Outlook Hazy


  1. macksting

    Wow. That even has Lemmo looking nervous.
    Can you guys tell precisely what that doctor’s outfit is? I’m having trouble.
    I mean, ’cause it’s hazy. And stuff.

  2. Ray

    Wow. He can shapeshift. Sure he’s smoke, but still… I wonder what the smoke guy thinks of The Shovel Beam…

  3. Bobo

    Shovel beam obviously hit some underground living aquaduct. Said aquaduct vapourised and became a sentient fog. Duh. Its so obvious.

  4. eralclare

    But how will the inevitable bug be incorporated? Is it bug-fog?

  5. macksting

    I can’t say as I feel there’s an underground involved here, per se. Every time we’ve seen a basement or a door leading downward, it has been on a raised surface above the flat white floor.
    Although the purple water is preposterously deep.

  6. Renee87

    How prompt they are.

  7. Jill

    This guy reminds me of The Little Prince.

  8. Jackson

    Hm…I’m thinkin’ ghost town.

  9. macksting

    So Jackson, to clarify, you feel Renee is incorrect and in fact they are not prompt, but rather late?

  10. dramatic

    Wow. I love this comic! A female character would be nice though. Maybe two to avoid fighting, haha.

  11. camerbob

    …… why are they worried about a mortician? Is one of the dying?

  12. Parrot

    … the… hell?

  13. Lipkin

    The confetti and candy from the Bug Pinata turned into the smoke hamlet. Notice the ground around the shovel beam is clear. Young Hamlet indeed.

  14. switch

    I love the expressions in the last panel.

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