1. macksting

    What do y’all make of “pyrheliometric?” Fire-sun, or fire-based light, measure? A measure of the sunlight of a fire?

  2. Jloopy

    Whew… I was really worried the shovel beam would disappear.

  3. capnprophetic

    I’d probably go with the latter, unless, of curse, Aric and Lemmo have seen fit to change the way our language works along with science in general.

  4. Goriath

    :O We’re getting back to where we last saw Socks!!

  5. them1me1you

    I kinda miss fergus too though

  6. Rammz

    Any one else see the speck just to the right of the beam? Could that be socks?

  7. nuclearwhale

    I hope so…

  8. macksting

    It does look like the right placement. Could be a hat, too, but I doubt it.

  9. Renee87

    I hope it’s Socks! I LOVE Sock’s! I am Sock’s fan club. ^_^

  10. Goriath

    Aric with hair is creeping me out lol

  11. Ray

    So does this mean they’ve traversed their entire world? Also, their appears to be some sort of fog around the bottom of the Shovel Beam. And as Rammz pointed out, that could be Socks…Or it could be the Hand-Juice machine or even that wierd monitor with the strange symbols we saw a while back. SO VAGUE!

  12. macksting

    My roommate offers that, considering its anomalous nature and formation to begin with, any attempt to slow down or ablate the shovel beam would probably be taken by this universe as a challenge.

  13. NoriMori

    I don’t see a speck, but I definitely see the fog… Of course, I already know what that is… :P

    I’ve been reading this comic over again, and after reading this one I’m like, “…Ohhhh that’s where the got the image for the wallpaper???” Lol.

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