Of Snakes and Apples


  1. Lynx

    that looks like it, but you wont make babies.

  2. Vizard

    …or will they

  3. Renee

    “Can we back up?”

    Oh, all those missed opportunities to display wit.

  4. socksbot

    ah lemmo but the thing is you proved that you werent an idiot by literalizing his example

  5. Me

    Ok make sure Lemmo stays 10 ft away from all people since those to are the only 2 people there

  6. Switch

    All I see is a little 8X8p box with a question mark in the middle. Where’s the comic? Darn you, browser!

  7. dyl_do

    in hindsight going back… this comic reveals that aric does have knowledge of things beyond the bare basics, as he references the garden of eden. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How much memory do they have of a life outside the BlankWorld?

  8. mattb

    Wait… in this strip their shadows are at a 45 degree angle but in the next the light source is directly above them. what IS this light source that is so

  9. Lemmo

    Actually, in this strip I infer that the shadow is more of an inferior mirage, as it gives the illusion of them walking into the distance.

  10. RandomFox01

    I think I would like to live in the BlankWorld, no people…..I’d have a festival ^.^

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