One Leg Too Few


  1. Midoriko

    Quick! Do all of those things because it would be awesome to watch! The poor robots, though, they must be so confused.

    The perspective in the last panel is really cool.

  2. King ginger rules

    Poor efral

  3. Fedorov92

    I’m sorry, but right now the Cookie Kingdom Robot is kicking ass. Of course, not for long. We ALL know what happens when millions of robots work together. SWARM.

  4. Renee

    QUICK!! Let’s get to Thursday!

    Thursday is basically my Friday since I only have class Monday-Thursday. ^_^

  5. Jackson

    The hilarious thing to me is that they still don’t know whether they can control the robot-robot or not. Perhaps all of its constituent robots just happen to be deciding on the course of action that Aric and Lemmo want it to take…

  6. Shadows


  7. Physicsmaster

    Hmm… (processing)

    Quick! Disband and swarm the legs… Slow it down so we can kill it.

    Finally I have a use for the strategies I learned while playing “Pikmin”

  8. vengerofthelight

    Epic. Epic and Win.

    Gentlemen, this comic keeps me coming back week after week. Thank you so very, very much.

  9. Ray

    I think you’re giving them too many instructions, guys.

  10. Gar's Space

    COMMAND:> locate resources
    COMMAND:> consume resources
    COMMAND:> repair and replicate
    COMMAND:> distroy cookies
    COMMAND:> rinse and repeat

  11. E_is_for_Eric

    I’m thinking EFRAL will use the arms to gain forward momentum, so that they can continue to swarm the kingdom. I mean, it seems the logical course of action from this perspective – but if I have learned anything from reading this comic, logic doesn’t seem to truly exist here.

  12. Jonathon David

    does that really work? holding on to your earlobe to regain balance??? *tries*

  13. DefierOfPhysics

    Quick! Do a barrel roll!

    Seriously, though, I’m now picturing all the robots on the front surface of EFRAL shooting blanzers at the castle. It is an awesome sight to behold.

  14. socksbot

    Quick do something usefull!!!! Like more blanzers

  15. socksbot

    @defier of physics nice barrel roll I miss the old n64 star fix I used to have it but I had to sell it

  16. E_is_for_Eric


    FOX! Get this guy off me!
    Use the Brakes!
    Use the boost to get through!

  17. Jonathon David

    heh… barrel roll… actually, that just might work, and then the robots can kick the crumbling cookie castle!

  18. Physicsmaster

    Does anyone else notice the scars on the C.C’s (Cookie Castle) arm?
    If they were to do that to it’s legs they would weaken and it would collapse… Which brings me back to my previous comment…

  19. RGSwan

    Quick, get more robots into the matrix!
    [You require more vespene gas]

  20. DefierOfPhysics

    The scientific name for clam is Meretrix meretrix. There’s a potential fox name in there somewhere. Perhaps Pyr and Mer (pronounced “Mare”) for fox names?

    Meh. I still like Yin and Yan as names for the Parasox.

    @RGSwan: Oh, Starcraft. “This is not Starcraft in space. This is much more sophisticated.” I am /really/ bad at that game.

    How much cookie could a cookie castle crumble if a cookie castle could crumble cookies?

    Could robust red robotic reconstitution raze and crumble crumby crumb-licking criminal cookie critters castle with bouncy Blanzer balls?

  21. DefierOfPhysics

    Sorry, the quotation is supposed to be “This is not Warcraft in space,” and those bouncy Blanzer balls are supposed to be bounteous.

  22. King ginger rules

    The dance off where is it i dont see it but maybe blanzers are robotic dance moves

  23. Bluesox

    Well, your balance is from your inner ear.. it has nothing to do with earlobes… AWW! No sox in this one!! ….btw, I think that the robots should swarm CC like fire ants.. (whilst slowly lowering Aric, Lemmo, and Parasox.) …. YEAH!

  24. socksbot

    @physicsman weren’t the scars from the blanzer strike

  25. Physicsmaster

    @socksbot: yes they were. I’m just saying that if they were to hit the legs with the Blanzers™ then the legs would weaken and…


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