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  1. nemodos

    Why is he not more upset that he got hit with the shovel, instead of being upset it wasn’t used for digging?

  2. lemmo

    Why indeed!

  3. Tom

    Neat concept guys, looking forward to what happens next.

  4. Li

    For a comic set entirely in an empty void this is absurdly enjoyable. Go team!

  5. Renee

    There are harsh penalties in place for not using such items for their intended purposes. Ever read a bottle of Windex?

  6. SheeniLinee

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  7. Sillytwist

    Lol Renee was that a “Windextor” hint?

  8. socksbot

    @nemodos cuz lemmo is that rly awesome kinda wierd where nothin rly bothers him that isnt funny

  9. Sampson

    merch idea “KATHUNK! (the sound of riverboat commerce)

  10. Me

    Only KATHUNK’s ive only heard waz: Falling, and huge evil moster machines

  11. M

    Has anyone noticed that Lemmo and Aric swap roles? I mean, Aric isn’t the kind of person to say something’s boring nor does Lemmo show such interest in boring stuff like locks and dams.

  12. Biligum

    Excellent life lesson, kids. Shovels are for digging.

  13. Jalee1

    Ugh this one particular comic always bugs me! Cuz in the last panel it’s as if the two characters were switched!

  14. Jalee1

    Wow I just noticed that there aren’t any comments for this strip on how Aric’s back in all his clothes

  15. dagonboy6666

    Jalee1, take a look frist panel agin. he’s puting jacket back on.

  16. seananners

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