1. Dengarde

    …Well THAT made sense.

    I’m just gonna stare at the adorableness.

  2. Shinlink

    well at least socks is..are fine… Did socks lose some of his intelligence?

  3. Ashton melancon

    Soooooooooooo adorable! Best thing evar

  4. Bubble

    My life is complete.

  5. Sillytwist

    @Shinlink i believe he has, at least hes not speaking in lolspeak

  6. Nietzsche DemoGraphic

    First of all: D’awwwwwww.

    Secondly: Come on! Socks was a super-intelligent type ready to play the high-brow counterpart to the rest of them. I’m uneasy in the two cute little ones going kind of stupid on us. We shall wait and see though.

  7. Riuk88

    half as intelligent, twice as adorable!

  8. macksting

    Props to Physicsd00d.

  9. speearr

    Point me to the nearest pet store!

  10. Soma

    They just need to find a brain juice machine, no worries!

  11. JamesLite

    I have a feeling they’re speaking like that because they’re youngsters.

  12. Ray

    So maybe it split Sock’s intelligence, or it’s age in half?

    By the way, what language are they partially speaking, if any at all that anyone here knows?

    Either way, even ~I~ have to admit they’re kinda cute. Dawwww. :3

  13. Megan

    I would like one of each, please :D Put Sox in my stocking for Christmas, please! O_O I’d buy a plushie of sox.

  14. Midoriko

    Gaah so cute! *snuggles* I’m just relieved that Socks (both of him) seems (seem) alive and well. I like how one is light with a dark tail tip, while the other is the inverse. Now to reach through the screen and cuddle them both…

  15. Physicsman

    2 Sockai* I knew it!

    *Sockai: a plural of the word Socks** Just like the plural of cactus is cactai.
    **I know Socks is already plural just go with it.

  16. heng

    why is everyone assuming the two socks lost intelligence? as far as i can see, all they lost is attention span (and converted to slightly less standard conform english (as kids of young age tend to to (myself, e.g. always mispronounced an uncle’s name (which since has become his quasi-new name in the family (a family, which is _not_ notorious for attention deficit (a trait which i might be implying here (and which has nothing to do with overall intelligence (did i mention that already? (ooohhh.. something spiky going ‘Pop!’ in the 3rd panel!!!….. )))))).

    anyway, what i wanted to say – on behalf of all attention span challenged people (famously Kiki from sluggy, to name one (or me, if i am diagnosed correctly (which i am not, btw))) – was, that… this… thing with attention and this other thing with IQ are totally untelated.

    :-P ;-)

  17. me.vicky

    Oh. My. God.

    I forgive you for last week’s cliffhanger. This is officially the BEST EVER.


    So it seems that everything about Socks was split between the Soxes: Size/Memory/etc. Now I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Lemmo or Aric happen to get chopped.

    At least now we know that the crazy floor robots aren’t 100% responsible for item’s disappearance & replacement. It seemed as though we were getting closer to answers, but I’m full of many more questions.

    Well done guys!

  19. Squiggly

    That was the best possible outcome. But I wonder what Socks was going to tell them… it seemed important.

    They are soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute though.

  20. socksbot

    did socks even have an age
    in an act of existensialism like what is age man?

  21. socksbot

    @physicsman its cacti not cactai so sit would be sockti

  22. Daniel


    Paradox, with Socks. Apparently, two Socks can’t exist at once, so they made two similiar but different Socks.
    A Pair of Socks, if you will.

    Pair o’ Socks/Paradox.

  23. Lipkin

    I hearby dub the dark brown one as “Left,” and the light brown one as “Right.”

  24. Timeline

    I hope the brown one will not end up the butt of all the jokes..


  25. Fedorov92

    YES! I thought they were butchering German at first, but maybe they are just rather young, or their minds were split; it intelligence. In any case, YAY!

  26. TheBananaFish

    We see Sox speak once, and all of a sudden everyone assumes he’s super intelligent. In our previous encounters with Sox he seemed more curious than intelligent.

  27. Physicsman

    @ socksbot: srry my bad i’ve never been really good at spelling. 

  28. Physicsman

    Wait I just had a theory… Those isn’t Socks (srry couldn’t resist the Aric dialouge) they are what COULD b thought of as Sock’s offspring…like a bactierium going through mitosis, the original dissapears and two identical “offspring” are created in it’s place… But if this theroy is true than it means the original Socks died 

  29. socksbot

    what’s with the spiky pop plz tell me @physics sry didn’t mean to be so anal about it

  30. Benni

    A-Frigging- Dorable. I am in love, though I do miss the knowledgable Socks. But two of them! Squeee!

  31. Renee


    Now, which one’s the original Socks?

  32. Renee


    I like your theory. ^_^

  33. Physicsman

    @socksbot: it’s ok don’t worry about it.

  34. Zapheres

    Told ya all! I knew it! Long live teh sox!

  35. Physicsman

    @Renee: Thx I like my theroy too. Lol

  36. Physicsman

    Wait I just noticed this. The 2 Sockti are about 1/2 the size of the original. I’ve noticed that this universe that they’re in has no set of laws of physics which is why chaos reigns… But recent observation implies a the law of conservation of mass. Now it could mean nothing but it apears that thus universe is slowly developing order… Which means entropy will decrease which means things will start to follow a certain pattern in the way they act apon certain phenomenon… Now my head hurts.

  37. Physicsman

    My last comment is important bcuz I had a theroy about how this universe had no order and in turn no chaos (chaos is the diviation from order so without order there is no chaos and vice versa) which is why when they 1st appeared in this world there was nothing but their presence there established order and in turn chaos. This theroy of mine explains why they keep discovering thong that appear impossible to miss b4 bcuz certain things like the hand juice machne didn’t exist untill AFTER Lemmo and Aric entered this world…but it’s just a theroy my above comment simply adds evidence to it… My head hurts again.

  38. General K. Oss

    @Physicsman – Interesting idea about the law of conservation of mass, but don’t the cookies break that law? Maybe that’s why the cookie palace is now crumbling? The universe is starting to enforce its laws.

  39. UFOboy

    Now i feel bad because i want the crab claw to split them again and again so there are dozens of cute socks look-alikes running around. And if now then these two better become main party members.

  40. boring7

    My prognosis, the foxes will wrassle, and lemmo and Aric will get bored and wander off towards the shovel beam.

  41. them1me1you

    so physicsman, if truly the laws that govern our universe are becoming more prevalent, will that mean the shovel beam will slow down? if so I would be sad.

  42. camerbob


  43. Haze23

    … your socks don’t match.

  44. Physicsman

    @General K. Oss: Exactly. I’m happy that u understand cuz ppl usally don’t understand what I’m trying to say when I ramble on about this kind of stuff. 

  45. Physicsman

    @them1me1you: if my theroy is correct the shovel beam will either sliw down or completly cease to exist in the universe (pretty much it will stop falling from the sky and just countinue down into the dark abyss 4ever which will cause it to continue falling at an infinitly accelerating rate bcuz it will b outside of the universe and b unaffected by it’s laws) or it could b a combination of the 2. But I would b sad too. The shovel beam is awesome.

  46. Aelfay

    … I think I just died of adorable overload.

  47. Lithas


    Wouldn’t the shovel continue to fall at a steady, not accelerating rate? If it’s outside of the universe there would be no gravity acting on it, after all. If anything, it might slow down a bit as it falls farther away, there are objects with mass above it.

  48. boring7

    A question that springs to mind is whether the shovel-beam gives off heat. Since it defies numerous parts of conventional physics one cannot be certain. The exploitative gamer in me ponders the potential to use it as a perpetual motion machine or energy creator in the same way that matter can be created in this world.

  49. Physicsman

    @Lithas: actually ur right about the constant acceleration thing that was my mistake assuming the shovel beam doesn’t exit the universe, than it wud slow down (1 of the possible outcomes I mention was a combination of countinuously falling downward and slowing down, I just never explained it much) but if it were to exit the universe than it would actually completly stop moving (leaving the universe means leaving the confines of space and time so movement wud b impossable, unless it enters another universe in which case it will bcome subject it it’s laws) that was something I realized after I posted that comment. There are thousands of different possabilities as to what will happen to the shovel beam and yours is a valid 1, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  50. Physicsman

    @boring7: that’s an interesting thought. The shovel beam obviously gives off light (even with no laws of physics it’s still impossable to see something if it niether reflects nor gives off done form of electromagnetic energy) I do remember Aric mentioning Ram Pressure (don’t know exactly what that is, don’t bother telling me I’m gonna look it up after this) but if it gives off light it will give of sone form of heat (even if it is only a small amount) so yeah perpetual energy (at least untill order kicks in which will fix that) if u were to ever invent a diminsional portal (assuming there is an infinite# of universes, which means that this universe will b happening in another world exactly as it’s happening here, does that blow ur mind?) than u could easily do that (if u somehow bring the shovel beam back with u than it will slow down to terminal velocity so it would only work within that universe)… I think my brain just exploded

  51. Physicsman

    @boring7: I looked up Ram Pressure and I just need to say yes the shovel beam does give off heat.

  52. them1me1you

    wow, I understood all of what you said Physicsman. and I too feel the same way as I ramble on with the theories that pop into my head and explain their logic but no one listens. as we will have learned . . . ignorance is bliss . . . and stupid.

  53. Sampson

    so they multiply buy dividing? Cool.

    Also, I love all the science talk in this thread. Has kept me thoroughly happy. If I was more awake I would contribute… but I am le tired.

  54. socksbot

    physicsman”it’s ok don’t worry about it” was that for the pop or the apology

  55. Somsphet

    i can honestly say i saw that comming and it didnt surprise me one bit. but the fact they seem to be mere pups did throw me for a loop…..

  56. NoriMori


  57. NoriMori

    Ohhh this is why they’re called “parasox”! Lol. I can’t believe I never noticed the title before. Then again, I usually don’t. I’ve tried to start paying attention to it, though.

  58. NoriMori

    Also, I love how the lighter fox looks like a replica of the original one, and the other looks entirely different. You’d think they’d both be a sort of hybrid.

  59. switch

    Wow, I love this thread! @Physicsman – keep ’em coming. I love how you develop relevant theories and have the science to back it up. We need more people like you! @Lemmo and Aric – sorry for calling you du bist ein miszaka. It was undeserved and heat-of-the-moment. I’m sure you understand, but I apologize anyway. Yay! Parasox!

  60. TechUnadept

    Now we have
    *puts on sunglasses*
    a pair of socks.

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