Not Winning Any Bechdel Points


  1. Dasaki

    sorry what happened to… oh I hate it when that happens. and yay first.

    Keep it up guys, I’m loving Marina!

  2. macksting

    They look delightfully frustrated.
    What’s a Bechdel?

  3. maglorius

    What- aren’t the parasox female? I somehow thought they were. All they need are names and you guys pass the test!

  4. maglorius

    macksting, (according to TVtropes, that magnificent timekiller)

    In order to pass, the film or show must meet the following criteria:
    1. it includes at least two women*
    Some make the addendum that the women must be named characters

    2. who have at least one conversation…
    3. about something other than a man or men.

  5. Kid of Death

    Am I the only one who thinks this is beyond adorable?

  6. Socks

    I’m with Kid on this one. And Bechdel has to do with feminine equality, or something. Usually in movies?

  7. MultiversalInk

    Does this mean Fergus IS female?

  8. Richiegates

    Ooooh goodness. Lemmo makes me giggle. 3

  9. Wulf

    Lemmo is the personification of a giggle.

  10. NoriMori

    Lol. And @macksting, I’ve never thought that the parasox were female. I’m pretty sure the original Sox was male, so I think the parasox are both male as well.

    And as to everyone wondering if this makes certain characters actually female — NO. Look at the title. It says “Not Winning Any Bechdel Points”, as in, it does not meet the criteria at all. It would pass with flying colours if it could be two MEN, haha. XD

  11. NoriMori

    Oh, but also… I get why Marina’s asking him “What happened?”, but why is Lemmo asking her as well? I think he knows why she’s solid, so is he asking about something else? O.o I’m confused…

  12. Richiegates

    They are either gonna be a great match for each other, or they’re gonna be like crazy awesome enemies.

  13. hi

    i hate it when my and someone else say the same thing at the same time. very nice comic.


    Someone’ll get a word in eventually! Hahaha. :D


  15. macksting

    @NoriMori, re: feminine fox.
    It’s no big deal, really, but I thought it worth pointing out that I think you must be replying to somebody else about Parasox.

  16. jaz

    thank you richiegates, so I’m not the only one that sees it!

    I loved the last panel! and the whole strip. and the whole comic! xD


  17. seananners1

    i cant stress this any more. LOL

  18. Tuxpud

    @macksting@norimori: it was maglorious re: femsox.

    I can already see them having to talk through Aric to get anything said at all.

  19. Valron

    I expect this will either end with Lemmo saying “ladies first” or something similar, or Aric intervening. I’m really hoping for the first one.

  20. wonderboy

    i think he’s just wondering what she’s been doing since becoming solid

  21. Jety Lefr

    Dawww…. I think it’s cute.

  22. maglorius

    My first thought was that they were asking about Pericles van Mudgett. But that’s not likely.

  23. Cenacattack

    Ah, awkward moments. What would we do without them?

  24. switchblademx

    that comic made me feel disturbingly warm and tingly.. but i enjoyed it. @norimori & parsox topic in general: I’ve pictured them as males, but that probably has more to do with my being a male. when you think about it, Lemmo has given us no real clues that identify the parasox'(s?) gender. They’re referred to in the plural, or as “That one” or such. So whatever gender they posess is basically determined by the gender of the person viewing(?) them. Hence why Maglorious thought they were female, -and this is an assumption on my part, i’m sorry if it offends- because maglorious is female. I haven’t observed the foxes playing a decidedly masculine or feminine role, so no indicators from the artists there. I guess we’ll never really know the answer to that until Aric slips a little “Him” or “Her” into a parasox reference.
    @ wonderboy – He’s probably wondering why all the unsettlers are there. Last he knew, Mist- excuse me, Marina was headed back to take charge of the hamlet due to some catastrophe. Hmm..
    @ Aric & Lemmo Awesome job juggling work and kids AND this comic. I don’t know how you do it. Seriously. Tell me. I work 40-60Hrs a week and have two kids. Where can I slip in that creative time?
    Seriously, excellent work from my unqualified perspective. I love the comic and the direction it’s taking, and I cant wait to see what surprises are next. And some Hand Juice Merch!

  25. Renee

    Who will speak next?? The thrilling reveal next time…

  26. lemmo

    @switchblademx My dad always told me that if something really matters to you, you find the time to do it automatically, it’s not even a choice. So I guess just find a passion, and a whole bunch of time you didn’t know existed emerges. It’s like eating and breathing. You find ways to work it in.

  27. Raiten

    And Aric remains remarkably silent, for yet another panel. I’m growing more and more curious as to what he’s thinking.

  28. jaz

    @raiten: you’re right! oh God, three strips in Aric time is… he could’ve built a laser cannon by now!


  29. dagonboy6666



  30. Nester64

    Nice Tv tropes reference there.

    and on the sub-topic of the para-sox: I always figgered them to be opposite gender twins, like those twins from the rugrats…whatever they’re names are

  31. Nester64

    Sorry to doublepost, just remembered the names: Phil and Lil

  32. maglorius

    switchblademx wrote “So whatever gender they posess is basically determined by the gender of the person viewing(?) them. Hence why Maglorious thought they were female, -and this is an assumption on my part, i’m sorry if it offends- because maglorious is female. ”

    You assumes correctly. I think they probably are males, but I was sort of hoping they’d turn out to be girls. :)

  33. NoriMori

    @macksting, Sorry, I’m always doing that! Actually that seems to have happened to othe people as well, replying to the wrong person… I think we just look too fast and get people mixed up. XD

    And @switchblademx, That’s a nice theory, but I’m FEMALE, and always thought of them as male. So I don’t think it has much to do with what gender you are…

  34. seananners1

    parasox is a guy. look at first comics

  35. Renee

    @seananners1: Socks was male, but if this is how foxes reproduce in this universe (or at least one means of reproduction), then the gender of the parasox hasn’t been determined yet.

  36. NoriMori

    @seananners1 and Renee, I think it’s safe to assume that, even in this strange universe, if you take a male and have him reproduce asexually, the two resulting organisms will be male also.

  37. Ray

    You’d think it would be easier for two polite people to have a conversation.

  38. Hepizzy

    Maybe they have NO gender! Also, wrassling!

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