

    Lemmo´s in a better place now.

  21. aBlindFoxx

    What if they traveled by leap-frog?
    Anthing is possible in their universe.

  22. Defier of Physics

    @aBlindFoxx: Do you mean the children’s game or an actual amphibian? Either way that would be hilarious!

    I’m waiting for Aric to walk toward Lemmo and be teleported somewhere else. I’m also waiting for Lemmo to do a dive-roll. I fear neither event will come to pass.

  23. NoriMori

    @Defier of Physics:

    “@aBlindFoxx: Do you mean the children’s game or an actual amphibian? Either way that would be hilarious!”

    That called up an amazing image in my head of them riding an epic giant frog, like the ones Jiraiya teaches Naruto to conjure up. XD

  24. Jety Lefr

    OK… I discovered this web comic today, read all of it, and LOVE IT!
    It’s hilarious! Clever! And more random than me!
    (which I tell ya. If you knew me, you wouldn’t think it was possible)

  25. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    Why didn’t Lemmo disappear through the middle of the canvas like the Soxes did? Did he jump to high? :O
    @Skr33, hahaha I LOVE your word choice usage! Maximum badassery.
    I gotta remember that….

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