Pay No Heed


  1. lemmo

    I just re-read up to this point and I’ll be the first to say it. This comic is fucking weird.

  2. camperp

    ‘sokay, that’s a good thing.

    That and the world needs more weirdness.

  3. Arantor

    I think this strip is one of the best; there’s something to be said for minimalism. Less is more: less stuff, less normality, more funny.

  4. MaxyDawg

    I like it. More physics talk isn’t a bad thing. And, I think I’ll invite some people to view just so there will be more updates.

  5. Raven on Neptune

    What is that supposed to even be?
    A fox?
    A goat?
    A mix of the two?

  6. jamingrit

    A fox? A goat? It’s a pair of socks, obviously.

  7. Arantor

    I figured it was a fox.

  8. jynx

    Fox rhymes with socks, so that’s why it’s there. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

  9. Strain Of Thought

    Socks = Fox. I grinned.

    So does this mean the shovel was somehow his shoes?

  10. .

    i think the hand will grow back.
    but it will be a left hand that is grown back!

  11. Yogurt?

    “i think the hand will grow back.
    but it will be a left hand that is grown back!”
    Why do you think that will happen?

  12. rodandbarry

    Rod: That human is an idiot
    Barry: I like him. He’s hilarious.
    Rod: Of course you’d like him. great minds think alike

  13. Renee

    Yay! Socks become fox!

  14. Sillytwist

    Awesome artwork on the fox. I saw that coming from the hatted one. It’s irresistible to not touch something someone else told u not to touch.

  15. Vespere

    Fennec fox? Cute!

  16. Vlynndar

    Someone really needs to make a game featuring the line “Dodge this! BEAM OF SHOVELS!”

  17. zombieplasticclock

    Lol, that sounds like something from Wario Ware or something. “Dodge Shovel Beams!”

  18. Tamfang

    Sox in focks.

  19. CyberSkull

    So did it cauterize the wound?

  20. Yogurt?

    Lemmo have you noticed that air is not, in fact, solid?

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  22. NoriMori

    LOL, I love that!



  23. Me

    any 1 gunna comment on the factLemmos hands gone??

  24. Orion Fury

    Any idea as to why this just came up in the RSS feed?

  25. BlueSox


  26. seananners


  27. Kid of Death

    I love Lemmo’s expression in panel one. Dunno why though.

  28. Kid of Death

    And Aric’s in panel four, for that matter.

  29. Marduk

    Oh man, this comic is unclassifiable. And great

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