Outpouring of Assistance


  1. TheBananaFish

    So now we see that there are indeed two types of trap-door robots. Although that is somewhat inconsequential as that conversation took place so long ago that the closure is overshadowed by the newer questions that have arrived.

    And speeking of speculation on events that have already passed… Wow. I reeeaaaly need to work on my segways. Anyway, my money was on the penguins swooping in last minute to save the day. Then promptly ruin it as they cannot fly.

  2. Fedorov92

    YAY THIS ONE IS EARLY!!! (It’s not 12 here yet :)

  3. Midoriko

    Tiny robot friends! Create waves of yourselves and bear us away from the danger while we speculate on the alternate possible outcomes of our situation two seconds ago!

    I laughed at the last panel dialogue. This is one of my favorites.

  4. macksting

    Do you suppose they’ll play football with our fair heroes?

  5. E_is_for_Eric

    I’m going to have to agree with Aric. I definitely would not have theorized this.

  6. Jethro Rayne

    Well, Kodos to all the robo-rescue theories. :D

  7. Jethro Rayne

    Avatar check?

  8. Jethro Rayne

    Check, awesomeness, and apologies for the triple post… >.>
    *sweeps the last two under the rug and sets a chair over it* la li la…

  9. noisyparker

    omg, this action flies in the face of Cookie Law… and I don’t think that doing some carrying now will grant them any leniency!

  10. King ginger rules

    I think there is 3 types of robots the pink eyed ones the yellow eyed ones and the purple eyed ones but the pink and purple are like the same model like bender and flexto from futurama i reckon some thing weird is gunna happen to the big cookie robot like bad dancing or sumet cool like that each way the next update should involve dancing or penguins vs bugs

  11. Physicsman

    All I can say is

    Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto 

  12. blayde777

    PARTAY!!!! :) WHOOO!!!

  13. me.vicky

    Rescued from robot…BY robots… my brain is so confused!

  14. Renee

    Not much elbow-room below the surface, is there? o_O

  15. Shadows

    I believe this is proof that swarm tactics always work, no exceptions.

  16. bluesox

    Actually.. That’s exactly what I expected to happen! Haha first panel, Aric: Hold on to your hats! ..Lemmo: I’m to young to die!! ..Am I the only one that misses parasox?

  17. Chados

    Return of the Robots. Awesome. :)

  18. Physicsman

    I knew the robots would recur them, but I never thought they would jump from the ground and stop the collie kingdom robot. I thought they were gonna do something along the lines of pulling them underground where they would have all kinds of awesome and magical adventures the likes of which no words can describe.

  19. Physicsman

    Srry on my last post I said collie kingdom robot when I meant to say cookie kingdom. I accadentally typed in cokkie and my iPhone changed it to collie.

  20. Ray

    Wow, that’s a lot of tiny robots. I wonder why they saved them. Oh well, I like how the colours of all their little robotic eyes mix, it’s kinda cool.

  21. Physicsmaster

    This is a test to see if it’s possable to have 2 accounts at once. If they name that posted this is Physicsmaster than it works, if it says Physicsman (which is who is performing the test) than it doesn’t work. If u can’t see this post at all please call tech support for assistance.

  22. Physicsmaster

    Note to everyone: Physicsman is now Physicsmaster… That is all.

  23. ShinLink

    cookies vs robots… There is a shirt in there somewhere.

  24. Zapheres

    Ooooh, I bet they’re gonna get split up between yellowrobotland and pinkn’purplerobotland. I think the robots think our fair heroes are gods actually. Also how the HELL did they get outta those trapdoors so fast?? I meant I can see how there could be an infinite city of robots underground… and now that I think about it the black neverendingness was as infinite as the purple liquid. Maybe everything underground is infinite and therefore there’s also an infinite supply of robots!

    Woah, theory. >.>

  25. Bellstrom

    Hmm… Perhaps Aric and Lemmo were rescued because of Aric’s hair?

  26. Retsof

    Yeah, be carefull, contemplating infinities tends to make one’s brain hurt.

  27. Aelfay

    Ooh. Bellstrom has an epic idea. I’ve been wondering when The Hair would come back into prominence.

  28. Music-chan

    You know, this comic has been going on for a while and I’m starting to wonder just how LONG they’ve been in there. Is this all the same day? If not, why do they never seem to sleep?

    hehe, random thoughts

  29. Physicsmaster

    @Retsof: u wanna know what really makes ur brain hurt? Dividing by Zero.

  30. King ginger rules

    @zaphares: maybe thats why the shovel beam keeps burnin faster and faster? Or maybe the shovel beam is actualy a beam of hand cutting awesome for use againts cookies and cookie law

    All hail king ginger

  31. DefierOfPhysics

    Darn! *snaps fingers* None of my theories played out.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect any of my ideas to actualize, but they were fun to theorize.

    Now I feel bad for all those brave robots who sacrificed themselves to save Aric and Lemmo. Then again, they can always be repaired or rebuilt.

    That is a lot of robots. I mean, I know everyone has said that already, but darn, that’s a lot of robots. Tens of thousands of robots leaping from beneath the ground in the fraction of a second before the main characters get squished. That is not something you see every day.

    Also, I love the enthusiastic expressions of the distant robots in the third panel; arms raised in excitement as Aric and Lemmo are saved!

  32. Daniel

    I love this comic…

  33. noisyparker

    @bluesox: I think the cookie Kingdomatron missed them, too. :3

  34. E_is_for_Eric

    Honestly, I felt bad the first couple of times I looked over this… but after having read your post and looking at the distant robots in the third panel; It appears that those robots are actually holding up the Cookie-Kingdoms foot! (IF that is what is happening, then there are even more than we could have imagined if they are able to keep the foot from touching the ground!)

  35. King ginger rules

    @e_is_for_eric; maybe but what about the slam in the second frame i think there gunna overturn it and take over cookie land wich is againts cookie law the king must hear of this! <.< (did i just come up eith a theory)

  36. Anonymoose

    Don’t the trapdoors contradict the ShovelBeam? Did the laws of physics change for the sake of the plot? Do you even have an organized plot? Does it even matter?

  37. Physicsmaster

    @Anonymoose: I don’t think there ever actually were any laws of physics to begin with. Therefore the trapdoors do not contradict the shovel beam becuz there is nothing to contradict.

  38. VertigoDrake

    Haha… Machina ex machina.

  39. Lemmo

    @Anonymoose @Physicsmaster – Someday, maybe you’ll understand. But not until we let you in on it all, I suppose.

  40. Clockwork

    If Aric’s second likely outcome happened I would’ve been way off. XD

  41. Miesa

    hmmm. i was thinking trap door… who knew?! haha

  42. Miesa

    Also, the Robots will ANNIHILATE the Cookie Kingdom in the Great Void War of 2010. Not with Lemmo and Aric on the front lines!

  43. Retsof

    I just noticed, in th background of panel 3 the robots are holding up the cookie city’s foot.

  44. Zapheres

    Yeah, they’re not cheering, they’re either holding up the kingdom or overturning it. I agree that because of the initial slam it’s being overturned. There’s certainly enough robots to do the job!

  45. DefierOfPhysics

    Wow, you’re right. The robots are overturning the cookie kingdom!

    I wonder if the robots will invade the kingdom and engage the cookies directly. If so, I wonder who will leave from that encounter victorious.

  46. Wolfox

    …holy! well… Helsyeh!

  47. boring7

    Third most likely outcome in Aric’s imagination? Giant slug beast appears and Lemmo somehow tames it for riding away from the giant robot full of jerk cookies.

    He would obviously have to tame it very, very quickly.

  48. tinaun


  49. ThePuck1

    Geeze… Its Hot Soup! I haven’t heard that name in ages. You probably don’t remember Puck from the Hot Soup Forums YEARS and YEARS ago…

    Anyway! An interesting comic you have here, sir! Kind of “Rosencranz and Gildenstern are Dead” feel to it, yeah? I’ll be back to read for sure.

    ~ The Puck

  50. aric


  51. RGSwan

    And then a new war breaks out between the different robots as they battle over the rights to claim their new fleshy gods as their own.

  52. Lankhmar

    Interesting how there seems to be only 2 types of robots

  53. Lemmo

    Puck! Welcome to my new digs!

  54. JamesLite

    That looks like tiny robot friends and Aric-bots, but Aric-bot seems to have shrunken down as well.


  55. macksting

    You know the odds against this coming up heads again are positively astronomical. Overwhelmingly, the odds are that it will next fall ‘tails.’ After all, how *flips the coin, trying to catch it off guard, chases after it…* Heads.

  56. Raron

    Okay I have been doing research (AKA rerererereading the archieves) and I have come to a conclusion… everything that ever happened in this blank world is all Aric’s fault. He was the first there. Standing around… he turned around to look and there was no one till after he took off his cloths so obviously something he did then either caused Lemmo to come into being or be brought there or both… because it is kinda hard to sneak up on someone in a featureless world. There for…everything that is… and everything that ever shall be… is the result of Aric.

  57. Raron

    I mean Lemmo kinda just… appeared there.
    Like the shovel.

  58. EP


  59. Timeline

    I have the strange feeling that after the door was opened, they were saved more by passive diffusion, than anything else.

  60. Physicsmaster

    @EP: I don’t think there swearing I think lemmo started to say “it’s been nice knowing u buddy” but stoped when he noticed the robots (which wouldn’t b shown in the same panal) and Aric (who is preoccupied with almost dying) doesn’t realize that Aric stopped and went on to say “same here pal” when he too noticed the robots and stopped short… Or I just overthinking this.

  61. King ginger rules

    Raron maybe ,but if something is far away enough and small enoug you cant see it but then how would lemmo get to aric so fast its all confusin there must be an entrence to the whole map. But where is it

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