Or it’s Back to the Cooler


  1. Ray

    Well, it’s always good to start walking. It’s good for your health. And your freedom.

  2. Ray

    Whoops, why did I post with my name linked as a wbesite? Silly old, stupid me!! XD

  3. Ralis

    The first time i read this comic at my cellphone… It’s just as awsome, and darn, do I have allot to see forward to! This comic is now officially one of the highlights every week :D

  4. them1me1you

    it makes me happy

  5. Al Capone

    Such an un-eventful strip. No real purpose.

  6. Fedorov92

    Given that the threat is down, do we get more updates?

  7. Daniel

    Well, Al Capone, it does add to the story a bit. Its better than just having them start to walk/run away, I suppose. Although, I half agree with you; I’d like to see more plot and less waiting around.

  8. Midoriko

    Problem is, Aric and Lemmo still don’t really know where they are. They have to wait around until something else happens. That, or they can take sides in the promising epic battle between penguins, bugs and cookies. And EXPLODE THE WORLD. Or something. I’m tired. Can you tell?

  9. TheBananaFish

    I get the feeling that Aric was looking at something. It’s hard to tell though; he may just be somewhat bored, or he’s taking advantage of the momentary lack of action to space out. Whether it has plot or not, I think the panel’s funny, and isn’t that the ultimate purpose of Blank It?

  10. them1me1you

    all I have to say is, can’t you see that this panel is very eventful. Lemmo and Aric escaped and now are doddling around, not sure where to go. It’s “Uneventful” because something is obviously going to happen, like the quiet before the storm. Or I will be wrong and instead more nothing will happen and the Irony of the nothing will kick me in the balls and laugh because I tried to analyze something and failed at it miserably. And maybe whilst rolling around in pain after several days i will have the strength to check the next panel posted and utter a soft chuckle and die. technichally giving me the last laugh . . .

  11. vengerofthelight

    @them1me1you: Poetic and inspired. Excellent writing, sir/ma’am.

  12. Mast3rmind

    I wonder what the hell happened to the King and Wendall?

  13. Will

    You know, this is random, but will they ever be like… mad because they can’t shave?

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