Prepare for Oration


  1. maglorius

    The mark of a true looney, the need to explain

  2. maglorius

    is, is the need to explain.

  3. Midoriko

    Lemmoooooooooooooo! A man after my own heart! Poor Pericles, though. All he wants is a little drama.

    I wonder if Aric will ever see his pants again.

  4. Riuk88

    “And be less boring!” Laughed so hard i woke my roommate up, he was mad til he read this.

  5. runedeadthA

    As if we needed more conformation about the laws of physics being skewed here, but Von Mudgett’s Mouth extends outside of his face. He is quite clearly Part Predator, Only with Spine ripping replaced with Extended Narrative.

  6. Ben Wilhelm

    Is this the first time we’ve gotten a serious explanation in this comic?

    I think it might be.

  7. Cavada

    flashback? I’m going to predict one.

  8. Ray

    Lol. I just have to laugh at how the villain needs to explain how he did/does what he did/does.

  9. Chados

    /grabs some popcorn and settles down for a story

  10. Kyouhen

    I’m predicting he’s going to get beaten down just after he starts his explanation. :D

  11. froggy

    well a villain would be nothing without the proper monologue. this is just an all around great and interesting comic

  12. Renee

    Aric should steal Pericles pants for being so annoying.

  13. RGSwan

    “Ahem, as I was saying. A tale of ultimate trage–” SNIP!

    What? Isn’t that what happened last time we were about to get some important info?

  14. Defier of Physics

    I’m still holding out for bear-riding flamingos. (Check the forum for more)

    Now I keep picturing Aric taking Pericles’ pants while van Mudgett is telling his tragic tale. Also, Aric’s face in the first panel reminds me of Beaker from The Muppet Show. That is all.

  15. Lemmo

    I was feeling silly last night. I love drawing Muppet Aric.

  16. Music-chan

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am just facinated by the gleam on that shovel. So….very….shiney….

  17. Jonathon David

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! :D i cant wait. Lemmo is the coolest and a man after my own heart or vice versa. and i cant wait to see his hot soup powers. he probably materializes a bowl of ramen, cooked to absolute divine perfection. accidentally, of course.

    his ABSOLUTE NEED to explain himself is what has immortalized him… i guess :3

    This is so way cool, i love Lemmo and Aric! :D i jsut hate how i come off as a fangirl o_O

  18. Anony

    i bet that we wont even get an explanation, instead the cookie palace will fall to pieces before pericles gets to anything good

  19. Bluesox

    YEH! Me no like boring….

  20. Timeline

    Does anybody else feel worse for Pericles than for Lemmo?

  21. Spencey

    I’m going to start saying “Be less boring” as soon as people start talking to me. I feel my promotion prospects plummeting as we speak!.

  22. Red Shyguy

    I personally adore Arics >:| expression in panel two. That wonderful “Shut up, don’t tell him to kill us!” face.

  23. E_is_for_Eric

    If Pericles offers them their lives based off the ability to answer riddles; I think it would be appropriate if Lemmo or Aric whisper to themselves, ‘What have I got in my pocket’ and Pericles misinterpret it as a riddle. He’ll get it wrong, and our heroes can escape!

  24. E_is_for_Eric

    Blah. Testing to make sure I didn’t break my avatar. I apologize for the double post.

  25. TheBean

    awesome wallpaper! Totally worth all the time guessing ;-)

  26. Aelfay

    Hee. Lemmo’s all ready for storytime.

  27. Im Bob. Hi.

    Maybe Aric’s pants will turn into something…..Like a green pair of pants?

  28. Gimp-the-swimmer

    I think Aric should hit lemmo in the middle of the rant from periciles just to break the tension, and be like: “ok, so it still works”
    Just to show that he really isn’t paying attention to perciles.

  29. E_is_for_Eric

    @Gimp-the-swimmer — That’s a really funny idea. I definitely laughed when I read your comment.

  30. Defier of Physics

    Hi Bob! *waves* Sorry, your name amuses me.

    I can just picture Aric walking away while Pericles is telling the story. Pericles tells a vivid tale, invoking a flashback, and when he finishes Lemmo is asleep and Aric is gone.

  31. magic-esi

    Doesn’t the wallpaper give away something about how they’re going to escape from Pericles? (People always escape if the evil guy starts making a speech.) I mean, since Lemmo’s holding the shovel, it’s obviously either before the shovel beam was created (which is impossible because the bugs come after the shovel beam) or after it was destroyed. So my guess is that they escape on the bugs.

    Sorry if I’m getting too complicated here. Having to guess what ‘it’ was taught me to pay attention to every tiny little detail in this comic!

  32. Anony

    no! thats exactly what Lemmo said about the wallpaper! its just a pretty picture, it has no bearing on the story

  33. gimp-the-swimmer

    @e_is_for_eric, thatkyou. its a typical aric move, and my little sister thought it wouldbe funny. :)

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