Night and Clay


  1. Parrot

    If Aric stopped doing things, the comic would be boring.
    Also, where’d the pulled-off wings go?

  2. Wilhelm

    Lord Ben Stole them….

  3. PolleN112

    The opposite of a car hitting a brick wall is a cloud flowing around a rock.

  4. Nexall

    While it is true that often opposites are opinions I highly doubt that the opposite of your tongue is a phone booth. I mean it could still happen but… ah whatever.

  5. Dauntasa

    No, I get Tongue/Phone Booth. They’re both used to talk, but the tongue is inside you, and you are inside a phone booth.

  6. Canada


    /useless comment

  7. Renee

    Nice of us to explore opposites! I mean, as a child, it annoyed me that the opposite of “dog” was “cat”. Why not elephant? Or giraffe?

  8. Chaos Theory

    Can it be? SCIENCE!? In a webcomic that has thus far completely avoided making sense of any kind? BLASPHEMY!

  9. Jethro Rayne

    Reading this with a cold = brain pain…

  10. Shard

    The torn-off wings are going to turn into a pair of socks, obviously.


    I think that the real concern here are two things:
    1) What’s the opposite of “Hey?”
    2) What happens when they hit the ceiling?

  12. MarshmallowRadiation

    The opposite of a car hitting a brick wall is a brick wall taking assorted metal bits and forming a backwards-moving car, obviously.

  13. DaMullet

    The opposite of a car hitting a brick wall is a brick wall hitting a car. From a certain point of view.

  14. Nester64

    (Reads) Hey! hey! hey! Hey! hey! Hey!

    (commentary) are we going to do this again?

    @DaMullet. actually, thats probably the best answer, from Aric’s view

  15. Shirasong

    The opposite of “hey” is “yeh.” obviously. ;)

    I Love this comic keep up the good work guys! :D

  16. Glen

    You know my question is why is Lemnos arm of wood getting shorter! He only chopped of his hand and now he has no elbow?

  17. random man

    Truthfully, the opposite of the car hitting the brick wall is the resistance the wall gives transferring kinetic energy into the ground before the wall disintegrates, so the car would go through the wall after losing energy to it.

    This case would be more easily described as a rock (Aric) trying to go through a window (pulling off Fergus’s wings), but bouncing off instead (wings growing back)

    Aric wouldn’t know, he’s decided he’s bad at science.

    Go boring, excitingly weird science!!!

  18. random man

    Oh, and I think that when they hit the ceiling, the purple sea will drain into an endless fountain,because it would just keep going, like the recently extinguished shovel beam.

  19. Raiten

    @Glen maybe things grow backwards wherever they are? Or maybe he just chaged how he was drawing it. We may never know.

  20. Lipkin

    The opposite of “Hey” is “What?”

    Aric tried to stop doing things once before. And then a cookie spat chocolate on him.

  21. CyberSkull

    I fear that not doing things will lead to weirder consequences down the line.

  22. NoriMori

    @Dauntasa … That was a brilliant analysis, my friend. :P Now take that awesome brain power and deconstruct “car hitting a brick wall/miniature golf”. XD

    Oh, I just got the title… Since they’re talking about weird opposites, then instead of the traditional “night/day” opposite, we’ve got “night/clay”… That’s probably what Lemmo would come up with. XD

    @Nester64, That was pretty much exactly what my commentary was like too. XD

    @Shirasong, That was going to be my answer… XD Except I was gonna say “Yeah.” And I was trying to figure out the opposite as far as what it would be if you played it backwards. Like apparently the exact phonetic opposite of “your” is “Roy”. :P Like if you play them backwards they sound the same.

    @Lipkin, I had that same thought… I thought, “Didn’t he try this once? And then the king heard of it…”

  23. Physicsman

    No silly Lemmo the opposite of a car hitting a brick-wall is clearly a chicken eating a watermelon on the moon, and I have scientific evidence to back up my statement.

  24. TreeJump

    Good going, Fergus now you got the Parasox going again. I thought out of the group, you’d know better -_-

    @X-Soldier: I imagine there wouldn’t be a ceiling. I mean, it was originally an endless void right?

  25. AlexThander

    I thought the opposite of a car hitting a brick wall was jell-o shooting out of the armpits of a giant dancing robot.

  26. random man

    @Treejump – There is a ceiling. The penguins hit it in EASY COME GO EASY, remember? Right before they get cookie-napped.

  27. Lipkin

    The opposite of a car hitting a brick wall is a car missing a brink wall.

  28. Lipkin

    Brick. Brick wall.

  29. NoriMori

    Lol @AlexThander

  30. killer ambition

    well all they need is a guy in power armor

  31. Glew

    Okay, so I am the only one who has the question “What the mesothorax has happened to Lemmo’s arm?” I mean last time I saw he only got rid of his hand, not his whole forearm… Is it eroding or something?

    Really, check back, the time they take the fluffy little buggers to literally travel behind the scenes, Lemmo still has his forearm. So what the …???

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