Passing Disaster


  1. cheetaboy7

    You’d think that by now the plane would have broken up enough that it wouldn’t be able to smash through the ground anymore.

    Also where’s the color?

  2. Parrot

    Those darn penguins.
    Also, Yay! Aric wasn’t abandoned!

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    I wonder if the plane happened to be crashing where Aric and Lemmo were standing previously. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing the completed version of this strip.

  4. Music-chan

    @cheetaboy: Lemmo put up a note on the main page explaining why there’s no colour yet.

  5. NoriMori



    Aric got facehugged….

    …in an adorable way.

    The plane crash as least means that some familiar elements are making a re-appearance. Then again they did just LEAVE to… wherever they are now…

    I also rather like the “Noir” version of this comic, but I’m looking forward to the colored version as well.

  7. Lankhmar

    yay an old style comic, less text but with more awesome.

  8. NoriMori

    LEMMO has a BAD feeling?? O.o??? This goes against everything I understand about Lemmo!! O_O

    Maybe Lemmo is starting to develop awesome psychicness, Allison-Dubois-style! Sometimes instead of having a vision she just has a really powerful “feeling”, like when she *had* to have Bryce with her, or when she had a feeling of doom when Joe was going to go to work! :O If Lemmo developed Allison-Dubois-esque psychic abilities, I would love this comic *THAT MUCH MORE!* As long as it didn’t make him all quiet and reserved and mysterious, the way most psychic people are portrayed.

  9. NoriMori


    When you said “Noir” all I could think of was the anime, and I got all excited, thinking, “OMG MORE OF KIRIKA’S EPIC NINJA SKILLLLLZ???” I dunno exactly what went through my head, but I wish the anime was longer so I can see more of Kirika being awesome, so that’s why I got excited. XD

  10. Physicsman

    I understand that Lemmo sometimes is unable to color a comic on time, and I’m not upset about it cuz, well, he’s busy and everything. But it’s still sad cuz the Blankit IPhone app never updtes it with color. So this strip and the other one that temporarily went without color will forever be colorless on my IPhone. And that makes me a sad panda. 

  11. MarshmallowRadiation

    “Our pilot’s a penguin. And he’s been drinking!

    Wait a minute, PENGUINS CAN’T FLY!!” *crashes*

  12. AllCaps

    @physicsman LOL a sad panda:) and to the person above me… bigger LOL than phisicsman. srry dude:P

  13. lemmo

    @physicsman – The new version of the app lets you clear your comic cache. Just click Delete All from the menu, then Download All to fill it back in. It takes a few minutes, but you’ll ditch those old and busted comics.

  14. Physicsman

    @Lemmo: Really! Thx man I always wondered what that did.

  15. Physicsman

    Yay! Color has been restored! Thx Lem I never would have figured that out on my own.

  16. Biligum

    Somehow, the facehugging is a thousand times cuter with color.


    @NoriMori: Hahahaha.

    @Biligum: SO true.

    @Lemmo: Thanks for the color!!

  18. mattb

    New theory! At this point we know theories generally don’t work most of the time but I think lemmo and aric are not breaking the laws of physics nor are they experiencing a new dimension or sector of the same world but instead bending the dimensions of time and space which are so closely related both are considered the same dimension. In other words parasox, big bugs , and\or something else have time travel. Perhaps this universe repeats in time not space.

  19. mattb

    I just contradicted myself didn’t I?

  20. Socksbot

    Lemmo should pull a samuel jackson ” im sick of all these mfing penguins on a mfing plane

  21. Ray

    Well, this was unexpected.

  22. Physicsman

    @mattb: No you aren’t. That’s a perfectly valid theory. Ya just gotta work on not running it all together cuz others won’t understand what your saying.
    But yeah, good theory.

  23. Dasaki

    those damn peguins need a new hobby.

  24. mattb

    @Physicsman: thank you and here’s the simplified version: the universe repeats in time NOT space so I expect another aric and lemmo running around.
    PS I agree with dasaki but if someone told me i cant fly i would build a plane too.

  25. Thebrum

    idle thoughts:
    This is what, the third penguin crash we’ve seen?
    I wonder if the bugs know they’re at war?
    Y’know, misty’s people (last seen by a penguin wreck) would make really good test pilots.

  26. Jalee1

    Yay! I think I’m the first to comment! This comic is so awesome!!!

  27. Wolfox

    I’m thinking their very presence there may be causing some slight… glitches with the local… “reality.”

  28. RGSwan

    @Thebrum: I kinda assumed that was the same (penguin)plane that was ker-smashing through the (blankspace)plane earlier in that infinite loop.

  29. Parrot

    @RGSwan: Then wouldn’t it have turned into a Plane Beam like the Shovel Beam?

  30. Thebrum

    The fact that its breaking the floor lends itself to the loop theory, but its not a beam, still intact, and trailing smoke, making me think its a fresh accident. Also, the universe seems to have been reset during REM sleep.

  31. Thebrum

    Hang on, that seems like a plausible theory- is the canvas perhaps a dreamscape?

  32. hfbang

    it was soooo long sence i’de read the comic and i wasnt up to date and i was enjoying getting up to date and now i’m up to date!!!! WHY CAN’T THIS JUST BE LIKE WALGREENS! EVERYTHING REFILS ITSELF!!!!! you get to the end and it’s a new begining! :( sad panda it needs to be monday and thursday!

  33. Camerbob


  34. MarshmallowRadiation

    Is it just me, or is the next comic taking a longer time than usual?

  35. TechUnadept

    Penguins’re back.

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