1. GammaChris

    Second panel is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen a (para)fox do.

  2. TheBananaFish

    Those last few words are kind of like Schroedenger’s cat. Death may or may not exist, so untill Aric tries to kill them, death both exists and doesn’t exist.

  3. UFOboy

    First panel is filled with mystery, second panel is filled with EPIC, third panel is filled with KA-RIIISH, and the fourth panel is filled with potential philosophy.

    Does anyone else see the Purple Ocean on the map? As well as 2 other unknown structures? The flat mountain is also there, with a small dot for the lighthouse. WAIT, if the map is up to date and a perfect guide to the Canvas then that would mean that the Canvas is square, no?

  4. Miesa

    intrigued confused and filled with win sauce as usual

  5. Ray

    Hmm, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get the plot anywhere as long as the 2 foxes are around/seperated. They’ve been depriving us for precious exposition for quite a while.

  6. runedeadthA

    Best. Dive. Ever! They’re like two midget wrestlers on Magic mushrooms which have been left out to long.

  7. Dave D

    Hey, maybe the hat is descended from the sombrero that Aric originally had?

  8. Da Mighty Camel


  9. Physicsman

    2nd panel
    Yin (yes Yin is darkness look it up): BOOONZZAAAIII!!!!!!!

  10. Physicsman

    Srry about my last post some how an L appeared instead of an I I meant to say…


  11. Incubusxp

    The second panel is awesome!!!! Thank you for and awesome comic for the last the of 2009, see you guys in 2010 with the flying cars and the pairs of socks xD HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. me.vicky

    Third panel: I made myself roll off my bed laughing as I imagined what their faces might look like when this happened. Oh, you silly little destructive parasox.

  13. Anonymous

    Socks technically didn’t die, therefore I assume that death is not possible in the universe that they are stuck in.

  14. Tree McAwesomesauce

    I don’t think Aric is meant to have a hat. After all, hid did lose the sombrero. I think he’s just bound to lose the jaunty Willy Wonka tophat pretty soon.

  15. DefierOfPhysics

    Aric probably will lose the hat, seeing as he no longer has a head-hand to hold it in place.
    Also, Aric and Lemmo did not die when Aric saved Lemmo from falling indefinitely. Which brings up an interesting question: if death does not exist and Aric and Lemmo are key components of the universe, would there still be a shovel beam if Aric did not save Lemmo? If so, what would happen to Lemmo?

  16. Midoriko

    Aric, it might be your fault anyway, because that is a *smashing* hat.

    NOnononononononono don’t shoot me… because death might not exist here!

    And we should call the foxes Schroedenger’s foxes.

    I blame jet lag for all of my comments this week.

  17. Lipkin

    Wow, they are REALLY intent of wrestling. Also, it seems they (the creators) are intent of destroying everything they have so far created.

  18. Daniel

    The 2nd panel is just so amazing…I can’t comment. My brain isn’t working right now…wow…

  19. Math_Mage

    –“Hmm, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get the plot anywhere as long as the 2 foxes are around/seperated. They’ve been depriving us for precious exposition for quite a while.”

    Plot? Exposition? What’s that?

    Ooh, something shiny! *grab*

  20. camerbob

    “…And god sent forth a fox of heavenly fire unto the second panel. Amen.”

  21. Bellstrom

    Hmm… That seemed too intentional to just be the Socksettes (that’s what I call them) playing around. Perhaps the original Socks intended to destroy the map, and the Socksettes had a sudden burst of intelligence.

  22. Tree McAwesomesauce

    I first thought when I saw the second panel “EPIC HUG!”

  23. boring7

    The original Socks intended to use the map to determine the location of the latest terrible tragedy currently befalling folk (specifically, Van Mudgett assisting the cookie king in destroying the brotherhood of biscotti). Parasox are ignorant of this fact and have just destroyed the only chance of the wanderers following this plot thread until it is too late.

    Or maybe not.

  24. socksbot

    is aric crazy how could he want to kill the cute little parasoxes

  25. socksbot

    oh and foxes need to watch out for the broken glass and 2nd panel at first I thought they were gonna fuse back together noe I think these two parasoxes should never see a Kung fu movie

  26. Renee

    One cannot kill cute!

  27. noisyparker

    This is why we can’t have nice things… :(

  28. camerbob

    @noisyparker: Torchwood?

  29. noisyparker

    @camerbob: I’ve not seen it yet… someday! Out of curiosity, what brought it to mind? The phrase, or something else?

  30. Selyne

    Found this comic a few days ago, read through the whole thing, my brother thought I was going insane cause I was laughing so hard. :D

  31. JamesLite

    What I’D like to know is ‘how did the lighter sox get from the top of the map on panel 2 to the middle on panel 3?’

  32. Bowserknight

    I have an idea!
    What if putting both Sox and Parasox in the hat fuses them together?
    Afterwards, they should keep a knife or something so they can split or fuse Sox whenever they want!

  33. Bluesox

    Light sox reaches up.. BUDDY! Oh really? KABLAM!!! Ka- RIIISH!!! quick hid from Aric in his sick hat of fwawesome!!!

  34. camerbob

    @noisyparker: Yes, they use(d) that phrase quite alot.

  35. Sampson

    I want a poster of panel 2

  36. Im Bob. Hi.

    sox are……icant believe im saying this……….THERE CUTE! HAPPY?!

  37. NoriMori

    Wow, it didn’t even occur to me that death might not exist here…but maybe he’s right!!! :O?!

  38. Blankitharter

    aric looks like witch in last panel

  39. Gordy

    Blech. I hate cute things that get a pass from doing stupid things and messing shit up because they’re cute.


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