Permission Denied


  1. Arantor

    Great start to the day :D

    Hang on… were there cans of Hand Juice around there? Don’t think we ever saw them…?

  2. Nietzsche DemoGraphic

    Smooth gentlemen. You have the makings of greatness in ye if you can weild subtlety so deftly fellas. May the winds grace the sails of this comic into an ever so successful future.

  3. Nietzsche DemoGraphic

    And by that, I meant the whole hand growing thing.

  4. Ryuga

    Lemmo threw a can right there long ago so that’s where the hand machine is supposed to be. I’ll name the foxes Fix & Fux.

  5. Squiggly

    D’aaaaawwwww the foxes are sooooooo cute! I wonder what they will be named eventually.

  6. TJ

    Name the soxes Ommel & Cira!

  7. DefierOfPhysics

    You got my hopes up, guys! I was all like, “hey, they’re going to name the foxes now! I wonder if any of the ideas in the comments will be used!” and then you were all like, “VETO!”.

    Still a great comic. The comments of the foxes unfortunately further reveal that the intellect of the two foxes are nowhere close to their intellect back when Socks was one.

    And now Aric can properly say “they aren’t socks”!

  8. Riuk88

    Awwwww So adorable!!!

  9. Krash

    Well we got lemmo drinking hand juice again… and i suppoe the foxes (since they were at one point in time both a part of socks) could be named “left” and “right”

  10. Physicsman

    Phew Aric is presdident of the Universe. That’s good (it’s nothing against you Lemmo I just feel Aric would do a better job, but since it’s just the 2 of u, wouldn’t u b the Vice-President?)

  11. Physicsman

    In the words of Monty Python: “I didn’t vote for ’em”

  12. JamesLite

    “As they’re obviously great comedians, I vote to call them ‘George’ and ‘Carl’ after the great George Carlin.

    Of course, I’m likely to just call them Parasox.”

    ^I went and posted thsat on Monday’s by accident >.<

  13. Fedorov92

    Soooooooooooooo damn cute!

  14. Thanatos

    How about the one who looks like the original socks can be socks and the other can be para

  15. runedeadthA

    *cough* I’m fairly certain this comic is taking the piss out of those people who are naming the foxes :)

  16. Lipkin

    Name them Piss and Vinegar.

  17. Paige

    Uh oh. He declared himself president of the universe. The Universe is going to respond to that, right? I mean with their luck SOMETHING is going to respond to that.

  18. Ray

    Gee. Aric as president of the universe. As much as I like the idea, I’m willing to bet that it won’t go well for him.

    Either way, those foxes are really quite immature.

  19. Dr. Juess (pronouced Juice)

    but schwarzenegger is Mr. Universe…. uh oh. arics gna get terminated

  20. DefierOfPhysics

    I completely forgot this hand juice incident with hands growing from the ground was foreshadowed the last time we encountered the hand juice.

  21. Midoriko

    alskjf;alkjf;lskjaksj THEY ARE SO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE.

    I like Lemmo in the first panel. He’s just so used to drinking hand juice to grow a hand that has just been cut off.

  22. camerbob


  23. me.vicky

    @Paige and Ray: You took the words right outta my mouth. Enjoy it while it lasts, Aric!

  24. djeims

    This strip, it. Look at Lemmo’s face in the 3rd panel. I’m sorry, look at the 3rd panel. This requires some kind of special emote… d(*^____^*)b . daaaaaw.

    Err, right. Names? Uh, how about Darn and Heel. And as for ye grave information, I’d bet it has something to do with the Unsettlers, since I recall them being close to the shovel-beam afore the cookie-tangent.

  25. macksting

    I have nothing witty to add to the naming scheme for the parafox. Perhaps tomorrow my wife will have an idea; I’ll try to remember to ask.
    Aric as President of the Universe, though, that’s an interesting little something. Oddly, does anybody else feel that a conversation as to which would make a better king sound familiar?

  26. Sampson

    Does anybody else want to see this as a tv show? I just had a visualization of it as one… I’d watch it.

  27. Sampson

    Also, I love how Lemmo and Aric just kinda don’t really care about that important message.

  28. Physicsman

    @Sampson: Yes! Yes! We need to make it happen! Yes!

  29. Megan

    1) I agree with Sampson
    2) become a fan on facebook and you’ll get the 3rd panel without farts!!!
    3) I love Para Sox
    4) I love this comic ♥ <3

  30. Physicsman

    @Megan: I did favorite this on facebook (would hav done it sooner if I actually got on face book more than twice a month) but I must say that the 3rd panel is not the 3rd panel without Farts.

  31. Wolfox

    I likes ’em!

    …*snifs* wishes I had a Para Sox (er, wait, now I did it!)

  32. Cavada

    I like how Aric and Lemmo both got the fox that fits their color scheme the best

  33. maglorius

    Ew. I only just noticed Lemmo’s hand is still there. What’s going to happen to that cut off hand? will it rot or will it just stay there?

  34. Midoriko

    The other hands will adopt it, and the Canvas will take pity and let it grow to be big and creepy like the other hands.

  35. Lipkin

    I like when Aric carries one in his hoodie. He should do that more.

  36. Im Bob. Hi.

    FARTS! FARTS! lol funny!

  37. Im Bob. Hi.

    Btw seeing lemmo carrying the other fox on his hat reminds me of ash and pikachu lol! :-)

  38. Thebrum

    Y’know, that really does seem to fit their personality profiles. But if Aric is President, then Lemmo is god. Even asside from veto powers and walking on water-I mean, the serious worrier, and the unbeatable child playing with the universe? Come on!

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