Pet Peeves


  1. Parrot

    Ah, gross!

  2. Midoriko


  3. E_is_for_Eric

    Yeah… I don’t see this having a good ending.

    “Hand Juice! Now with arms!!!”

  4. Ray

    Gee Lemmo, you sure have soft skin. How come he didn’t notice them burrowing into him? Is he still a sort of pseudo-goo?

  5. Lipkin

    ‘I’ve got youuuuuuuuu, under my skin!”

  6. Jackson

    I guess Body Horror isn’t exactly anything new for Blank It, but this is certainly a new level of Body Horror. Guuuuuh!

  7. ThisIsNotDan


  8. ThisIsNotDan

    Also, I called it that their sign is the original “Beyond Here Lies Danger” sign. w00t!

  9. TheBean

    ewwe, make it stop or I’ll…I’ll…do something

  10. Chase

    I get the feeling that a hand will need to be cut off to solve this.

  11. Glo

    O_O eeeaaAAAUUUGHHH!!!

  12. NoriMori

    Ew ew ew! At first I didn’t realize that they were crawling under his skin! That’s so gross! Ew!

  13. macksting

    TheBean: You’ll sick? And get sick everywhere?

  14. UFOboy

    I hope they are symbiotic and give him superpowers. And i hope they aren’t predators but rather parasites if anything. Rather them use Lemmo as a host then try and KILL him.


    Something seems VERY odd indeed…. It’s clear that the REAL issue is going to be getting the woods (literally and figuratively) out of Lemmo.

    However, on a more disturbing note:

    Is this the same “fish bones in your vortex” Lemmo, now correcting Aric about grammar?

    (Reference comic: )

    What’s going on here…?

  16. Renee

    I always get metaphor and simile mixed up, though I can still use them in practice. A pet peeve of mine is people misusing the words “hence” and “thus”; they are NOT interchangeable. If you’re not really sure when to use which, remember that “thus” is similar to “therefore” while “hence” is not.

    Example: “It’s raining outside, hence the puddle accumulating at the front door.”
    Example of common mistake: “It’s raining outside, thus the puddle accumulating at the front door.”
    Why it’s wrong: “It’s raining outside, *therefore* the puddle accumulating at the front door.”

    If “therefore” sounds awkward, use “hence”. And if anyone wants to get snarky, “henceforth” is a different word, altogether! :p

    I’ll go finish my breakfast, now.

  17. TheBean

    I henceforth state thusly that macksting may be correct. Thankfully though I’m at work, hence my personal LCD is safe from said sickness

    Yeah…I’m a jerk ;-)

  18. Music-chan

    OH GOD! *huddles into a creeped-out lump of quivering disgust*

  19. macksting

    Getting sick all over your desk does seem a not-unreasonable reaction to watching Lemmo absorb splinter fiends.

  20. boring7

    Never been a fan of that brand of body horror. Reminds me of some of the Japanese horror media that occasionally creeps people out bad enough to send ’em to therapy.

    That said, I may be misinterpreting the last panel, but it looks like Lemmo is sprouting vines? They seem longer than the vine extremities used by the signboard ants.

    Man, so many terms to make up to name things…

  21. marca311

    haha! Lemmo’s got slivers! That’s how they get in there.

    But seriously, eww

  22. Chados

    I guess they’re not out of the woods yet. ;)

    And- ewww…


    this one bugs me for some reason.

  24. Timeline

    It is about time, for the obligatory reference to The Mummy, of course.

  25. AllCaps

    Dang… Lol:) The thing is though how did they end up in this world in the first place???

  26. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    Ok. The comic really bugs me.

    Hahaha@ CHIPPYMCFLUFFERTON: you stole my words!! 
    I still said them. :p
    Clearly these are not ninjas, though I am still hanging on to my ninja fantasy!!

  27. MarshmallowRadiation

    Eew. I wonder what hey’ll do: give him splinters, devour him from the inside, or give him the superpower of being able to control plants.

  28. runedeadthA

    Don’t you hate it when you get splinters?…

  29. Defier of Physics

    Something tells me Lemmo’s arm will become part of the vine he is holding. However, the sign wants to be free of Lemmo, so my suspicion would go against the personal gain of the sign. The splinters seem to be separate entities from the sign, though, so it is still a valid guess.

    Also, Lemmo is a main character, and I do not foresee a sign-armed Lemmo becoming cannon. Oh, and “ewwwww!”

  30. Glo

    I’m guessing maybe they should have paid attention to that disembodied voice back in the box. Then again, maybe it was just some jerk voice that wanted to feel self-important. Ah well, the past is passed.

    I’m eager to find out how this goes! The wooden skin bugs sprouting in Lemmo’s arm is cause for concern.

  31. Flo

    *gasp* is lemmo gonna turn into leaf man!

    what, no axe cop for anyone? darn.

  32. Qqtt991

    ._. Ew.


    @flo, Dr. Mcninja is better than axe cop.

  34. AllCaps

    lol;) @Glo

  35. Piemaster

    ewww they’re going into his skin and he doesn’t even notice

    P.S ew ew ew ew ew ew

  36. BlueSox

    EWWW oh noes DX

  37. Minando

    Go for the eyes ! Go for the eyes !! Truss…oshit…wrong game…

  38. Minando

    …whatever. That Lemmo guy is in for a world of pain ! Serves him right, enslaving Woody and all that.
    On second thought…aww, no more need for a Free-Woody-Club now. That sucks.

  39. Omgwatwasdat

    Inslave?!?!? Meh, sorta

  40. Glo

    I dread to think that they might make it to his brain. What will become of our beloved Lemmo? I don’t think herbicide comes in capsule form. Maybe a round of antibiotics?

    Or, he could entirely be thrilled by having a forest arm and lots of tiny pets living in his skin. eXtreme scabies! Never be alone, teach them how to exfoliate, murmur sweet lullabies to his intestines to promote digestion… maybe it could be not horrible.

  41. CicadaFightsViking

    Gah! makes mah hands hurts. I want a hug.

  42. hfbang

    so their in a random forest, dont know where it is or why it’s there…but “lets not think of all this…to much work! let’s be grammar nazis”
    ..reasons i love this comic?

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