Oozing Forth


  1. E_is_for_Eric

    *My Reaction*

    I did a double take. Shook my head a little. Said ‘what the f**k’.

    This is weird. I don’t even know what else to say about it. I think ‘WTF’ covers it well.

  2. TikkaTakkaTK

    Blank it has to be the best comic i have ever read! u guys rule. Can’t wait see what happens now! btw 2nd!

  3. Dominic

    Just when I was starting to get the first inklings of a vague grasp of what was happening.

  4. Fire arms

    Oooooooh an actual background! First we get world that doesn’t like lemo rather than love him now they are ooze! This is going to be interesting. BTW are they in a crate? Wooden room? Or is the world made of wood rather than nothingness this time?

  5. Fire arms

    BTW again for those of you who diddnt get my whole ‘this world doesn’t like lemo rather than love him’ comment, in the previous one he could walk on water had the power to give things a name and never lost any clothing on accident, while this one has thrown him around for what seems like just for the he’ll of it and turned him and Eric into ooze

  6. Midoriko



  7. heng

    what’s that light shining through the gaps?

  8. Skr33

    Yeah, WTF pretty much sums up my reaction accurately.

  9. MultiversalInk

    Skr33, Midoriko, Dominic and E_is_for_Eric: same here. This is the last thing I was expecting.

    Love how Aricblob still has the glasses intact and Lemmoblob still has his hat.

  10. Jaz

    I think I say for everyone (even lemmo and Aric XD) when I say… what the hell?

  11. RGSwan

    Perhaps Aric’s second most likely outcome has transpired. http://blankitcomics.com/2010/02/01/outpouring-of-assistance/

  12. Froggy

    I have a feeling we will be seeing some old friends soon.

  13. ChaosTheoryComics

    So, why are Lemmo and Aricblob separate? did the come through separate cracks, or is this just the universe screwing with physics again?

  14. ChaosTheoryComics

    I especially like the title on this one.

  15. PyroForge

    Maybe every time they go through the flash of light, they enter a new dimension with different laws of physics, hence the looping universe.


    I have to say that the unique storytelling and reality bending in this comic never ceases to completely amaze me.

  17. NoriMori

    @ E_is_for_Eric

    “*My Reaction*

    I did a double take. Shook my head a little. Said ‘what the f**k’.

    This is weird. I don’t even know what else to say about it. I think ‘WTF’ covers it well.”


    That precisely sums up my own reaction. I was like, “Did I miss one…?” I mean, I can see how they were pushed up through the floorboards, but…wtf? I know this will sound weird, considering that this is Blank It, but this is the biggest non sequitur I’ve seen so far. I guess it freaks me out to see them surrounded by material that actually exists in our universe, rather than the old white… XD

    Every other random, seemingly non sequitur thing so far has seemed brilliant in all it’s awesome brillance, but this is just… I don’t even know what to make of it. XD

  18. Andi

    Oh no! they’re blobs!

  19. Fedorov


  20. Socksbot

    They’re gelatinous!!!!! Also is it just me or does to first panel where they are first coming through look like an acorn

  21. Ray

    Yikes. So. They’ve been born into an in-colour universe? & are perhaps going to rapidly evolve into multi-cellular organisms?

  22. cheetaboy7


  23. cheetaboy7

    Sorry, but I’m completely lost…

  24. Destrustor

    Don’t you people get it yet? stop trying to understand and just go with the flow. this comic is 50% madness, 40% nonsense and 83,56% just plain awesome so stop worrying, it will all be fine eventually. I stopped asking qustions a loooooong time ago and it greatly improves the experience.
    Trust me.

  25. E_is_for_Eric

    The only thing that I can make sense of in this strip is that they have come up through the floor of the universe and are currently inside of a wooden crate. Which could possibly explain the glow between the cracks of the wood as the white background of the blank universe as we know it.

    Whose box? Bugs? Cookies? Unsettlers? Foxes? Penguins? Pericles?

    I’m done speculating until Thursday – but I’m sure other people’s comments will get me thinking again.

  26. Xajek

    I agree. They’re inside of a box in the white universe.

  27. TheBean

    I think the most important question is, would they eat green eggs and ham in a box, with a fox?

  28. maglorius

    I… have to admit that was very much unexpected.
    Oh hey, Lemmo kept his hat and Aric kept his glasses! How cute is that!

  29. Renee

    @TheBean They’d have two foxes, and they’d probably need to share. You know how foxes are.

  30. PyroForge

    Why arent the hat and glasses gelatinous?

  31. Thanatos

    my guess is that they are beginning to solidify starting with the hat and glasses. slowly the rest of them will begin to form back into the shape we all know and love

  32. Defier of Physics

    The simple answer: The hat and the glasses are solid so we can tell who is who.
    The fanboy answer: They were just too awesome to be gooified! (gelatinized?)
    The faux-scientific answer: They are made of materials that were too solid to be squished into a liquid with such a low viscosity.
    The logistical answer: They were able to fit between the floorboards, so they were not squished.

  33. Flo

    W. T. F. I kinda freaked out when I first saw this, lol.

  34. lankhmar

    Now the real question is how are they going to become normal again?

    And will we ever return to the awesomeness of the first volume/part/season

  35. Da Mighty Camel


  36. camperp

    Coolie, so that’s where those things in Star Trek came from!

  37. dan

    the robots might have something to do with the crate

  38. magic-esi

    @Dominic- Exactly. This messes up all the theories I have ever formed- that anyone has ever formed, I think.

    Perhaps the entire universe was just a dust mite in a room in another universe, which is actually just a dust mite in a room in another universe, which is actually… Actually, this is not really going anywhere.

  39. Arcasius

    well the sole blob divided into 2 i’m going to hop on the “the will reform” hypothesis

  40. CasualOtaku

    Okay, so we’ve gone from the moebius strip to primodial ooze….


  41. RGSwan

    Looks like they’re currently made of paint…you’ve got their basic colors, just all smeared around (you can sorta see what looks like Aric’s hair for example)

  42. Mr.Biggelsworth

    Storyline So Far:
    Lemmo and Aric have been in some unfolding rectangular box thingy smashing into walls and tumbling like rocks now for some strange reason they have been squeezed thorugh a box which have formed them into a liquid or jello. My best guess about the white outlines is that outside it is the canvas. Don’t you guys remember when lemmo broke the ground with the golden shovel and fell into a black void remember the blackness when they were in the unfolding rectangular thing it kind of connects together. Also I think they have returned to their color schemes and knowing lemmo he will find a way out of the box or crate

  43. Kai

    The glasses and hat didn’t become ooze because those objects have become tied to their existence. I don’t think it goes too far to say that the glasses and hat are the essence of Aric and Lemmo now. We all realized which blob was who just by the presence of those items. It the hat and glasses could’ve been switched to the other person in the oozification but we wouldn’t really consider it because the glasses ARE Aric and the hat IS Lemmo.
    How sad that these great characters’ existence is defined by their accessories.

  44. Kai

    it’s also possible that the objects were the first to solidify and actually were oozified. But that just further supports my assertion that their accessories have become their existence.

    also i don’t think it was one blob that split i think the first two panels just focused on one blob and you just assume that there is another blob for the other character. they left the strip world separately and they entered the crate thing separately.

  45. OrangesAreAwesome

    or the Brotherhood of Biscotti

  46. OrangesAreAwesome

    BTW: I said that they were maybe going to be Lemmo and Aric pancakes- I was wrong. they’re sunny side up! with glasses and a hat…

  47. OrangesAreAwesome

    and for the glasses and hat stuff- I think it just solidified first cause it’s not as complex as Lemmo and Aric

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