Quality of Adoration


  1. WeeGoblin

    I want a t-shirt with the little fuzz-ball saying “fire cleans all”, it may prove useful in my defense…

  2. UFOboy

    It’s true. But just because they can’t understand you doesn’t mean they aren’t cute and going to follow after you after they are done wrestling.
    And i think the parasox’s comments proved one to be yin and one to be yang… Calms are great = very light and Innocent. Fire cleans all = errr… true but… very dangerous and dark.

  3. macksting

    If so, this would be the first real telegraph of that particular dichotomy. Up to this point, they’ve been quite similar. The darker one was the first to recommend they wrestle, but the lighter one wasn’t much against the idea and certainly wasn’t coming up with what the gestalt Socks had intended to say.
    Also, remember that the light one chose to name itself Farts, and the darker one claimed it had really wanted to do the same. Are farts, perhaps, equal parts dark and light? This is possible, and may prove to be the case in time. However, we may yet see Farts (or is it Para?) decide that the great burning surely must begin.

  4. me.vicky

    Aww; Aric, why must we leave the parasox?

    And also, happy birthday to me! The strip updating on my birthday is my best gift so far! Thanks, A and L!

  5. Daniel

    Happy Birthday, Vicky!

    Cool comic, once again fellas. However, it seems that once Lemmo had chopped off his hand, he gave up on the smushing them together plan…I hope you’re going to revitalize that one!

    …I wanna see smushed ParaSox…

  6. noisyparker

    Well, I will trust unto the needs of the story whether the pair’o’sox tag along or not, but they were certainly cute in the dose we had now. Plus, blurting out “Fire cleans all” brings back memories of some of entries in the ‘rotating quip bind’ I had on my fire blaster, like “Oh, let me turn you into light and warmth! …and some blackened stuff.”

    I hope you guys (including my fellow posters, as appropriate to their particular cultural milieus) are having a pleasant holidaytime!

  7. Groxx

    Hah! As if they weren’t already cute, and tried to name themselves “butts”, this may officially make them some of my favorite characters ever xD

    They speak truth. Clearly, they should be kept around.

  8. Joe

    @UFOboy, its not a ying and yang situation because the first one said “CLAMS ARE GREAT!” I mean I guess Clams aren’t really evil specifically but more neutral. I hope they get named before they get left behind.

  9. Renee

    Noooo! Don’t leave them, Aric!! ;-;

  10. DefierOfPhysics

    I hope Lemmo wouldn’t leave them behind. I know Aric would, both because of panel 3 and because they generally hinder his ability to discover how the universe works. (Has he given up on this quest? He obviously gave up on the “sit and do nothing” plan.)
    However, Lemmo has been more about the journey and less about the destination. Surely he would not leave something so cute behind?

  11. JamesLite

    I’d genuinely be quite disappointed if they left these like they left Sox.

  12. Cavada

    that isent a nice thing to do for the holidays

  13. Psi

    @Joe, uhh, I’m thinking by ‘clams are great’, it just meant clams taste great.

    Although, on the grounds of over-thinking, ‘clams’ could be referring to… something else.

  14. TheBananaFish

    “Fire cleans all.” That sounds somewhat… Charlie Manson.

  15. Andi

    Noooooo!!!! take them with you! they are so cute! And they’re just babies! What trouble could they get into on their own?

  16. Physicsman

    Awww they’re sooo cute. And Aric is just gonna leave them? Lemmo you’re vice-president* of the universe DO SOMETHING!!

    *I know Aric never actually declared Lemmo the vice-president but he has to. There isn’t anyone else except the foxes (that’s never gonna happen with Aric in charge) and the mist-people (and they don’t want anything to do with them, and they’re not around) so Lemmo is vice -president by default.

  17. Zapheres

    If they leave the Farts Twins behind I will NEVER FORGIVE THEM!

  18. Bluesox

    Aww! So cute! I get it! LIght sox is good, and darksox is a little meaner, the two sides of original sox. That’s why they have no reasoning skills unless they put their heads together. Aric still has no shoes…..

  19. camerbob


  20. Will

    Heh. It was a smart fox named sock(s)… I think the name is still undecided… Now it’s dumb parasox… Heh…

  21. viistie

    If one was named “farts” and one wants to burn all, does that mean he’s going to create a massive fart explosion? Eew.

  22. Wolfox

    *smirks* I love ’em!
    Besides… “Fire Cleans All!” kinda seems important!

  23. Ray

    So, one is malicious, and the other is neutral? I’m really not sure about these 2. Either way, I doubt we’re going to be able to stay away from them; Whatever Sox had to say is probably going to be a huge focus.

  24. DefierOfPhysics

    I originally disregarded the comments made by the Foxes of Sockses.

    Now I’m wondering if Aric and Lemmo are going to engage a giant fire-breathing clam. =)

  25. AlexAddicted510


  26. dagonboy6666

    Fir deos clean all. next time I take a shower I’l use fire instead of water.

  27. dagonboy6666

    AUGHHH. IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!

  28. TechUnadept

    he should be in Space Marine armor when he says that…

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