1. macksting

    Amusing. Maybe we’ll see the guts of that thing yet.
    So far, this still supports my previous prediction about the jet consisting of a colony of symbiotic organisms, Lemmo befriending them as he reassembles it, Aric befriending the bugs, and a giant war between the jets and the bugs.

  2. Shardwing

    I wonder when Lemmo’s gonna name his new companion, and make her corporeal. Maybe he’ll name her after Aric, to sort of replace him?

  3. OI!

    Poor multitude of bug men inside other bug men…..
    I though the hat may have gone farther, but what ever…

  4. macksting

    You think he’ll name our ‘Misty’ lady Arica?
    Oi: Speaking of hats, if that jet has as much in common with bug planes as you’re saying, that means it surely has a hat inside it. :)
    Oh dear. I hope it didn’t crash near Aric.

  5. Ziggy Stardust

    There has been a large history of things crashing- the seperate halves of the bug, the big ‘ol mountain scenery, Fergus’ lighthouse, that robot Lemmo and Aric were riding, and now this ship. Everything’s okay(as long as that ship did not hit our be-glassed friend currently in a confection conundrum).

  6. boring7

    Crashes always have repercussions, the question is what those repercussions might be this time.

  7. Foxmouse

    With all the drama of the jet taking off they sure did skimp on the crash landing.

    Must not have been in the production budget.

  8. them1me1you

    Misty/Arica is a babe . . . just saying

  9. Renee

    As calm and collected as he is, why isn’t Lemmo all wispy?

    Um…never mind. I just remembered…he needs to name stuff.

  10. Lipkin

    I always assumed Aric and Lemmo were different than the Misties.

  11. EP

    What the hell is this comic about? Seriously!

  12. lemmo

    I don’t get what’s not to get.

  13. EP

    Oh, NOW I get it.

  14. Sqverl

    now. tat was an wafully easy explanation… telepathy over internet?

  15. Ray

    I’m worried about Aric. What happened to him?

  16. Yogurt?

    EP if you dont get it click the link that reads ABOUT, you know the one below the big _it text at the top of the page.

  17. switch

    Misty* and Lemmo go good together. They’re both either completely desensitized to the strangeness of the world or assume a passive outlook. I can’t wait to see where that goes.

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