New York Style


  1. noisyparker

    hee… I love this one. :)

  2. rodandbarry

    Barry: whoooaaaa cool!
    Rod: Reminds me of…
    Barry: Still Reading!!!

  3. Ray

    You know, I just realized while re-reading this that in the second panel, the hatted one(Won’t say his name to avoid spoiling for new readers.) is wearing a “face_awesome” expression.

  4. Fedorov92

    You know, you’re right! I can’t believe I never saw it before, because this is OBVIOUSLY something I could have seen right out of Calvin and Hobbes, especially how Hobbes would always attack Calvin when he got home, and knock his shoes off!

  5. Dr. Sakuya, PhD


  6. Im Bob. Hi.

    July 31st, 2008 at 10:25 am said:

    hee… I love this one. :)

    Im Bob. Hi. replied: I do too! lol!

  7. NoriMori

    LOL, when I read the part where he says, “Why do we talk so much when we could just do?”, I read it too fast and thought he said, “Why do we talk so much when we could just do it?”

    I was like, “Whaaat…?” LOL, I love Freudian slips. ;)

  8. Me

    Idk bout u guys but i do enjoy a good spit on mi shirt

  9. BlueSox


  10. NoriMori

    I love Aric’s face in the second panel! XD

  11. lolololol

    the last panel is screwed up where aric is behind lemmy but he spits on the front of his shirt

  12. Xajek

    he just rolled over…

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