One Count Shy


  1. JethroRayne

    Forgetting a pretty face boys. ;) And a turtle…

  2. Ort

    At first I thought it was a whole bunch of Arics and Lemmos speaking, like each of the little nodules was turning into one and saying so…

  3. NoriMori

    The turtle isn’t in there, Jethro. XD

  4. Golem Nardah

    I used to read this comic like a year ago, i grew up and now after a year, i still love it :D Great comics about nothing, keep it up!

  5. thomas0comer

    Now, is the conglomerate of purple ribbon-things flying under its own power, or is it like a bouncy ball that’s just on the ‘up’ part of the bounce?

  6. PolleN112

    It seems the purple sky squid can produce light. Or else 2nd Aric and Lemmo had a lighter.

  7. Bluudwurth

    Having flashbacks of “Return of the Purple Potty people”. Not sure why…

  8. JethroRayne

    @ NoriMori
    I know it’s not there, but they’re still forgetting to even mention it. :D

  9. Rozax

    And what about the parasox?

  10. Ozimul

    “And Marina.”
    *Marina twirls them out of the purple octopi*

  11. Thesis95

    Haha wow. Just found this website and already it has found a special place in my heart and faves. Thanks guys! :D

  12. TaraSwanwing

    SO AWESOME. Love this comic! :33

  13. NoriMori

    Why would they mention it when it’s not in there?

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