Operation: Blanzer Strike


  1. socksbot

    Supa sockless robo burn

  2. noisyparker

    Lemmo cares nothing about troop losses… hopefully Aric can get them focused on the controlly part of the kingdomatron.

  3. Physicsmaster

    Aric’s finally gonna do something!!!!

  4. Wolfox

    Robot Wars – now less cheezy than the movie version!

  5. King ginger rules

    The robots are just copycats in my day we all know that it was arics ideas the cookies are chipbiting milk dippers and the robots are crumblicking biscuit sniffers(making food related insults are fun

  6. rickster051


  7. Paxton

    There is a fox in hims hood.

  8. Physicsmaster

    Is it just me or is the color a lot more vivid than it was in the earlier strips… I mean ALOT more vivid… As if it suddenly seiches to HD color or something.

  9. Physicsmaster

    Srry I said seiches (is that even a word?) instead od swiched.

  10. Shadows

    Blankit has become a sentient being and is now rewarding us with more vivid color, well thats my theory anyway.

  11. Midoriko

    This is just… I don’t even… *dead of awesome*

  12. JamesLite

    What are those little dots just in front of the cookies foot, I wonder?

    Also, the fox in Aric’s hood made me d’aaaw.

  13. Ashton Melancon

    thanks for the great inclusion of robots, cookies, socks, blanzers, & an always epic hoodie on the comic on my birthday. never has something so epic happened on 2/25.

  14. Scout in the Night

    Hey, it’s my birthday too.

    And just because I spent time going back to look it up:

  15. Physicsmaster

    @ Ashton & Scout: Happy B-Day!!!!!

  16. Ryan


    I think they’re little robots that have become unattached from the hive-bot.

  17. Renee

    I don’t remember the blanzer ~_~

  18. inusushi

    “ME ME ME ME”? XD

  19. DefierOfPhysics

    Wow, I had completely forgotten about the blanzer. Thanks Scout in the Night for looking that up.

    Haha! Aric is taking command! My mind is now at ease. Great job with Aric’s face. It really captures the epicness of the moment.

    The fact that the robots have Lemmo’s invention sheds some light on how the universe works, but it raises more questions than it answers. Now here’s a question for thought: if Lemmo had not shared his idea with Aric, would the robots have them?

  20. boring7

    Happy birfdayz!

    Also, still lovin’ da comic.

  21. maglorius

    Fire is with Aric in his hood, But Lemmo has no hood. So how is Clams holding on?! Hold tight lill’ foxes. Hoodies are awesome.

  22. Music-chan

    Ahh, i remembered the invention conversation but not the specifics. Thanks Scout in the Night!

  23. General K. Oss

    I think that’s the remains of the unsettlement.

  24. King ginger rules

    Woop i said the blanzer was arics but i still stand by my insults

  25. MBizzle

    The kit in Aric’s hood is too adorable for words.

    Er, blanzer!!!

  26. MarshmallowRadiation

    I honestly DID NOT ONE SINGLE INFINITISMALLY INCREDIBLY TINY SMIDGEN expect this to happen at all. 0_o

  27. E_is_for_Eric

    “Set Blanzers to stun!”

  28. DefierOfPhysics

    I also did not think anything would become of the Blanzer. Lemmo said “I invented you’re a jerk” and I was like “hahaha” and then figured the joke had been had. I was shocked to see “Pew Pew Pew” great balls of lasers shooting from the robots.

  29. Jonathon David

    oh man i cant wait to establish some more dialouge with the robots! i hope this time the little friend gets to say something while the big silver one does something even MORE awkward than before! :D

  30. Gelatin14

    You know, those white robots look like the fake Aric when Lemmo was walking across the purple sea.

  31. Ray

    Lol, giant fighting robots. Also, panel 3 is awesome.

  32. Jonathon David

    OMG I bet the cookie castle is made up of billions of intelligent cookie crumbs!


  33. Shadows

    The only things missing is Aric’s hat! That thing was the definition of epic!

  34. Da Mighty Camel

    Now that Aric is getting his game on, he should totally say “Let’s see how these cookies crumble.”

  35. Flo

    go Aric, go! beat the cookies and protect the power of the parasox!

  36. Andi

    Cute little fox in hood! Awww!

  37. socksbot

    I think that Aric needs shoes to be right in this universe it seems to be the main difference between him and lemmo

  38. Bluesox

    AW! <3 dark fox is scared! poor thing! OK Aric and LEMMO! Do it for the FOXES!!!

  39. maglorius

    The dark Fox is the one that says “fire cleans all” can we call him “Fire”? The paler one can be “Clams” Pleassssse ?

  40. Gram

    Pew! Pew, pew!

    I can hear it. Much better than kapow or blam.


    this comic as nearly as good as calvin and hobbes.

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