Ooh Wuzzat


  1. Bubble


    what is that red falling thing anyways?

  2. Riuk88

    Oh, Its going to be a long weekend….

  3. macksting

    It looks a little like a cookie jar. I have no clue what it is.

  4. Greyryder

    This is going to make some crumbs.

    Mmmmm, cookie crumbs….

  5. gromky

    Cookie Jar Attack GO!

  6. NomeN

    It looks like a rescue attempt, but by whom? Misty?

  7. Lipkin

    Not unless she turned solid.

    Pericles? Socks?


  8. boring7

    A curious turn of events, but one must wonder if this is a rescue, or simply another random twist.

    Lacking anything better, I choose to presume robo-Aric has returned to investigate the circumstances surrounding the tracking device placed in his wig/hair/nanoassembly plant that’s fueled by dead skin cells.

  9. Stick Figure Chicken

    Isn’t that the bag Pericles had slung over his shoulder?

  10. Niemi

    Greyryder is right this is going to be a long weekend till we can see who is coming to save them. I wonder if it rains milk in the the cookie land.

  11. g_rock

    I’m guessing its the cookie co-conspirators coming to comfort their cookie comrades and to continue creating chaos in the kingdom. Or, you know, maybe not. Whatever. I do wonder if its related to Pericles’ encounter in the…erm…wilderness as it were…

  12. Daniel

    @ Stick Figure Chicken: No, it’s not.
    For one, it’s a cylindrical solid, not a bag, and if you look at comic “Refugee” closely, Pericles has a black/gray/red-colored bag.

  13. TheBananaFish

    The muscle isn’t to bright is he? When a loud metal cieling vent falls to floor and you’re around, do you look at the vent or the where it came from? I don’t think it could be the penguins, because they would have fallen with the thing.

  14. noisyparker

    It could represent the appearance of a revolutionary element in cookie society… insurgents who flout Cookie Law (the King will hear of this!).

    I’d also like to make some comment about how jarring this will be to the cookie guard, but, yanno…

  15. Daniel

    @TheBananaFish, Neither! You jump back and get a view of both the vent AND where it came from! Plus, that makes it impossible for giant red tubs coming down and smacking you in the head.

  16. Daniel

    I just went back through the archives, studying the changes in Lemmo’s art style, and I’ve noticed that Lemmo’s little beard has grown smaller over the comics.
    Anyone else noticed this?

  17. macksting

    I had not. Perhaps beards grow backward here.
    I assume you were searching for analogous red objects and came up empty?

  18. Daniel

    Nah, I was just going through the archives for a third time for the heck of it.

  19. Midoriko

    The title is perfect! And so is the expression on the cookie’s face! And… and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

    *builds time machine* To Monday!

  20. camerbob

    What is that thing?

  21. camerbob

    and… could I hitch a ride to monday, Midoriko?

  22. macksting

    See ya on Monday, Midoriko.

  23. Midoriko

    Sadly, the time machine only moves at one second per second.

  24. RGSwan

    Misty to the rescue? =D

  25. TheBananaFish

    @Midoriko – So it’s basically just a cardboard box and you wrote time machine on the side in sharpie?

    @Daniel – Ah of course! I would be in trouble were I in that cookie’s predicament. Obviously, your tactical skills far outway my own. And as to Lemmo’s chin hair, I think we discussed the length of his hair spikes and that they seem to be growing. Maybe the hair on his head is taking from the hair on his face? Or maybe (now stay with me here; this could sound a little radical) the artists’ skills are growing and changing as time passes?.. Nah! His hair is stealing from his chin.

  26. Ziggy Stardust

    Are they playing bloody Tetris now?

  27. Daniel

    @TheBananaFish on Midoriko – Why, YES, of course!

    @TheBananaFish on Me – Yeah, I play horror stories in my mind (and it doesn’t hurt to regularly duel) and have come up with a lot of things like that to save my skin.
    Oh, and yes, of course. It’s DEFINITELY stealing from his chin. Although…his chin didn’t have a lot of hair to begin with…

    If you look at the SUPER small tuft of hair Lemmo has as hair in the third comic, and then the huge lance-like weapon he has on his head today, I’d think that the chin hair couldn’t nearly supply for all of it.

    Then again, perhaps the chin hair is growing very fast.

    @Ziggy Stardust – Lol, I never thought of that. First the L-Block, then the O-Block. I wonder what’s next…

  28. Midoriko

    @TheBananaFish – You can call me Calvin :)

  29. macksting

    I am compelled to say, I really miss seeing a new Watterson’s “Calvin & Hobbes” every day. His work was brilliant. Every now and then, I think I see a hint of it in today’s comics, just as it’s hard not to see the impact of “Far Side.”
    I suspect Lemuel and Aric are both familiar with and fond of C&H and FS.

  30. Daniel

    @Midoriko – Don’t forget the stuffed tigers, now.
    @Macksting – I suspect as such, too.

  31. Midoriko

    @macksting, Daniel, and other Calvin and Hobbes fans: http://jollyblogger.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/03/23/calvin_and_hobbes.jpg

    Hope that brightens your day.

    Also, although I think it extremely unlikely for a variety of reasons, there’s a tiny part of me that won’t give up hope that this is Fergus and other bugs coming to attack the cookies. However, it seems the bugs don’t care enough about anything to bother attacking… but what if it was the penguins?

  32. TheBananaFish

    @Calvin – I nearly forgot about the bugs. You’re right though, they’d be a wee bit apathetic to attempt a rescue, if that is indeed what this is, or to attack the cookies. And you may call me Al.

  33. Ziggy Stardust

    If you’ll be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost pal!
    I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can call me Al…

  34. Daniel

    @Mido – I laughed pretty hard.

    The bugs are too uncaring to care enough to attempt rescue.

  35. Daniel

    If anyone, it’s Misty.

  36. Bubble

    Calvin and Hobbes FTW

  37. TheBananaFish

    @Daniel – I think it’d be hard for Misty to do something like this, as she is not solid. But maybe she met up with Pericles (I notice we’re not calling him Van Mudget anymore) and he gave her a name.

  38. macksting

    Mr. Van Mudgett is probably gonna side with the cookies. He’s better adapted to this world than Aric is, even in his present state.
    I’ve been thinking it could be penguins. If the penguins are seals, that would mean they’re trained for such espionage as this.

  39. Ray

    Initially, I thought it was just a large, red punching bag. Then the comments clued me in that it was a cookie jar.

    Strange, I usually think of cookie jars as blue or maybe green? The red just seems so awkward.

    Either way, I’m eager to see who arrives, ally or enemy of Aric/Lemmo or not!!! :D

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