Of The Deep


  1. Lipkin

    Lemmo! Foxes! NOOOOOOOO!

    Oh, and Fergus….


  2. jojo


  3. PolleN112

    Giant gold techno-organic salamanders, I like where this is going.

  4. Kid of Death

    More action! Well, it was predicted that the robots would be back and that does look like a robot to me.

    On a side note:

  5. Nexall

    Well… a giant robotic salamander certainly trumps all expectations of little to man-sized robots. also I’m sure Lemmo and Parasox are fine, don’t care about the little girl (Fergus) though.
    … … … … …
    … (just kidding I love Fergus)

  6. Lantash

    Ummm. Lemmo has gone. Leaving only a hat. Whilest he will ultimaltly be fine I am sure. We don’t seem to be giving this the attention it warrants.

    Lemmo…. Nooooo!
    Squashed by a giant gold robot, it’s how he would have wanted

  7. jack!


    Did that just happen?


    Anyone else notice the unsettler that disappears between panel 1 & 2?

    …but this robot may be my favorite thing yet to appear in BlankIt. It’s just SO cool looking… *stares*


  9. Rockman007


  10. switchblademx

    Lemmo! Soxes! NOOO000ooo…….oooo00000!!! It’s okay, people! they’re just ducking down to pick up some C4 to use on the salamanbot/robomander.
    On a side note..
    All this crying about lemmo and the sox disappearing, and no one cares about the poor unnamed unsettler? wtf, people!
    Anyone else think the hat will magically sprout an AT-4 or do i play too much BF2?

  11. Chaos Theory

    @Rockman007: Are you referring to the Parasox, the adorable foxes pictured above, or Parallax, the embodiment of fear from the Green Lantern comics?

  12. Lantash

    Lemmo is the only one taken/hit ( I think) as they have turned round to look behind them. So foxes settler and ferg are all ok.
    They start to turn in the pannel before, and have swapped sides by the last.
    Though it could be they have all been eaten apart from lemmo on the outside….

  13. Lantash

    Additionaly, and not story based.
    Realy like the air movement effects in last pic, and the shaddows. That things right ontop of them.
    ( I shall do a good deed to make up for a double post)

  14. Alexthander

    It can FL-Wait… never mind. It can only jump high and come crashing down.

  15. Cenacattack


    Translation: Oh hai :D

  16. boring7

    That’s rather…sudden.

  17. NoriMori

    @Lantash, “Lemmo is the only one taken/hit ( I think) as they have turned round to look behind them. So foxes settler and ferg are all ok.”

    I agree.

    “Squashed by a giant gold robot, it’s how he would have wanted”

    I agree with that too. XD

    @switchblademx, “All this crying about lemmo and the sox disappearing, and no one cares about the poor unnamed unsettler? wtf, people!”

    The unsettler would not have been affected, remember?

    @X-SOLDIER, “this robot may be my favorite thing yet to appear in BlankIt. It’s just SO cool looking… *stares*”

    I KNOW!! It looks like some über-amazing Pokémon or something! Like if you crossed Lugia with the robots!

  18. MarshmallowRadiation

    What… the… heck?

    It’s not even normal for Blank It to have a giant gold robot frog thing interrupt your conversations by trying to fly…

  19. altoid55


  20. jaz

    PolleN112 took the words from me! I WILL SUE FOR THEFT!



    @ switchblademx: I really like the name “Robomander” I propose that it should become the official fan term for this creature. All in favor, say “Aye!” All opposed say, “Nay” (and suggest a new term).

    Also, For some reason, I think that our previously liquid, wooden stump-shouldered main man Lemmo is going to be ok. I don’t know how, but it’s a gut feeling. Plus, with that much friction, maybe he’s just been reduced back into a heated liquid state known as “Hot Soup” ;D


  22. seananners

    AYE!!! 8◇!!!! ALSO…altoid,what is with your gravatar?

  23. wonderboy


  24. Sir Matt

    They should know better than to bash a hole in the ground on the opposite side next to a giant mega-goldy-jumpin’-mechamander-thingy, it was not very bright of them to do that.

  25. random man

    @X-Soldier I say ‘aye’ but i think salabot would be good too.

    p.s. If Lemmo were still here, he would name it pickles or Marcus or something. Just had to put that out there.

  26. Dauntasa

    So, uh, am I the only one who sees the guy following them in the first panel? Anybody?

  27. switchblademx

    @NoriMori- not necessarily. now, i may be going out on a limb here, and i have been called paranoid before (who said that!?!?), but it could be that the robots are all agents of the penguins, or vice-versa. the penguins have shown a slight mechanical aptitude in the past. perhaps this Salabot..no, ROBOMANDER!!.. was designed to destroy unsettlers. it only attacked those immediately around the unsettler, and by that logic would explain why the soxes and lemmo are going to be ok. i’d expand on that, but it’s late and my daughter is crying.

  28. Mell

    •_• uh oh

  29. Zapheres

    It looks more… like a catfish…

  30. Nexall

    Also am I the only one who noticed that Lemmo and Marina switched places right before the Robomander/Salbot landed on them…
    I like both names so I will stay out of that debate.
    Also I’d just like to say I love how popular this comic has become to get this many comments from this many people in a day.

  31. Tiggy Sawdust

    totally called it.

  32. Chaos Theory

    @X-SOLDIER: Aye!

  33. Thebrum

    Totally nonsensical, completely unpredictable, blatantly rediculous- this is BLANK IT! All hail the Robomander! (maybe Frogzord?)


    @Dauntasa: I mentioned him

    @Nexall: Marina & Aric “switch places”, because they turn around, so you’re looking at them from the other direction compared to panels 1 & 2. The ROBOMANDER (apparently) lands on Lemmo, thus his hat flying in the last panel. Fergus & the Parasox are fine, because they’re in front of Marina & Aric in panel 3.


  35. Ozimul

    Lemmo is going to have a GOLD DRAGON ARM.

  36. hi

    i wonder if it thought lemmo and the others were tasty.

  37. random man

    What would you call a fish with legs? Is it an eel that was genetically mutated to have legs, jump really high and attack people? Or is it a giant robotic dog that got overexcited at its recent liberation from the underground, and in doing so jumping on Lemmo? Only time will tell!!!!!!!

  38. Nexall

    @X-SOLDIER Ahhhh… I see it now thank you for showing that to me, still worried about unsettler disappearing between panel 1 and 2.
    explain that, but really thank you that was really bothering me.

  39. random man

    I have an idea about the unsettler! I think he became completely invisibe because absolutely nobody was paying attention to him. Unsettlers gain clarity through urgency and right now the salabot/robomander has an infinite amount more urgency, completely drowning out the unsettler that was with them.

  40. seananners

    You make so much sense dude…atleast I think you do… △_△

  41. macksting

    That’s quite a sound. I think Lemmo’s now been carried down through the floor of the Canvas.

  42. rocklight

    And now for something completely different. A golden salamander with three people in its belly.

  43. Renee

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Lemmo’s made a new friend.

  44. seananners

    Ya know…if bioshock wasn’t made (AND I’M GLAD THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. VERY GLAD),they might find a gather’s garden. Imagine lemmo with INCINERATE. (worst case scenerio)

  45. PolleN112


  46. PolleN112

    As far as the unsettler walking with them goes it might be that he’s gone fully invisible since nobody is paying attention to him. Not even the ‘sox or Fergus.

  47. NoriMori



  48. Flo

    I honestly thought this said ‘of the derp” for a second.

  49. dagonboy6666

    ohh, goolddd. I hear that tastes good. Must. Eat. Robomander.

  50. JasonSquare15

    last comment

  51. Tuxpud


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