1. macksting

    Apparently, if she has a name, it’s Leader.

  2. Midoriko

    Gaah! Buh… af;ksjdfaksjdfoiewa!


  3. pillow

    apparently she wasnt solid forever?
    better hope the unsettlers dont meet up with fergus if they’re looking for manners…

  4. Davian Wolfe

    god damnit macksting her name is misty and don’t you forget it…..
    hmmmm…. temporary solidity brought on by intense emotion…. interesting

  5. McFlury

    Hah! I was right :)
    I explained (or have a theory about it at least) why she became misty again in the comments of last comic (Meekery)

    Go read it and amit I is brilliant! ;)

  6. Lipkin

    If they met up with Fergus, they would get solid real quick. And have very rude names.

  7. Lipkin

    The cookie hasn’t moved!

  8. Megan

    If you guys look back at when misty became “solid” you’ll see that the top of her head and the rest of her body were still made of mist :D I’m glad that I’m not confused, but I have to admit, it might be a first ;)

  9. camerbob

    Nooooo! Don’t take she-who-wants-to-be-named-but-shouldn’t-for-some-reason away! The cast of characters in a little small as it is!

  10. Renee

    Poor, dejected Lemmo. And Chip.

  11. MaxyDawg

    Well, in the comic in which she became solid, if you looked closely, she still had a ghostly, white outline.

  12. MaxyDawg

    Which probably meant that she wasn’t going to stay solid.

  13. GammaChris

    Well, we didn’t see if Misty was solid or not, we only saw that she was very bright and full of color. It implied that Misty became a little more corporeal, but it most definitely did not confirm this.

    Also, I’m afraid the cookie is going to do something drastic, judging by how long he’s been biding his time. Or maybe he’s just pouting. We can’t be certain of much, can we?

  14. Davian Wolfe

    Yours Sincerly,
    Davian Wolfe

  15. McFlury

    I think Chip the Chocolated00d (or what was his full name again?) is actually using some sort of telepathy to tell his king about Aric. Remember the comic where he went to stand that way? Just before he did so he said “The king must hear of this!” (or something in those lines anyways)

    Lemmo did suggest Chip was just standing that way because if he’d do something he might risk insulting Aric again, which would lead to Chip being forced (by cookie-law) to carry Aric again. But the cookie didn’t confirm this, so I’m still believing Chip has been contacting his king all this time. I’m expecting a big army of cookies (which is called a box I think) to come arrest Aric soon… ;)

  16. Cavada

    McFlury, you have pretty much summed up my thoughts on the cookie. i wonder if they will arrive before or after the unsettlers depart

  17. g_rock

    What if Chip’s threat and subsequesnt concentration have something to do with the “Tragedy” that has befallen the unsettlement?
    That’d be in line with the pattern of disruption that seems to be following Lemmo and Aric.

  18. g_rock

    Also, “Peace and Manners” don’t seem to be Misty’s MO. Or is it just me?

  19. boring7

    Peace and manners in a relative sense. Even her angry outburst demanding answers from the villagers was eloquent and mannerly.

    Relative to Lemmo’s tackling a man to get his shoes off, she’s downright passive.

  20. Fedorov92

    @McFlury: I believe I was the one that first posited the ‘chip is summoning an army/speaking to his King’ idea… not that it matters!

    In any case, I didn’t think Misty would be solid forever, as she hadn’t been technically named yet. I was right! Yay for me.

    Looks like Misty’s been ‘nominated’ for the old position that Pericles had. I wonder how this will turn out, if Misty leaves… hmmm

  21. Sillytwist

    Speaking of which where has Pericles gone off to if they are after “Misty” did they disown him on account that he has a name? oh well i also would like to see an army of cookie people that would be downright awesome….

    Anyways its sad to see “Misty” leave… how mean of lemmo and aric to get our hopes up like that and then rip her away right after seeing that short glimpse of color given to her.

    On the other hand i don’t think that she will be gone forever… she might make a return due to the amount of strips shes been in and the impact she has made…. i don’t think she will ever be named… it would probably cause an uprise in us if it turns out to be something other than “Misty”

  22. Ziggy Stardust

    I still need to know what the tragedy is!

  23. MeVicky

    I love their faces when they all shout “NO!” together.

  24. Ray

    Hmmm… So will Misty be leaving the party? That might suck. Oh well, at least Aric & Lemmo aren’t seperated.

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