Off the Top Ropes


  1. Michael

    I tell myself to “stand better” all the time whenever I lose my balance. This is a perfect illustration of what happens to me, too. Except for the part where EFRAL is about to get squashed. FROG SPLASH!

  2. macksting

    This could suck. On the other hand, this is a whole army of trapdoor robots. Maybe they’ll all disappear into the ground, carrying our intrepid duo with them.

    Trapdoor robots. Like spiders?

  3. DefierOfPhysics

    Wow, that castle can /jump/! Aric’s face reminds me of Beaker from The Muppet Show. I love EFRAL’s pose in the second panel. The glowing red eyes behind Aric and Lemmo are a nice touch. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  4. noisyparker

    *with hands on the sides of comic’s head, gently cradling its jawline with the lower fingers* Hey, I’m not very expressive, and I’m sorry about that… I know I don’t tell you this as often as I should. I just want you to know that I love you.

  5. Brolong

    I don’t think their “quick-thinking” commands are showing very much imagination on their part. It’s starting to look desperate. How about “quick, change shapes and fly away!”

  6. Chados

    Quick roll! Body Blow! Uppercut!

  7. socksbot

    OK dumb move by the cookies I think the metal that makes up the robots will be able to resist getting crushed

  8. Physicsmaster

    All I can say about the last panel is…

    FINISH HIM!!!!!!

  9. wmExplicit

    Finish him?

  10. wmExplicit

    yes. finish him I met.

  11. ShinLink

    they should split the robot down the middle then come back as one.

  12. General K. Oss

    Mwah-ha-ha-ha!! They’re plan to lure the cookies into a false sense of security is coming along brilliantly! When the cookie monster ™ comes down on EFRAL, the robots will morph around the cookies and absorb them like a roll of Bounty sucking up a kitchen spill!

  13. Andi

    yeah! yeah! do somethin cool! This isn’t gonna be messy is it?

  14. Darkling

    Quickly, robots, split into two seperate halves on either side of the falling cookie kingdom and allow it to smash through the floor into a perpetual falling cycle!

  15. Physicsmaster

    @wmExplicit: it’s from Mortal Kombat.

  16. Ray

    Quick, do a barrel roll out of the way!!

  17. runedeadthA

    Do A Barrel R- …dammit ninja’d. Do that fancy thing people do in movies where they lift a leg into their stomach and send them flying past you O.o The bigger they are, the cooler they explode.

  18. Jonathon David

    @ Darkling that is an awesome idea! :D

  19. Shadows

    If either of them goes through the floor we will have a “over-sized robot beam” on our hands

  20. Darkling

    As long as they keep travelling forward and not straight down, it should just throw one machine or the other into a diagonal fall, thus pulverising them via repeated crashes until it breaks up, losing too much mass to penetrate the floor anymore!

    Then again, the strength of the ground appears to be pretty variable as the story calls for it. :p

  21. DefierOfPhysics

    Phrases I will need to somehow work into everyday conversation:
    “I think they can only do things they can do.”
    “The bigger they are, the cooler they explode.”

  22. Lipkin

    The robots should just disassemble and crowd surf Aric and Lemmo the hell out of there. They are already putting themselves at risk by doing battle, so it’s not like they are facing any more losses by fleeing than they are staying and fighting.

    Or hell, disassemble, crowd surf Aric and Lemmo to safety. and then go all Gulliver’s Travels on that things cookie ass. Which is to say, swarm it when it is on the ground and pin it.

  23. Bluesox

    AHH! a body slam!?! NO! wait! DODGE!!

  24. E_is_for_Eric

    E.F.R.A.L uses feint, but it has no effect!!

  25. maglorius

    Quick! what’s efral stand for?!

  26. BigBadRichard

    They should just dissemble and catch the cookie robot and carry it off

  27. BigBadRichard

    Or run

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