Perfect Time To Panic


  1. lemmo

    Guys, I’m really sorry this comic was late. I don’t like being late on comics, missing updates kills web projects. I won’t bore you with excuses, I’ll just do my best to not let it happen. It’s not fair to you guys or Aric.

  2. Aly

    Its okay, we forgive yu :P

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    I’m just happy to see the next strip posted. Don’t beat yourself up over it. We love the comic, and we love you guys!

    In other news: This brings a whole new meaning to killer bees.

  4. Parrot

    Ah! That’s awesome! *o*

  5. Midoriko




  6. macksting

    What shall we call them? Axewasps? Bladebees? Bumblecleavers? Deadlyjackets?

  7. GiftedAngel6

    Ha! ‘Bug’ me. Get it?
    And does the ground opening up being caused by killer bees striking it count?

  8. Mcpoofypencil

    This is the awesomest comic ever!!!

  9. Lipkin

    I say we call them “Buzzkills.”

    Could these also be bugs within bugs within bugs within bugs? Going to war with penguins perhaps?

    Oh, and I feel the bees are overshadowing the massive bolt of lightning that almost hit Aric.

  10. HappyHead

    Of all of the things I thought of that the smoke could be fore-shadowing, a thunderstorm raining giant battle-axe-bees was not even on the list. Though perhaps it’s not that the bees are big, but rather that Aric and Lemmo are now very small – the vegetation around them does kinda look like blades of grass – in which case, maybe that whirling is actually a lawn mower. Our glimpses of sky certainly had more texture that the old canvas did. Some sort of boxy pattern in panel 2.

    Also, even Lemmo’s pet sign knows when to panic and run away.

  11. Gabriel

    It’s just one thing after another with these woods! XD

  12. ThisIsNotDan

    The axes are here to chop Lemmo’s wooden arm! And is Lemmo doubling over in pain in panel 2? Like the wood is invading his insides? Hope not.

  13. Qqtt991

    I bet they’re sentient. Like the cookies. 8D

    I hope.

  14. Ray

    It’s no problem. So who’s betting the ground is the top of some sort of giant beehive or something?

  15. RGSwan

    Does anyone else hear Ride of the Valkyries in their head when looking at this comic?

    Also, I like “buzzkills” xD

  16. Shinlink

    I literally went: “Ohh Snap!”


    Oh man. The apology about the comic is MUCH appreciated, but this one was worth the wait. Oh man.

    I like the term “Buzzkills” as well. An axe at the end of an abdomen seems a bit unwieldy, but that’s probably the only good thing that they’ve got going for them. (I also like that Lemmo apparently hasn’t noticed).

    Wood limb + Axe = bad times.
    At least he probably won’t be as massive of a conductor for the lightning…

  18. Defier of Physics

    I would much prefer Wood limb + Axe over Flesh limb + axe any day. Goo limbs are probably better still. I wonder what would happen to Lemmo if the wooden limb was chopped off. Would it still gather together and solidify as wood, or would there be an unexpected result?

    A whirlwind of buzzkills is even more of a buzzkill than Buzz Killington!

  19. cheetaboy7

    I’m good with the name Buzzkills.
    Also this may sound immature but I have to say it.
    -Lemmo is grasping ol’woody in his right hand. =D

  20. Guy

    Oh, wait, I get it. They’re Valkyr-Bees!

    Also: The killer bees / the killer bees are coming! / Spreading feeeeear and terror in the land! / They’re always buzzing / never humming…

  21. Renee

    “If you’re going to let every little thing bother you, this is going to be a VERY long night!”

  22. runedeadthA

    You know, I’m starting to think that you guys must be taking some weird stuff… continuously while drawing these. Its awesome, but a bit like:
    “O.k, o.k so get this, they’re like Sliiimes now!” “awesome” “and there’s like killer signs and they smash them!’ “duuude” “and then suddenly, Killer Bees! Thousands of them!”


    Bees. My god.

    YES that was totally a batman reference.


  24. Defier of Physics

    “Fox! Get these guys off me!” -Slippy

  25. cheetaboy7

    Bees. My god.

    Thats an Atop The Fourth Wall reference!
    Channel Awesome FTW!

  26. Lipkin

    Actually, it’s a line uttered by Batman in the horrible comic Amazons Attack, which was later reviewed by Atop the Fourth Wall.

    Don’t you just love Nerd Snobbery?

  27. cheetaboy7

    Yes. Yes I do.

  28. Rentok

    I wonder if Aric or Lemmo is allergic to bees.

    If so, how big is the epi-pen going to have to be for THOSE bee sting/slash-es?

  29. M

    Omg so Lemmo has lost his hand TWICE and now he might lose his arm…so how’s he gonna find some arm juice?

  30. M

    I looked up the name meanings of ‘Aric’ and ‘Lemuel’- and they mean ‘forever/alone/ruler’ and ‘belonging to God’! So… God is using Lemmo (Lemuel) as his toy and sending shovel beams, mutant hands…and now wasps/bees/buzzkills with axes? So Lemmo is at the mercy of God? Or a god? Maybe Pericles van Mudgett is now a god after stealing the shovel beam and is making things worse for Lemmo? Maybe the shovel is a god?This comic really makes me think. A lot.

  31. CyberSkull

    I can see how giant bee/wasp thingies with axes could be time consuming.

    And utterly terrifying.

  32. Minando

    Chopper Attack !

  33. Lipkin

    Hey M, Aric and Lemmo are also the names of the comic’s creators. Did your brain just explode?

  34. M

    I knew that I looked at the bottom of the page and I wouldn’t have said ‘Lemuel’ otherwise because I’ve never heard that name before. And why would my brain explode?

  35. Fire arms

    Anyone notice that lemmo spoke of not BUGing him then bugs appeared? Hmmmm perhaps lemmo has more than just naming powers

  36. Bear Fists

    I still miss those foxes.

  37. AllCaps

    Damn. I like buzzkills too:)

  38. AllCaps

    And ‘bug me if it opens up’ was a really good choice of words considering… Ha:)

  39. Daniel

    Such an awesome comic.

  40. NoriMori

    It’s okay lemmo, we forgive you for the lateness… Just as long as you don’t terminate the comic — EVER — we will always be willing to forgive you. :)

    We might be a little pissed if it’s like a week late or a month late, though… But we will ALWAYS forgive you. :)

  41. M

    I miss the foxes too. I wonder what would happen if Misty and Pericles got married! Lol!

  42. August

    @ RGSwan- I actually heard Flight of the Bumblebee, but now that I read your comment, I’m hearing a mashup. An orchestral mashup.

    Oddly enough, I think a swarm of these bladebees (I like that moniker best) would scare me much less than a swarm of regular bees.

  43. Canada

    “Beyond here lies danger”

    No kidding.

  44. Wolfox

    Buzzkill(s) is perfect!

  45. NoriMori

    How did we decide on the name “buzzkills”? I mean, I like it, but…why?

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