Prime Real Estate


  1. lemmo

    I’ll finish coloring this bad boy tomorrow after work. We got hit with a blizzard in Minnesota today, so it’s changed up my family schedule a touch.

  2. Shirasong

    Uh oh…. The King has heard of it.

  3. macksting

    The King has heard of this?! The King will hear of this!

  4. macksting

    Addendum: Best of luck to y’all. And stop having blizzards. It’s a bad habit.

  5. Ray

    Oh great, it’s the king again. And apparently he just makes his kingdom wherever.

  6. Parrot

    Oh God, the cookies are back.
    I like the cookies. ;-;

  7. Glew

    Okay, I asked it on the previous strip, but I guess no one will scroll down all the way to it ever. So, what have happened to Lemmo’s forearm?! Last time I checked it was only his hand he got rid of. Is it eroding or something? Or did I miss something? I checked back and in the strip when the fox thingies take him and Aric to the bug, he still had his forearm.

  8. TreeJump

    Oh dear. The creepy cookie king is back.
    And Aric-Fergus interactions ftw.

  9. NoriMori

    Oh ok, I thought the drawing style had changed again. XD I thought, “Aww man, I just got used to this one, they’re changing it AGAIN?” Thanks for dispelling my fears, lemmo. ;) Can’t wait to see this “bad boy” finished. :P

  10. Nester64

    ah. ma. ga. The cookie king is back? (kookie King? cookie cing?) if anything, the cookies were the only organization that seemed to be genuine antagonists. (well, besides Percival) This is bad news and other things for our heroes. and Aric’s socks.


    Oh man. The cookie king’s expression never ceases to terrify me just enough to put me on edge. His unexpected appearance made it that much creepier.

  12. ThisIsNotDan

    I LOL’d, then cheered. The king is back!

  13. Renee

    The king is back?? The king will hear of this!!

    Hey Lemmo! That same blizzard hit us, but I still have to go to class tonight. It only affected morning classes.

  14. lemmo

    Nope! You just get to enjoy the “in progress” version. I will add color shading and shadows tonight. I figured those shouldn’t be showstoppers to posting the comic.

  15. AlexThander


  16. snowman

    i find the king to be terrifying, but i’m sure he’ll hear of this. o_o

  17. cookie

    The king will hear of this.

  18. cookie


  19. cookie

    it is time

  20. Dvandemon

    Ohnoes, it’s the kookie Cookie King. I’ve never found anything creepy about him, but I wish the characters would just try to eat him (I also would like to see Aric drink a whole can of Hand Juice so…)

  21. Wolfox

    oh nooooos… not the King! all hail the king, as he has heard of this!

  22. cheetaboy7

    I looked at the king and I came to a realization.
    Updated graphics = Awesome

  23. Nexall

    I wonder will the chunk of mountain fall in the same place it came up, cus if so by by cookie king.

  24. PyroForge

    @Nester64: His name is Pericles

  25. Praxus

    This comic is like a trip through my head. Crazy and/or insane.

  26. random man

    I wonder if the cookies walk on the purple, or if they just fall in, like Aric? I also wonder how the king managed to escape the previous kingdom before Pericles blew it up?
    oooooh, purple. must be a good spot to found a kingdom.

  27. Qqtt991

    Please don’t tell me the penguins are going to crash into the flying chunk of mountain too.
    Then it’d be a party. The only thing missing would be the robots.

  28. switchblademx

    love the look. cookie king seems surprisingly unaffected at the loss of his previous kingdom and it’s subjects. i too wonder what events transpired between the awesome robotic destruction of the cookie kingdom and now.

  29. Chaos Theory

    @switchblademx: But remember, Pericles said he ‘exiled’ the cookies. And if you look under the King, you can see another cookie(Possibly Wendall?). Anyway, it’s highly unlikely that the cookies were destroyed with their kingdom. Still good question, what happened since then.

  30. Deadreavah

    Ah,finallya comic that has long history, but isn’t time consuming to read from the beginning, it has amazing stuff,AND FOXES!!!You sir, are the number 1 in my webcomic list!

  31. them1me1you

    minnesota blizzardin it up!

  32. Jethro Rayne

    Just realized that if Aric hadn’t blown up at Fergus and turned around, then they would have run into the Cookie King in the tunnels, and would’ve been made slaves to rebuild the cookie kingdom! ‘Ain’t possibilities great?

  33. Sir Matt

    If that is the hole that the flying island lifted out of, then the cookie king must have grown a wee bit. Just me, or did anyone else notice this?

    Also, how about the parallels between the island in the purple ocean with a glowing tree sticking out of it and the purple island in the air with the glowing bug sticking out of it?

  34. jill

    Aw shit, that fucking cookie’s back!

    PS sorry if kids read this.

  35. NoriMori

    @Sir Matt, you can’t see the edges, and the perspective might be a little funny, so the hole might be bigger than it looks in that panel. So the King might be the same size.

  36. TreeJump

    Updates!!! I miss thee…

  37. TechUnadept

    king cookie. Howyabin?

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