Real Life Cut in Line

Update: I made some progress last night, but not enough. Looks like we’re aiming for Friday!

Hey everybody! The comic is delayed due to getting called in to work. It’s partly done, and I was half-tempted to upload the work in progress, but I like the art too much on this one to sully it with early peeks.

If Blank It paid my bills, it would come first, but we all know how that rolls. Relax, breathe, and I’ll upload it when I get a chance.

In the meantime, are you reading Northwind? Because Mollu doesn’t miss her updates.


  1. NoriMori

    No worries, man. Any Blank It fan worth their salt can wait. :) This is nothing compared to that wait over the winter holidays, and we all made it through that juuuuust fine. :)

    And yes, I’ve been reading Northwind. :)

  2. macksting

    You hear that? Nori says this is nothing compared to that wait over Winter…
    Y’all still got any of those old Winter Comic sweaters, by the way? I’ll not let you live that down, but it’s -because- I love your work.

  3. Lemmo

    Mack, as Winter’s most undying fan, I’ll do up some cool Winter art for you sometime.

  4. macksting

    *beams* It’d be a lovely thing to have around.
    I can’t -really- be the most rabid fan of Winter, can I? Maybe it’s just because it’s such a pretty time of year. So much rain, overcast skies, no blistering heat, just heaters speeding entropy on to keep us a little warmer…

  5. Ryan

    Since you’ve now set a precedent (nice art over promptness), could you maybe make us wait a teensy bit more and color the two comics from a while ago? (The Marina’s-name origin-editions.)

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind you skipping a week in favour of them, but obviously I can’t speak for everyone.


  6. lemmo

    I do owe you that much. I won’t skip a week if I can, but I will try to get those done. That is a rather unfortunate blemish in the archives.

  7. Reader

    I’ve said it before, but you really ought to stick a couple of non-intrusive Google ads on here. It’s very easy to sign up, and it doesn’t take a whole lot to make at least some money. At the very least, each month you’ll probably recoup your hosting costs and maybe make enough for a night out.

  8. David Ahia

    Blank it is *cough* my drug. I snort it daily. I have not had my fix in the last two weeks. I am going *cough* through painful withdrawals that involve penguin halucinations and *wheeze* existentialism. Help me Lemmo and Aric, you are my only hope! *cough*

  9. Baron Loki

    David, it just updated. Your hit is here, bro!

  10. NoriMori

    @macksting, What’s with the snerk?

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