1. macksting

    Lost in the moment.
    “We’re helping hands!”

  2. Fedorov92

    I love Lemmo’s idiotic child-like sense of wonder :)

  3. E_is_for_Eric


  4. King ginger rules

    The cookies are still chipbitong milk dippers (please pardon my french) i can just imagain king ginger shouting :falcon pawnch

  5. Ryan


    Genuine LOL!

  6. DefierOfPhysics

    “OOOPS” is right

    Think about all the robots that died because you wanted to be waved.

    Think of the children, man! The CHILDREN!!!!

  7. Physicsmaster

    @E_is_for_Eric: Lol.

  8. Brolong

    Focus, man, focus!!

  9. Midoriko

    If Lemmo can get the cookie kingdom to dance along then this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  10. macksting

    Also, Eric:
    Love that avatar.

  11. Physicsmaster

    Who else thinks that Aric is gonna take control of E.F.R.A.L and give it fight commands. The way I see it now that Aric knows how to control it he will cuz Lemmo isn’t really a fighter, he more of a pacifist.

  12. Ray

    As funny as Lemmo getting the robot to wave it’s arms is, I’m worried for their safety if they keep doing that.

  13. Shadows

    Well now that they have made contact the E.F.R.A.L could just swarm over the kingdom

  14. RGSwan

    Ooh, I like the sound of that Shadows….imagine E.F.R.A.L. assimilating the cookie kingdom. Those cookies will get their just desserts.

  15. them1me1you

    all he needs to do is activate V.A.T.S. and dominate

  16. socksbot

    @E_is_for_Eric epic win

  17. socksbot

    I think that the robots are gonna take control cuz they will get tired of bein kingdom PUNched

  18. E_is_for_Eric

    @Physicsmaster and sockshot

    I’m glad you guys appreciated the humour there. *takes bow*


    Yeah, it’s a good one. I miss misty!

  19. djeims

    Silly Lemmo, you didn’t tell the robot to stop waving the Aric hand.

    It’d probably work a lot better if the robo-ant thingies just turned themselves into rope and tripped the cookie city, Battle-of-Hoth like.

    What did the king need help with, anyways? HAVING HIS CITY BE A GIANT ROBOT!

  20. Haaaaaaank!

    And thus ended the life of Gutpunch McRedshirt.

  21. Bluesox

    King Ginger: I have no idea what they’re doing but, POW!!! ..Other Cookies: Mb they want us to stop, mb they’re sorry? NO I know! They wanna dance!

  22. DefierOfPhysics

    As amusing as a giant robot dance-off would be, I am waiting for Aric to start giving orders. However, I’m not sure how effective battle commands can be called while inside a fist…

  23. King ginger rules

    I just want this to be animated and also a mega dance off

  24. Shirasong

    Winnnn haha Lemmo is freaking amazing I want his sense of optimism.
    Remember, he’s going to win an award for it on day :D

    what do you do when trapped in a giant robot made of robots and ring confronted with a cookie-kingdom death?

  25. socksbot

    … It wouldn’t be very pleasant to punch the cookie kingdom when they r in the hands

  26. socksbot

    From the panel new York style …. Did Aric ever get his shoes back I’m re reading but not seeing it

  27. King ginger rules

    I dont think he did because when he try’s to walk on water he has bare feet

  28. Physicsmaster

    @King Ginger rules: maybe he couldn’t walk on the water bcuz he didn’t have shoes…

  29. El Roboto

    Is it just me or do the fox fellas look like Ikrit from Star Wars?

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